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Ops Directory of Services. > Calendars Online Ops Production Calendar: Opens a Production Calendar with dates to Past/Present/Future Contract Development and Maintenance Cycle dates Online Ops Academic Year Scheduling: A 12 month calendar showing these events: Online Class Term Start/Stops, Online Faculty Course Request Start/Stops.

Ops Directory of Services

> Lists Courses - All Online Masters Listed + CDEVs/IDs/Labs: A complete listing of all courses in our Master Online Course repository, along with CDEV contact info, Instructional Designer, and External Labs (if any) Role Table List: The Online Ops Role Table lists our directory of Deans, Dept. Textbooks Selected for Canvas: The Canvas Booklist above is a list of textbooks in Canvas for Online Courses and Face To Face Courses.

> Course Contracts Online Ops Active Course Contracts: Development Schedule.aspx Opens a list of pending and future Course Development Contracts (rows = Target Term, columns = Assigned Instructional Designers). > Access Points. Log In to Canvas. Start Here: Make a NEW Contract. Initiating a Course Development Request (CDR) in the Contract Tracking System (CTS) PDL (Park Distance Learning) has recently developed a new process for the management of the online Course Development Contract process.

Start Here: Make a NEW Contract

PDL has developed on online CTS that will handle the process completely online. The process MUST now be initiated by a programs’ Dean, Department Chair, Program Coordinator, Program Director or Area Coordinator. NOTE: Contract requests cannot by initiated for yourself (Park requires your academic supervisor, or another higher-level academic administrator from your department, to initiate contract requests here). Before you enter the CTS to initiate a CDR you will need to have the following: Park ID of the Course Developer (CDEV)* Term the course will first be taught (Target Term)* Course ID of the course to develop* (e.g., EN105, AC202) Name and/or Park ID of the Course Content Approver (CCA)* MyLab information (when applicable)** (*required) (**not required)

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Park's Promise. PDL Department Selection. FootPrints Service Core Login. Did Pirates Say Arrr??? July 2009. Pack your cutlass and blunderbuss--it's time to go a-pirating!

Did Pirates Say Arrr??? July 2009

Did pirates really say "arrrrr"? Both that phrase and the accent that goes with it are strictly Hollywood. The pirate phrase "Arrrgh" appeared in film as early as 1934; a character also uses the phrase in a 1940 novel by Jeffrey Farnol. But the phrase and accent were popularised by Robert Newton, the actor who played Long John Silver in the movies and on TV through much of the 1950s. Newton was from Dorset, in southwest England, and the regional accent he brought to the movies included a rolled "r. " Though Dorset may well have produced its share of sailors, they were hardly the only pirates out there; many seamen and especially those on pirate vessels were people who struck out from oppressed nations, like Scotland and Ireland, to start over on the high seas. So, was there a typical pirate accent at all? Myth: Pirates were bloodthirsty fiends who never turned down an opportunity to battle. Myth: Pirates buried their treasure.

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Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack. Park Univ. Home. Park's Pirate Athletics. Please Log Into MyPark. Online Term Dates. MyPark log in. Park Campus Center List. Undergraduate Campus Centers Our campus centers nationwide offer undergraduate programs in an accelerated, 8-week format so you can earn your degree fast.

Park Campus Center List

At Park University, our goal is to make it as easy and as inexpensive as possible for you to complete your degree and to build your success. That's why we offer more choices of class times, locations and online options for completing your degree. With 40 campus centers offer face-to-face instruction with degree offerings varying by location. Park University serves traditional and non-traditional students in day, weekend and evening programs; and the University is the largest provider of online education to the military.

The Park flagship campus in Parkville, MO., offers traditional 16-week classes. Admission Requirements | Admission Process. PDL Mobile App - iClassrooms. Explore Park Thinking of attending Park University in Parkville, MO, online or at a Park University campus center?

PDL Mobile App - iClassrooms

Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Whether at home or on campus our our interactive student guide will accompany you as you explore our offerings through the use of the GPS-enabled campus map, student videos and photos. Screenshots Key Features Self Guided Tours: A location-based Campus Map will highlight important landmarks on campus and will allow you to easily find your way around. iClassrooms. Park Class Schedule. Park Univ. Online Bookstore: Home.