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For Those Who Want to Lead, Read - John Coleman

For Those Who Want to Lead, Read - John Coleman
by John Coleman | 10:00 AM August 15, 2012 When David Petraeus visited the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009, one of the meetings he requested was with author Doris Kearns Goodwin. Petraeus, who holds a PhD in International Relations from Princeton, is a fan of Team of Rivals and wanted time to speak to the famed historian about her work. He’s increasingly an outlier. This is terrible for leadership, where my experience suggests those trends are even more pronounced. Note how many business titans are or have been avid readers. The leadership benefits of reading are wide-ranging. Reading can also make you more effective in leading others. Finally, an active literary life can make you more personally effective by keeping you relaxed and improving health. Reading more can lead to a host of benefits for business people of all stripes, and broad, deep reading can make you a better leader. Join a reading group. Related:  Economy, Innovation, Startups, Crowdsourcing, Advertising, Jobs

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Business Insider The Sign of the Owl - Book Art—Artists' Books—Bookworks A continuation of my last post, this one will conclude my discussion of interesting books I saw at the Hybrid Book Fair. Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön  Atlas volume from the Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön Rouge volume from the Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön The ability to charm and amuse without descending into empty frivolity or clever cynicism is an enviable talent. Quiz volume from the Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön One of the remarkable aspects of the endeavor is the strong differences in graphic style, content, and layout of each volume, a difference that is more than just a difference between those volumes done by Malutzki and those done by von Ketelhodt. The Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön  is a true tour de force not only capturing a wide variety of ideas, but also using just about every reproductive and artistic technique you can think of: collage, linocut, letterpress, offset, each volume uses its own combination of techniques to embody its topic. Ein Rheinbuch section 2 East West

The Problem of Economic Calculation - Ludwig von Mises Since recent events helped socialist parties to obtain power in Russia, Hungary, Germany and Austria, and have thus made the execution of a socialist nationalization program a topical issue, Marxist writers have themselves begun to deal more closely with the problems of the regulation of the socialist commonwealth. But even now they still cautiously avoid the crucial question, leaving it to be tackled by the despised "Utopians." They themselves prefer to confine their attention to what is to be done in the immediate future; they are forever drawing up programs of the path to Socialism and not of Socialism itself. The only possible conclusion from all these writings is that they are not even conscious of the larger problem of economic calculation in a socialist society. To Otto Bauer the nationalization of the banks appears the final and decisive step in the carrying through of the socialist nationalization program. "The socialist state," he says, Notes [1] Cf. [2] Cf. [3] Cf. [4] Cf.