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SHOWstudio - The Home of fashion film and Live Fashion Broadcasting

SHOWstudio - The Home of fashion film and Live Fashion Broadcasting

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Triumphs and Laments Presented by ROMA CAPITALE, TEVERETERNO onlus Artist: William Kentridge Artistic Director: Kristin Jones Musical Director: Paolo Rocca, Thuthuka Sibisi Assistant Composer and Choral Arrangements: Thuthuka Sibisi Soloists: Joanna Dudley, Lavinia Mancusi, Ann Masina, Bham Ntabeni, Patrizia Rotonda Arrangements: Philip Miller, Thuthuka Sibisi, Paolo rocca Conductors: Thuthuka Sibisi, Fabrizio Cardosa Sound Designer: David Monacchi Costume Designer: Greta Goiris Kentridge Technical Director: Chris Waldo De Wet Kentridge Studio Manager: Anne McIlleron Musical Advisor: Vincenzo Pasqueillero Assistant to Composer Philip Miller in italy: Angela Bruni Choir Director: Patrizia Rotonda Composer: Philip Miller Co-Composer: Thuthuka Sibisi Executive Profucer: THE OFFICE performing arts + film, Laurie Cearley, Rachel Chano, Nadine Goellner, Olli Chano, Oliver hill, Lynn Koek Promoter: Associazione Teverterno Onlus Tecnica Production: STEP S.r.l. TRIUMPHS Conductor: Thuthuka Sibisi

The Powerful Message Behind the 'Bad Blood' Music Video  Taylor Swift launched her "Bad Blood" music video as an opener for the Billboard Music Awards last weekend. We were all gearing up for this video as Taylor heightened our excitement by tweeting, Instagram-ing and Tumblr-ing myriads of posters of each one of the of characters that would guest star. However, we weren't emotionally prepared when she actually released it because not only did the video slay in every way, it taught a bigger lesson to the world than we were expecting. So, let's start with how we saw big female names star in Taylor's video, such as Hayley Williams, Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, Lena Dunham, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Zendaya Coleman, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, Serayah McNeill and Selena Gomez. Wow, that's a lot, isn't it? Anyway, let's take a look at the bigger picture.

ECO FASHION Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries. Toxic chemicals and derivatives of petroleum are used to make the clothes and accessories you wear and the bags you carry. Even though factories seem to be located in far away places, today´s world is a global world. The contamination released by factories also has a global reach, contaminating the food you eat and water you drink many thousands of miles away. In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin Aydan Turanli, Istanbul, Turkey Abstract Judith Butler, in her book Excitable Speech: a Politics of the Performative, asserts that there are similarities between “ritualistic” and “ceremonial’ characteristic of illocutionary acts in J.L.

Lonely Lingerie Brand Profile Interview 28 September 2015 Divya Bala Feminism and lingerie have not always been the best of bedfellows, but one label is seeking to let love bloom between women and their intimates, discovers Divya Bala. New Zealand's Lonely Lingerie label was born when designer Helene Morris and her contemporaries were unable to find modern lingerie suited to their fashion-forward sensibilities. COS 2016 Spring / Summer Women's Lookbook COS has unveiled a look at its spring-summer 2016 collection full of minimal looks with a modern edge. Skirts are mid-length and long, moving away from the body while tops are more form-fitted with oversized coats and jackets. A color palette of neutrals is juxtaposed with blue denim and crisp whites. Made for mixing and matching, the separates are perfect for light layering. A standout of the season is the culotte pant—available in a shorts and pant-length. On her feet, the COS woman opts for sandals, either as a platform thong or a wrap around, open-toe style.

Sparkling Crystal Dress – Hussein Chalayan Hussein Chalayan surprised again during the Paris Fashion week the audience with ‘Technology meets high Fashion’ by showing a Sparkling Crystal Dress . To underline his ability and willingness to challenge traditional aspects of fashion, Chalayan bended the rules a bit by deciding to show his collection in the from of a short movie rather then with models on the runway. If you are interested to watch the complete show from Chalayan on video, has it for your viewing pleasure. We are most interested in our coverage on the Sparkling Crystal Dress Chalayan presented at the end of his ‘08 S/S collection in which he used again technology to create a new fashion dimension.

Iakov Chernikhov’s Architectural Fantasies Warning: Illegal string offset 'file' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1088 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1101 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1108 Serena Williams hits back at critics of her Sports Illustrated cover Serena Williams is used to winning on the court, but when it comes to her public image in the media, her battles are tougher. Just look at what happened when she won Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsperson of the Year” award and showed off her legs on the corresponding cover this week. Serena Williams on the 21 December issue of Sports Illustrated One conservative blogger declared the athlete looked like “a hooker” and “just took feminism back a generation.” Another said the star was “looking like she wants one thing, and it’s not a chat with the line judge.”

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