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Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie

Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie

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How Reducing Food Waste Could Ease Climate Change More than a third of all of the food that's produced on our planet never reaches a table. It's either spoiled in transit or thrown out by consumers in wealthier countries, who typically buy too much and toss the excess. This works out to roughly 1.3 billion tons of food, worth nearly $1 trillion at retail prices. Aside from the social, economic, and moral implications of that waste—in a world where an estimated 805 million people go to bed hungry each night—the environmental cost of producing all that food, for nothing, is staggering.

These motion-activated streetlights could cut L.A.’s energy use by 40 percent At night, brightly lit office buildings are depressing — you know that either people are working too hard, or the building is wasting energy. Dutch mechanical engineer Chintan Shah looked at streetlights and saw a similar problem. Why light a path if no one’s walking or biking there? WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord Hidden behind the save-the-world rhetoric of the global climate change negotiations lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats buy political support; spying and cyberwarfare are used to seek out leverage. The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; how distrust, broken promises and creative accounting dog negotiations; and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial "Copenhagen accord", the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009. Negotiating a climate treaty is a high-stakes game, not just because of the danger warming poses to civilisation but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model will see the flow of billions of dollars redirected. But intelligence gathering was not just one way.

ROCKET STOVE FOR HEATING YOUR SURVIVAL SHELTER! So most of us have seen the typical little "rocket stoves" that efficiently cook food in the outdoors using very little fuel. You load twigs and sticks into the bottom side of the unit and the heat rises up the chimney and concentrates at the chimney opening where you can take advantage of that heat concentration by putting a kettle or a pot or pan on for boiling water or cooking. They typically look something like this:

Select Your Province - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Our volunteers and employees at the Heart and Stroke Foundation are deeply saddened to hear of Jim Flaherty’s passing. As one Canada’s longest-serving finance ministers, Mr. Flaherty had an enormous impact towards improving the health of Canadians. We have had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone? A century ago, this sweep of mountains on the Canadian border boasted some 150 ice sheets, many of them scores of feet thick, plastered across summits and tucked into rocky fissures high above parabolic valleys. Today, perhaps 25 survive.

Here's why turning off the lights really does make a difference From my ramblings on why green lifestyle choices won't save us to the meteorologist who broke down over climate change and vowed never to fly again, I've regularly argued that personal carbon footprints can be a distraction, when what we really need to focus on is collective, system-wide change. It's not always a popular position. In fact, some commenters have accused me of being "weazely" - and they may have a point. US goes to Basics over Copenhagen accord tactics Close reading of the cables released by WikiLeaks reveals in excruciating detail the US tactics deployed to achieve its aim of overwhelming the opposition to the Copenhagen accord. In the cable requesting intelligence from UN diplomats, it names specific countries of interest, including China, France, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the European Union, and seeks biographical details of individuals such as credit card and frequent-flyer numbers. It also seeks compromising intelligence on the officials running the climate negotiations, such as "efforts by treaty secretariats to influence treaty negotiations or compliance". Despite pushing the accord hard, America's deputy climate change envoy, Jonathan Pershing, revealed some concerns about it in the meeting with the EU climate action commissioner, Connie Hedegaard.

Build your own biodome As I said before I would love to build a greenhouse on my garden plot, but it is not allowed, which I think is a bit silly, after all it is a garden, a place where we grow all sorts of vegetables, and a greenhouse would be a great help. Years ago, when I still lived in Ireland, I helped a friend of mine, Sean, to build a simple greenhouse, or more precisely, a tunnel. We put up a structure made of metal pipes that were bend in a half circle, and that we covered with clear plastic. Sean found it hard to find the right type of plastic, but finally he got something which was the right size, and we managed to build this tunnel.

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