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Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN

Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN

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What language tells us about the roots of the stone age diet Next month, the UK’s first paleolithic restaurant will open in London. The paleo, stone-age or caveman diet has been around in various forms for decades. But it harks back to a much earlier time, when our eating habits were supposedly in line with our evolution, before agriculture came along and made us civilised but unhealthy. One of the best TEDx talks I’ve watched is an efficient debunking of the stone-age diet by Christina Warriner.

Marketing is becoming more and more competitive as companies scramble Marketing is becoming more and more competitive as companies scramble to get their message across to potential customers overseas. Sometimes, companies fail to use the right marketing translation services to do a culturally aware translation for them, resulting in anything from incomprehension to derision, depending on the error. It seems as if the potential for errors in marketing translation is greater than with many other types of translation. Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Do you intend selling your goods in Australia? Marketing is all important for any company anywhere and the greater the competition, the more you need to market your own brand. Any company that considers expansion into an overseas population is faced with the task of getting its message across in another language, as well as another culture. Sometimes, tried and tested language translation isn’t enough.

Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Sometimes it seems that legal documents are written in their very own language. The terms and jargon used are found nowhere else or at least have a specuifc contextual meaning. No wonder that legal document translation services have to use translators that not only understand the languages they are translating, but must be familiar with the legal terminology used in both countries as well as familiar with the legal systems, too. That may seem a tall order, but when you need to translate your legal documents it will be vital that you get it right.Legal documents may include any of the following: application letters; birth, marriage and death certificates; business contracts; commercial documents; contracts and agreements; deposition documents; infringement cases;judicial transcripts and statutes and litigation materials, just to name a few. Many of these legal documents are complex and are probably some of the most difficult documents to translate accurately.

Speed and Accuracy Must go Hand in Hand with Legal and Business Document Translation Speed and Accuracy Must go Hand in Hand with Legal and Business Document Translation When business, and particularly legal documents, must be translated there is almost always a need for timely delivery. Businesses as well as many individuals work to a schedule. Delayed manuscripts and document handling may mean a contract lost.

Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Better access to effective document translation or legal translations across Africa could save lives and improve the welfare and well-being of millions of people in that continent according to a new study that has been done by Common Sense Advisory who has completed the study for an organization called Translators without Borders. According to the study, better access to translation services could mean improvements in the present yawning gap in information inequality in Africa as well as have long lasting effects on the health and safety of Africa’s citizens by improving economic development and political stability. The survey analyzed responses from a total of 364 translators from some 269 African languages in 49 different countries.

Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Machine translation (MT) may not be the complete answer to solving business language problems, but used in conjunction with an effective and resourceful translation service it can help to make all those business translation tasks run faster and more smoothly. If your business involves a lot of overseas contact and you find that you get bogged down communicating because of language barriers, then a combination of MT and human centred translation services might be just what you are looking for. By adding machine translation into the workflow you can boost the productivity of your normal translation team by up to 30%. The use of MT can cut down a lot of the more repetitive and straightforward translation tasks and help to free up the translators for more tricky work. Your translation team can translate more for the same overall cost.

The Languages of Social Media and why social media translation rocks Social media sites are today’s communication without the need for verbal expression. Snippets of information about anything and everything are passed between users ranging from the birth of a new child to the purchasing of a product. Inadvertently, social media users are advertising machines for products or services that have been purchased and are either great or terrible. Whatever information is posted can be passed on like a wildfire to anyone who happens to be linked to that communicator.

Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Everyone knows that the Internet is not dominated by English alone even though you may think so especially if it’s your language. Every country around the world has access to the Internet and many have translated web pages into their own unique language. When it comes to a local business in Japan, for example, in order to sell the product the website has to be in Japanese. This ensures problem free browsing and problem free purchasing.

Aussie Translations-A leading translation agency in Australia Considered by most translators as some of the most difficult documents to translate, are legal documents. You have to get it right when you translate from one language into another, but never more so than with translating legal documents. Here in Australia, the legal translation of documents is just as important as anywhere else in the modern world, but fortunately, there are a number of excellent, professional translators who specialise in the legal translation of documents. The key thing about legal documents is that they are often written in a specific text. Legal transactions involve using legal language. The business or organisation which needs to translate its legal requirements into or from English needs to be doubly sure that the legal document translation they are using has the required competence in the language as well as the specific legal language used in both the two countries that are involved.

Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document Translation Legal document translation is a specialist process best left to qualified and experienced translators who have the requisite in depth knowledge of both the language or languages that need to be translated but also the specific terminology used in many legal documents. There is no room for getting the legal translation of documents wrong as the wrong word or phrase can mean misunderstanding, the loss or delay of a contract or the rejection of an application for an individual or business. Confidentiality is very important when it comes to many sorts of documents but none more so than those that involve financial matters.