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Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images!

Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images!
The Handout Creator: This worksheet program allows you to choose up to 15 images and place text related to that image below the picture. It can handle foreign languages, so French, Spanish, German, Greek, Japanese and teachers of other foreign languages can make vocabulary handouts for their students. New! - picture dictionary maker: make vocabulary handouts, exercises and homework that students can collect and use to build their own picture dictionaries.

Créateur de mots croisé You must have an OLD browser. The old crossword maker doesn't allow all of the new features like cool fonts, adding images, shadows, special colors, and much more coming in the furture like saving, and being playable online. You can upgrade your browser to IE 9+ or better yet, get the Google Chrome browser and enjoy all of those great features. Not convinced? You can go to the old version by clicking choosing it below. 2 reasons crosswords will not generate: Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government FREE Features These features originally appeared on the features blog. The features highlight resources and ideas related to holidays, awareness months, anniversaries and seasonal topics. January

How to create a language [All the pages of How to create a language can be downloaded for offline browsing in a .zip file. That doesn't include multimedia content. A big consolidated page with all the topics is also available for reading, and is a bit more suitable for printing.] These pages are intended for people interested in creating languages for fictional purposes (or just for fun) and in linguistics in general. They're not meant to be an online linguistics course, but you sure can learn quite a few things about linguistics by reading them, the same way I, not being a linguist, learned from others.

Alphabet Phonétique International anglais · [Infographie interactive] Would you like to speak English? Alors rejoignez 48 235 personnes qui apprennent l'anglais et reçoivent chaque semaine des leçons gratuites, avec de l'audio enregistré par des natifs. En bonus, recevez le premier chapitre de ma méthode Comment devenir bilingue en anglais ! Would you like to get good in English? Really good? Alors, arrêtez de perdre votre temps en anglais !

Teacher Lesson Plans, Printables & Worksheets by Grade or Subject How to interview: tips and tricks by Taryn Davies | So you’ve scanned the job market, submitted your application form and been invited to the next stage. Preparing well for an interview will pay dividends. You’ll walk into the room with a confidence and competence that will set you apart from other candidates. An interview is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet your possible future colleagues.

12 Secrets Of Effective Business Communication Feb 26 2010 By Alyssa Gregory The ability to communicate, and communicate well, is one of the biggest factors in business success. You could be an excellent designer, but if you’re unable to promote your services and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, your potential is limited. The principal areas where communication is essential include: Pitching potential clients,Client meetings,Customer service,Face-to-face networking,Marketing your business The Other 21st Century Skills: Educator Self-Assessment Chartkamp–I think I understand what you are saying, but in any scenario, someone, or something will spur the impetus for learning to occur. We could have a toddler go about and learn the world from scratch, but I don’t think anyone would say that is as efficient and as effective as a “parent” facilitating, or at least providing for a safe environment. And the better the parent, the more effective the toddler will be at contributing to the learning within the community as he/she progresses. Can you describe what you mean by informal learning? I can take that to be exploratory, on your own, as equals, not in a classroom, and so many more ways.

The Top Five Chess Strategies for Beginners — Chess Blog Many people feel intimidated by the game of chess. They feel that it is a game for intellectuals; however, chess is one of the fairest games out there. There is no dice used to leave the game up to “chance,” and there is no referee involved to possibly “throw” the game. Yes, chess is a thinKing person’s game, but you do not need to have a Calculus degree to master chess. Beginner chess mistakes to avoid Becoming a great chess player is a journey. And as is the case with any truly great game, understanding the rules is just the first step. The second, we'd venture to say, is being able to identify, understand, and fix your mistakes.

Beginner’s music composing tips Beginner’s music composing tips: Consonance The first thing you should learn before writing music is what notes sound good together. The harmonious blending of notes is called consonance (the opposite being dissonance). You can get a feel for this by trial and error, but we’re going to take a shortcut in this article. Here is a guide showing which notes sound good with C on a piano (notes in green sound good with C, yellow fair to bad, and red is really bad): (*please note that there are more levels of consonance than what is shown here, this is just a rough guide).