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The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2012

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2012
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30 best iPad games | iPad Atlas Editors' note: This post was updated March 17, 2014, with four new games. Wondering which games to buy? Well, we've taken our best shot at putting together a list of top titles that we feel meet the criteria for a good iPad game. And just what does make a good iPad game? It's gotta be fun (obviously). With that in mind, here are our current favorites, displayed in alphabetical order. For more game picks, check out the 15 best free iPad games. Click on any image to start the slideshow. Construímos uma das cinquenta empresas mais inovadoras do mundo Reconhecimento da revista Fast Company comprova pioneirismo e capacidade da boo-box no mercado latino-americano de propaganda e marketing. FastCompany é uma respeitada revista americana sobre tecnologia, informação e design , que publica anualmente uma lista com as empresas mais inovadoras do mundo. A boo-box – empresa que fundei em 2006 e que hoje conta com mais de 70 pessoas e mais de 40 mil parceiros de negócio – foi reconhecida como a 4ª empresa mais inovadora do mundo na categoria publicidade, 2º empresa mais inovadora do Brasil e 45ª mais inovadora do mundo na classificação geral. O mercado de Ad Networks, principal área de atuação da boo-box, é altamente comoditizado, carente de inovação em alta escala e lotado de mesmices. A premiação foi dividida em 10 categorias, contando com os principais segmentos da indústria mundial. Divulgue este post para seus amigos! Textos relacionados:

Viewpoint: Gartner on the changing nature of work 10 February 2012Last updated at 00:04 By Tom Austin Vice president, Gartner Hive mind: Working around the clock in hyper-connected 'swarms' - is this the future of work? As part of our Future of Work series running throughout February, we asked some experts to give us their take on how the way we work is going to change. Tom Austin, vice president at Gartner, has been a Gartner Fellow for a decade. If you were to sit down today and create a company completely from scratch, would you copy the processes, practices and structures of today's organisations, or would you try to do something different? Of course, I ask this knowing that the world of work has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The changing nature of work means that organisations need to plan ahead for increasingly chaotic environments. There are 10 key ways in which the world of work is changing. The core value that people add does not lie in processes that can be automated. Spontaneity will trump reactivity.

Beyond Facebook: The Rise Of Interest-Based Social Networks Editor’s Note: This guest post is written by Jay Jamison, a Partner at BlueRun Ventures, who focuses on early stage mobile, consumer and enterprise investments. He also serves on the boards of AppCentral, AppRedeem, Foodspotting, and Thumb. You can follow Jay on Twitter @jay_jamison or read his blog at With the pending public offering of Facebook anticipated to be the largest tech IPO in history, it’s an interesting time to think about where we go from here. But while some may pronounce that Facebook is all the social we’d ever need, users clearly haven’t gotten the memo. The numbers tell the tale around users’ appetites for these new interest-based social networks. On Thumb, a community for instant opinions, user engagement has mushroomed in its short history. What accounts for the fast growth of these interest-based social networks, and what does it mean for Facebook’s future? Both. Excerpt image credit

Freeware Files - Free Software Downloads La cultura de la poca vergüenza Cada día me quedo más y más alucinado con la cantidad de caspa, gentuza, engañabobos y payasetes de poca monta, que saben sobre publicidad lo mismo que yo sobre la menstruación: Nada!, y que andan calentando asientos en algunas agencias. Y esto no es lo malo. Lo malo es que toda la mierda que sale de las cabecitas de esta panda de indeseables que se nos han instalado en la profesión nos dejan en evidencia a TODOS ante la comunidad internacional una vez detrás de otra. Un jurado expulsado de Cannes, plagios, inspiraciones dudosas, robo descarado de ideas... en fin, una lindeza detrás de otra que nos esta dejando muy pero que muy bien parados... Spot Cerveza Cristal Octubre 2011 Pero es que la cosa no acaba aquí. Año 2011 de Jung von Matt para Mercedes Benz (Bronce en los Clio 2012) Año 2012 de Contrapunto BBDO para Smart (Grupo mercedes Benz) y Oro en El Sol 2012 Año 2006 de Publicis Malasia para Helwett Packard y Bronce en One Show Design 2007 Año 2006. Año 2012.

The Global Square Wiki Walter Isaacson's 'Steve Jobs' Tuesday, 14 February 2012 What is Apple at heart: a software company, or a hardware company? This is a perennial question. But, as a thought experiment, which is more important to you? What computer would you rather use? For me, the answers are easy. What do you think Steve Jobs would have chosen, facing the same choices? Truth is he probably would have smashed any of such hypothetical devices against the nearest wall in a fit of rage, but, if forced to choose, I believe Jobs would have gone with the software.1 The hardware and the software are both important; Jobs clearly cared deeply about both. They all have these keyboards that are there whether you need them or not to be there. A few minutes later, Jobs said: Now, you know, one of the pioneers of our industry, Alan Kay, has had a lot of great quotes throughout the years. Design Is How It Works There is much that is wrong with Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, but its treatment of software is the most profound of the book’s flaws.

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