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Shelves at Home Decoration Inspired by natural and presented in modern design, this unique bookshelf was created by Spanish designer Jordi Mila. It’s called Wisdom Tree Bookshelf which its fluid and organic shape was inspired by the growth of a tree and comes with an artistic design making the shelf looks like tree branches, the books being the fruit of wisdom. The Wisdom Tree is for people who see books as a source of knowledge and emotions ...Read more » Trend Reports PATTERN OBSERVER Children’s Trend: Wild Things Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Images: Pull and Bear, Oh Baby London, Groovy Baby and Mama, Anker Living, Scotch and Soda, Dandy Star, Babiekins, Rock your Baby, Babiekins “Have fun with some animal inspired patterns with a little rock chick thrown in!”… Read More Beautiful And Original Product Designs - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Successful product design manages to reveal useful functionality beyond its appealing form. No matter how excellent a design looks like, most customers aren’t likely to spend money on something they won’t be able to use. On the other hand, most people are likely to buy something useful despite the design it has. Yet the key to a truly successful product design lies in designer’s ability to combine both beautiful design and functionality making it obvious to the customers how the product can be used and which benefits it delivers.

Home - Manila’s waterways are constricted by informal settlers. Photo courtesy: Chrischug-e-rodriguez (CC-BY- SA-3.0) They’re probably gambling with death and disaster, but the families who live in the danger zones of Metro Manila would rather not leave their homes. The reasons are mainly economic – they work near where they live, hence they would rather turn a blind eye to the hazards of living near creeks and estuaries. This, however, has grave consequences for the rest of the city, because increasing number of shanties lead to constriction of the waterways. Which exacerbates flooding. Basic Fashion Drawing Supplies A Simple, Straight Forward Guide Fashion drawing supplies are a necessity if you dream of being a fashion designer. Fashion drawing is actually very simple if you have the right supplies.

Chartpak Ad markers « Following my earlier rant about Prismacolor markers the Marker Fairy delivered a brand new set of 100 Chartpak Ad markers last night for my birthday. They are a veritable bargain when ordered from Dick Blick at less than $2 a stick (the Prismacolors set me back $4 each at Hobby Lobby). I haven’t had much of a chance to put them through their paces yet but I can say that my early impressions are much more favorable than with the Prismacolors. The ink flows much faster than the Prismacolors which should be ideal for my rapid sketching motions. The design of the markers is very simple yet effective. The extra large chisel tip manages to achieve a wide range of line weights without resorting to the confusion of multiple tips (and caps) on each end of the marker.

Volume 1 Air Bag An air bag is an inflatable cushion designed to protect automobile occupants from serious injury in the case of a collision. The air bag is part of an inflatable restraint system, also known as an air cushion restraint system (ACRS) or an air bag supplemental restraint system (SRS), because the air bag is designed to supplement the protection offered by seat belts. Aluminum Foil How to Make a TRON Style Lamp: The MADYLIGHT Version francaise : cliquer ici ! Thanks to my job as a magician, I have been able to acquire skills to materialize in our reality, effects that at first might seem completely impossible to achieve (except of course in special effects movies) like transforming a human being in a snow storm... Always surpassing limits is by far my favorite challenge. Unfortunately I will neither be telling you on this tutorial how to cut your wife into four pieces (she will thank me) nor how to make your car levitate in the air (though it might be very useful when changing the tires)...

How to Make Duct Tape Crafts Kristy Kalnitzky: Hi! I am Kristy with Duck Brand Duct Tape. Today, I am going to show you how to make different Duct Tape Crafts. First, I will show you how to make a Duct Tape Rose also a wallet, a purse, a pair of Duct Tape foot flaps, a Belt, Luggage tag and a book cover. The chosen supplies we'll be using to make this Duct Tape Crafts are your favorite colors of Duct Tape and scissors. There maybe a few other supplies that you will need, but we will review them before each project.

Tutorial: How to Make LED Cubes The warm ambient glow of the LED Cube’s fantastic display of illuminated animation and hours of programming. They’re actually easier to create than you may think. We’ll show you how in plain English using simple designs and multiplexing 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos - Year 2010 More info. More info. More Banksy on Street Art Utopia. sidewalk chalk guy sidewalk chalk guy «« back to all material copyrighted by its original creator | Vladimir Tatlin Vladimir Tatlin Biography[edit] Tatlin was born in Kharkov (eastern Ukraine in the former Russian Empire,[3] the son of a railway engineer and a poet. He worked as a merchant sea cadet and spent some time abroad. He began his art career as an icon painter in Moscow, and attended the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. He was also a professional musician-bandurist, and performed as such abroad.

Constructivism (art) Constructivism was an artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia beginning in 1919, a rejection of the idea of autonomous art. The movement was in favour of art as a practice for social purposes. Constructivism had a great effect on modern art movements of the 20th century, influencing major trends such as the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements. Its influence was pervasive, with major impacts upon architecture, graphic and industrial design, theatre, film, dance, fashion and to some extent music.

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