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Kingdom Of Style Brand Identity Blog, Creative Direction Blog – Gary Swindell, Aimizm — Gary Swindell is a Creative Director specializing in strategic brand identity. Working in the UK and Scandinavia helping clients deliver through Strategy, Design and Art Direction. Date Item There's a McQeenish vibe to these 'wearable' sculptures by Rien Vollenga. !WOWOW! !WOWOW! is a collective in Peckham, London.[1] Otherwise known as The Children of ! Fuck Yeah Gareth Pugh Fuck Yeah Gareth Pugh (via Gareth Pugh Fashion Designer Profile Video – GARETH PUGH FALL / WINTER 2010/11 (by KennethCockwhore)

fump DJ Hoodie is a wearable interface that includes 4 channel zipper switch, fabric buttons with LED indicators and fabric pressure sensors. Two of these hoodies are connected with knitted stretch sensors on the hoods. It interfaces with computer with arduino using Firmata library and Pduino. It appeared in the performance “Cassette DJ Hoodie Battle” by Mika and Clemens Pichler at STWST – Linz, Austria – as a part of labor für elektro-akustische musik linz event. Magazine Born in 1976, French-British photographer Cedric Arnold first picked up a 35mm camera at university, whilst studying linguistics and history in Paris. He quickly turned most of his attention to photography and filmmaking, taking extra credits in printmaking, the history of cinema, and documentary filmmaking. Read More “Gonzaga Manso is a Madrid-based photographer whose elements are very unique and his work is eye-catching beyond belief. “

Frida Gustavsson by Boe Marion for Scandinavia S/S/A/W Spring/Summer 2014 Advertising The romanticism of the northern European woods is gracefully portrayed through the Swedish beauty Frida Gustavsson in Boe Marion’s story for Scandinavia S/S/A/W Spring/Summer 2014. It is an enchanting story where photographer Boe Marion has captured two lover’s intimate and emotional moments acted out among the fascinating mountains of Scandinavia. Frida’s fragility is embracing the nature’s peacefulness and with a wardrobe matching her state of mind chosen by stylist Oscar Lange, her passion comes to life. Creative director Jakob Hysén Hedberg’s input together with Lange and Marion’s work, is not only reaching a new high within editorials but it is also a gratitude towards the beauty of nature. Text by Marija Filipova

Stripeyhorse Creative June 29th, 2012 We really like the new logo design for British Gymnastics. Using bright bold colourful graphics the swirls track the motion of a gymnast. There is also a video that accompanies the logo design, check it out on our facebook page. bebe le strange bebe le strange 'Images -- millions of images -- that's what I eat' --William S. Burroughs (click here for pics only)

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