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Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

Learn Sobre / About (See below for English version.) Prototyping es un diálogo en línea durante nuestro trabajo de campo y un espacio de reflexión mantenido por Alberto Corsín Jiménez y Adolfo Estalella. El blog registra el progreso de nuestro proyecto etnográfico en el Medialab-Prado de Madrid. Un proyecto cuyo trabajo de campo se desarrolló a lo largo del año 2010 y que indaga en las culturas del prototipado y las prácticas de la experimentación social. Medialab-Prado es un sitio privilegiado para el estudio de este tema debido a su reputación durante los últimos años como sede de exitosos experimentos colaborativos entre artistas, tecnólogos, ingenieros de software y académicos de todo el mundo. La experimentación social es un vasto campo, de hecho, un campo ambiguo (si es que puede hablarse de un campo). Como se hará evidente, nuestro sitio de indagación no es un laboratorio en su sentido convencional, de hecho, no es ni siquiera un sitio.

Back Of The Net Issuu - You Publish Muscat Confidential The Public Domain Review | Online journal dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web censorship Reader submission about a recent story that The National declined to cover, a story that happened "in its backyard": "This type of self-censorship is common at the paper, which is not serving its readership well. "In addition, the paper is said losing money at an alarming rate - its circulation has been frozen in place for several years now, and its employee-turnover rate is said to be ridiculously high. What is going on at The National?" The International Bar Association held its annual conference in Dubai this month, but the event, which is planned five years in advance, almost never happened. Seems that several weeks before the event was to begin UAE security officials grew worried that some of the seminars/programs might be too dangerous. The National did give readers this paean to women’s rights in the UAE, which includes the following paragraph. The irony in this is more than rich when one reads the following: "However, Mr. Links to coverage of the IBA conference:

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Topics Main Overview Among all adults, the most closely followed local topics are weather, breaking news, politics and crime, all followed by a solid majority of two thirds or more. Slightly less popular topics but still with a fairly good following of about half or more are arts and culture, local businesses, schools and education, community and neighborhood events, restaurants, taxes and traffic. Fewer survey respondents follow local news about housing, local government activity, job openings, social services, or zoning. Roughly four in 10 adults or fewer follow these local topics. Both local news enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts follow a wide variety of topics Local news enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts both follow a wide variety of local topics. The handful of local topics which local news enthusiasts as a whole are much more likely than other adults to follow therefore stand out. Yet again, among local news followers there are significant differences by age.

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