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 Design in the browser with web fonts and real content — Typecast

 Design in the browser with web fonts and real content — Typecast

Rex Free Font Rex is a font family with three weights – light, bold and bold inline – that was designed to create unique titles on the fly. It’s all caps font, but there is a difference between both – caps & small caps (see in the examples). Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. Element Collages by Dan Mall For me, design should be tactile. I don’t mean that in a skeuomorphic kind of way, so don’t get your tighty-whiteys in a bunch. I mean it should feel real, like something you can own, something you can be proud of. That’s why I’ve often opted to show full comps as early as possible; even if there’s a lot of iterating to do, I want to paint a picture of the final site that I’ll be making for my clients as quickly as I can.

Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography? I have a confession to make. There was a time, many years ago, where I thought that typography was fashion by another name. I didn't really appreciate how different typefaces function, and how the discipline evolved over time, under pressure from aesthetics and technology. And it makes me particularly red-faced to remember that I once flaunted that ignorance, going so far as to tell a noted creative director that bit about type as fashion. If only I'd known! If only I'd had this infographic!

CSS Tools: Reset CSS The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on. The general reasoning behind this was discussed in a May 2007 post, if you're interested. Reset styles quite often appear in CSS frameworks, and the original "meyerweb reset" found its way into Blueprint, among others. 20 Revealing Fonts Used in Logo of Popular Websites Are you still figuring out which typeface or fonts used in logo of popular websites? If you have experimented many fonts and they just don’t work, this post is all for you. Revealing the font used on each logo of popular websites is somewhat interesting to follow, either it was modified or just plain used. You need to have a lot of research since finding fonts are somewhat tricky.

Fonts 15.1 Introduction Setting font properties will be among the most common uses of style sheets. Unfortunately, there exists no well-defined and universally accepted taxonomy for classifying fonts, and terms that apply to one font family may not be appropriate for others. E.g., 'italic' is commonly used to label slanted text, but slanted text may also be labeled as being Oblique, Slanted, Incline, Cursive or Kursiv. Therefore it is not a simple problem to map typical font selection properties to a specific font. 15.2 Font matching algorithm

Is it time to drop jQuery? Essentials to learning JavaScript from a jQuery background jQuery has been a godsend to pretty much all of us front-end developers since it's release, it's intuitive methods, easy functions make light work of JavaScript's loosely typed language. JavaScript is hard, it's hard to get into, it's much harder than jQuery. But the time is nearly here, going native is going to be the future of front-end - HTML5. HTML5 doesn't just mean a few extra HTML elements, if you're putting down on your CV/Resume that you know HTML5 because you've used the new elements, then think again! HTML5 covers such a mass of technology, and also alongside it comes ECMAScript 5, the future of JavaScript. Combining HTML5 APIs, of which most require JavaScript, we need to adopt a more native structure of working as each day jQuery becomes less important, and here's why. Tabac from Suitcase Tomáš Brousil’s Tabac is a versatile type system for books, magazines, and newspapers. An Old Style type with vertical stress, open letter forms, distinct wedge-shaped serifs, a slightly reduced cap height, and a large x-height provides the basis for this expansive suite of typefaces.

The Science Behind Fonts (And How They Make You Feel) I’ve noticed how seemingly small things like font and the spacing between letters can impact how I feel when reading online. The right font choice along with the absence of sidebars and popups makes everything feel easier and better to read. Websites like Medium, Signal vs. Noise, and Zen Habits are like yoga studios for content. Their presentation of content puts me at peace while reading, allowing me to fully focus on the stories without distraction. How Do You Structure JavaScript? The Module Pattern Edition JavaScript is interesting in that it enforces no particular structure upon you. "Bring Your Own Organization", if you will. As I write more and more JavaScript in web app sites, this becomes more and more interesting. How you structure your JavaScript is very important because: Font Preview - fonts/ NOTE: Please refer all issues to its author. Visit our Support Section for instructions on how to install this file. Linking to this page is permitted, but not to our preview images.