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The Eight Pillars of Innovation The greatest innovations are the ones we take for granted, like light bulbs, refrigeration and penicillin. But in a world where the miraculous very quickly becomes common-place, how can a company, especially one as big as Google, maintain a spirit of innovation year after year? Nurturing a culture that allows for innovation is the key. As we’ve grown to over 26,000 employees in more than 60 offices, we’ve worked hard to maintain the unique spirit that characterized Google way back when I joined as employee #16. At that time I was Head of Marketing (a group of one), and over the past decade I’ve been lucky enough to work on a wide range of products. What’s different is that, even as we dream up what’s next, we face the classic innovator’s dilemma: should we invest in brand new products, or should we improve existing ones? Have a mission that matters Work can be more than a job when it stands for something you care about. Think big but start small The best part of working on the web?

Home CleanerSolutions Database About Co-ops - National Cooperative Business Association Association Services Pat Brownell Sterner, Chief Operating Officer Click Here To Email Pat 202-638-6222 Bryan Munson, Director, Membership Click Here To Email Bryan 202.442.2318 Tom Decker, Director, Cooperative Development Click Here To Email Tom 202.442.2318 The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA (NCBA CLUSA) represents a cross-sector co-op community of 29,000 businesses that control over $3 trillion in assets. We unite co-ops by promoting the cooperative business model, driving cross-sector collaboration, and being the national ‘voice’ for cooperatives to raise the profile of co-ops everywhere.

Hitachi Community Action Partnership - The Hitachi Foundation The Hitachi strategy for community engagement emerges from the very roots of The Hitachi Foundation, founded by Hitachi, Ltd. to build a bridge of understanding between America and Japan. Employee-led Community Action Committees (CAC) organize the talent and resources of their companies to act as good corporate citizens, helping to strengthen the communities where they work and live throughout North America. The Hitachi Community Action Partnership (HCAP) allows Hitachi group companies in North America to respond to local community needs and challenges. Read our most recent HCAP Program highlights here . Are you a Hitachi employee? The Hitachi Community Action Partnership applies the principles of Total Quality Management to community engagement through the Mastering Community Action (MCA) process. HCAP allows for a very direct collaboration between the Foundation and Hitachi group companies.

Derek Sivers Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs On April 8th 2014, ANDE celebrated its fifth anniversary! Since 2009, ANDE has grown from 34 to over 200 inspiring members. ANDE Celebrates 5 Years of Supporting Small and Growing Businesses from ANDE on Vimeo. ​Let's look back at five years of ANDE in numbers: More than 1200 individuals participating in working groups on topics such as Women's Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Agriculture and Metrics & Research$2.1 million granted to 39 projects through ANDE's Capacity Development FundOver $250,000 in scholarships to attend ANDE events2000+ individuals have participated in ANDE events all over the world6 Regional Chapters have been established in Brazil, Central American & Mexico, East Africa, India, South Africa, West Africa and our newly forming East and Southeast Asia Chapter (2014)! We did this all with the strong belief that the work our members do to support small and growing businesses (SGBs) will help create prosperity in the developing world. ANDE Annual Conference 2013: Keynote Panel


a very good approach towards defining what a social business is about by miora Sep 22

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