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Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques, Tools, Supplies

Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques, Tools, Supplies
11 (or so) Basic Woodworking Tools – A List for New Furniture Makers Basic woodworking tools are different from beginner woodworking tools. For one thing, I don’t like to use the word “beginner” unless I am using it accurately. It’s not a very useful label, in my opinion, because it implies that there... Furniture Making Courses Are For People Smarter Than Me As soon as I finished writing my list of woodworking goals for 2014 (see below), I realized something.

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150 Highly Detailed Woodworking Projects & E-Books — Mikes Woodworking Projects Whittling: This style of carving wood is perhaps one of the oldest and simplest. All you need to get started with this woodcarving style is a good quality carving knife and a piece of wood. In this technique, bits of wood are cut away from a block of wood until the design the carver has in mind, takes shape. Most of the accomplished wood carvers who use this technique, use only the carving knife for both roughing and detailing work.

How Car Engines Work" ­Have you ever opened the hood of your car and wondered what was going on in there? A car engine can look like a big confusing jumble of metal, tubes and wires to the uninitiated. You might want to know what's going on simply out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are buying a new car, and you hear things like "3.0 liter V-6" and "dual overhead cams" and "tuned port fuel injection." What does all ­of that mean? ­­In this article, we'll discuss the basic idea behind an engine a­nd then go into detail about how all the pieces fit together, what can go wrong and how to increase performance.

Tips and Tricks Having spent the last three hours fiddling with Ruby developer tak2hata’s amazing new SketchUp plugin, I can proclaim one thing with absolute confidence: Everything is better with fur on it. I submit for your consideration the following well-known corporate logo (modeled in SketchUp): Not bad. Scrap To Swank: Turn Pallets Into A Beautiful Desk Recycling pallets into something else useful is nothing new, but this desk, inspired by bowling lanes and butcher blocks, is, well, inspired. The top is made entirely out of recycled pallets found around a college campus. As this desk is for college, the creator estimates he will move “23 more times before I’m done,” so the legs were bought from IKEA in order to be “easy and non-destructive.” Like many projects here, this desk is a testament to the cool things that can be done with the proper woodworking knowledge and equipment. The boards were first separated from the pallet by cutting pieces between the support members.

Aquaponics – Online Temperature and Humidity This project is a part of the Arduino Data Acquisition and Control System described in the upcoming book Automating Aquaponics with Arduino. You can see a live version of this tutorial here: While this project is designed with aquaponics in mind, it does not require an aquaponic system, making it useful for other projects such as home automation.

Chisel And Plane Iron Sharpening Jig Plans If you have been struggling to get a consistently straight, sharp edge on your chisels and plane blades, this easy to make jig is the answer. It is the only sharpening system you will ever need for putting a razor sharp edge on chisels and plane irons. The jig can be made in an afternoon from scraps you probably already have. Made from 1/2" (13mm) and 3/4" (19mm) plywood and solid wood strips, it uses just commonly available hardware. All of the parts are easy to make using just standard woodworking tools. The jig will handle chisels and plane blade of any size, up to 2-1/2" (64mm) wide and give consistent, repeatable quality sharpening results in minutes.

ScriptFunctions - sketchyphysics - Scripted field reference - Physics plugin for Sketchup Events are defined in the Scripted field in the UI. ontouch #Event is triggered when body is touched by another.ontouch{|toucher,position,speed| logLine("I was touched")} ontouching #Event is triggered every tick as long as bodies are in contact.ontouching{|toucher| logLine("Still touching")}

tlc5947 with tlc5940 library - daisy, but.. I didn't expect the distance <30 cm to be of issue, but at the same time I'm not sure what I based that expectation on.. I don't have a camera at hand now, but will try and send some images soon - the setup is very basic - 8 plain breakout boards with TLC5947's connected by 150mm FFC cable, no further components apart from one plain LED per board to test. Arduino Mini Pro or Duemilanove. With shielded cable, do you think 50cm (*16 TLC's) would be somehow achievable?