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Créez et auto-éditez vos livres, magazines et ebooks

Créez et auto-éditez vos livres, magazines et ebooks

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25 Essential Books That Every College Student Should Read There is no college student who would like reading books, they say. Can you believe it? We hardly think so! Yes, reading is fashionable. Documentation Home User manual User manual This is the iSort users manual. It will be updated on regular basis. Chaque site Bandcamp est maintenant un site génial mobile «Blog Bandcamp All artist sites on Bandcamp now work and look great on mobile. We’ve optimized everything for the smaller screen and touch interface, so your albums look fantastic, fans can browse through your merch store with ease, and the checkout flow is fast and intuitive: Does this mean you expect my fans to launch their mobile browser and peck out dubya-dubya-dubya myband dot bandcamp dot com? No. But for all those fans checking their Facebook or Twitter feed on their phone, and who then see a link to your latest release, they’ll be able to listen and purchase immediately: Is there anything I need to do to get all this goodness?

Robert Milne Login Community Create and share your digital world Create a gorgeous free website in minutes, bringing together your social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence. Get started for free English 50 Exercises for Story Writers English 50 – Intro to Creative Writing: Exercises for Story Writers Basic Theory: What is a short story? As soon as someone delivers a definition, some good writer will write a story that proves the theory wrong. About the only thing we can say for sure is that short stories are short and that they are written in what we call prose. Some attributes, however, seem to show up more often than not.

Publish Books Instantly From Evernote It’s never been easier to be an author. Evernote is an especially popular tool for many writers. It serves as the place to collect, find, and organize source material, archival information, and photographs. 1.0 — Beautiful Stories Stories We’ve made innumerable refinements to the typography, spacing, and responsiveness of the design, so stories look better on all devices. And we’ve made it possible to create stories with much more visual power, utilizing cover images: You can also include full-bleed images inline — as well as text on top of them — when you’re looking to add emphasis or change the mood. Check out the Beautiful Stories collection to see examples of what’s now possible.

solutions During and after the campaign 3GVision's i-nigma is the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution enabling mobile phone users to fast track to the mobile internet while increasing ROI for media and marketing companies. i-nigma's innovative barcode reader application enables mobile users to access a predefined URL on the mobile web, or to trigger web services by scanning Data Matrix and QR barcodes displayed on various forms of media such as printed media, billboards, digital screens etc. Once scanned, barcodes direct phones to information and promotional offers hosted on the mobile web eliminating the need to enter long mobile web addresses or response details. The i-nigma's highly intuitive and simple 2D barcode-creation, campaign management and advanced monitoring and reporting tools improve advertising campaign performance, from planning through to execution and monitoring the success of a mobile campaign.

Pick Me Up 2013 CLICK HERE for information about Pick Me Up 2014 18 – 28 April 2013 Embankment Galleries The UK’s original contemporary graphic arts festival returned for an 11-day celebration of graphic art, design and illustration. In addition to showcasing and selling original artworks and limited-edition prints from the industry’s elite and emerging talent, each day the festival featured an exciting and eclectic mix of quirky family workshops, lively evening events and creative forums.

Overcome Writer's Block, Suggestions To Get You Writing Again. ^ Back to top We use cookies, just to track visits to our website, we store no personal details. ACCEPT COOKIES What are cookies? Brian Eno’s Reading List of Twenty Books Essential for Sustaining Human Civilization By Maria Popova UPDATE: The folks from the Long Now have kindly asked me to contribute to the Manual for Civilization library — here is my own reading list. There is something inescapably alluring about the reading lists of cultural icons, perhaps because in recognizing that creativity is combinatorial and fueled by networked knowledge, we intuitively long to emulate the greatness of an admired mind by replicating the bits and pieces, in this case the ideas found in beloved books, that went into constructing it. After the reading lists of Carl Sagan, Alan Turing, Nick Cave, and David Bowie, now comes one from Brian Eno — pioneering musician, wise diarist, oblique strategist of creativity — compiled for the Long Now Foundation’s Manual for Civilization, a collaboratively curated library for long-term thinking.

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