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Thinglink : 7 façons pour les journalistes d’utiliser l’image interactive

Thinglink : 7 façons pour les journalistes d’utiliser l’image interactive
Toute l'actualité Bloc Une salle de sport sera construite ici Bloc maintenance et Brigadier General Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Assistant Commanding General, Joint Special Operations Audrey Tomason, Director for Counterterrorism for the National Security Council Files containing the code NOFORN (= Not for release to foreign nationals) and is labeled "For use in the White House sit room only" Coffee mug with Presidential Seal Inspired by the originally tagged image by Berliner Morgenpost Watch a September 2012 description of the research and its purpose Read what I've Watch video from The Hunt Browse the guide for The Hunt (which describes more about what it was) Learn about the Learn more about Read about the award (and a hectic schedule) Follow the new Twitter account for the research Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

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The Absurdly Illustrated Guide To Your First Dynamic, Data Driven Timeline Gay marriage became legal today in Rhode Island, making marriage equality the law of the land in all of New England. The Providence Journal published a detailed timeline of GLBT history in the state – but it’s text-only. On this happy day, what could we do to spiff things up a little? 20 new data viz tools and resources of 2014 We continue our special posts with the best data viz related content of the year, with a useful list of new tools and resources that were made available throughout 2014. A pretty straightforward compilation that was much harder to produce than initially expected, we must say, since the number of mentions to include was way beyond our initial (poorly made) estimates. So many new options out there! So, we had a hard time gathering 20 of those new platforms, tools and resources – if you’re a frequent reader of our weekly Data Viz News posts, you’ll might recall several of the mentions in this list, -, and we deliberately left out the new releases, versions and updates of existing tools, such as CartoDB, Mapbox, Tableau, D3.js, RAW, and others.

How to: do data journalism on a budget Credit: ThinkStock Far from always being a resource-heavy endeavour, data journalism can also be the driving force behind frequent, if not daily news stories and topical features, required to be turned around at some speed. This serves to challenge the idea, therefore, that data journalism always has to place a significant burden on the time, staff and financial resources of a newsroom. But people often "associate data journalism with the most high-profile and famous examples", journalism academic Paul Bradshaw explained.

Assessing the Damage and Destruction in Gaza Select Map View Buildings Damagedor Destroyed Change SinceStart of Conflict Reading the Map “4 Stars and Editors Choice.” MacUser Dec. 2013 "Awesome!... It's intuitive and it has a wider selection of title treatments and templates - love the retro look!" The Insanely Illustrated Guide To Your First Data-Driven TileMill Map TileMill is a free-to-download application for Windows and the Mac that will let you build beautiful, data driven maps. If the bland sameness of Google maps is giving you ennui, TileMill might be a good alternative for you. There are many beautiful stylesheets to make TileMill maps visually distinct, and you can control the colors, line widths, and much more about your map using Carto, a CSS-derived language.

This Is Twitter's New 'Curator' Tool For Media Outlets Twitter pulled the covers off a new tool during the News:Rewired Conference in London last week. It’s called Curator. The new web app is designed to allow media organizations to pull together embeddable collections of tweets and vines, and TNW is one of the first to get its hands on it. Easy Chart Builder plugin for WordPress Easy Chart Builder makes it easy to incorporate sophisticated review charts and graphs directly within a post, page, and even a widget. Hey, its free. Try it out.

The Counted: people killed by police in the United States – interactive The Counted is a special Guardian project to record all people killed by police in the United States this year. We have gathered information from official databases and crowdsourced counts to create a full and detailed view of killings by law enforcement agents in the US. This page shows the names and, where possible, faces of those killed since January 1 2015, as well as other details about the manner of their deaths and the status of any investigations into the incidents. You can see these incidents mapped throughout the United States, and read more about the methodology of the project here.

Web Starter Kit Download Web Starter Kit (beta) What is Web Starter Kit? Web Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development. Tools for building a great experience across many devices and performance oriented. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices outlined in Google's Web Fundamentals. Five Google tools journalists don't use but should Google logo via You may think you know Google, but here are lesser-known tools that can help journalists with everything from reporting on natural disasters to hunting for new sources. Google featured these tools in a recent digital media training session for Pakistani journalists hosted by the International Center for Journalists. The session was led by Sean Carlson, global communications manager, and Robert Boorstin, the director of public policy for the global search company.

7 UX design tools for an effective Scrum workflow As of late we have been running more and more projects using the Agile Scrum method. In fact, our largest projects are almost all conducted in multidisciplinary Scrum teams. And very successfully! The Washington Post The Post is excited to launch a beta version of Truth Teller, the latest iteration of our fact-checking platform. Watch Truth Teller videos from the Virginia governor’s race debates: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli make opening statements in final debate Cuccinelli: McAuliffe is ‘all puppy, no plan’

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