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Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN

Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN

Et si on signait ? - Jonathan Sign language phrase dictionary: ASL phrases and sentences What is interesting about bilingual-bimodal translation is that not only you learn how to translate from one language to another language, but also, more excitingly, a learning process involves from one medium to another -- e.g. spoken and signed. Some of these translation pieces gives learners an opportunity to learn how ASL grammatical structure and contextual meaning are constructed. More phrases and sentences will be added to the list sporadically. You can email your requests with a text or a list of some sentences/phrases to me. Search ASL phrases There are two ways of searching English-ASL phrase translation.

Signworld With Levels, you're never stuck for access. Levels, like our other must-have learning products Fingerspelling and Lost in Translation, can be used any time, anywhere. You can learn from Levels on its own, as a study aid if you're taking a sign language course, as a revision tool to get ready for your exams, or to catch up after a long summer off. Wherever you are, Levels is always quick to access and use*, letting you make your own choices on where and when to learn. It's easy to find the sign for a certain word by using Phrase Search. All you have to do is to type in the word you'd like to find, and hit 'Search'.

Язык жестов — обучение, словарь жестов, знакомство с миром глухих