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Jamie Lilley LOCATING HELSINKI | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 A MASTERPLAN FOR THE HELSINKI METROPOLITAN AREA ASSEMBLY | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 Awarded Distinction for Design & Distinction for ThesisAwarded The Bartlett Medal Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year Work

Tool Test: Cordless Circ Saws By Steve Veroneau and Michael Springer Specs and Tester's Tester Comments When I began working in the building trades some thirty-plus years ago, carpentry tools fell into two categories: basic hand tools and simple electric power tools. Iakov Chernikhov’s Architectural Fantasies Warning: Illegal string offset 'file' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1088 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1101 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1108 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1108 Visionary architect and artist Iakov Chernikhov (1889 – 1951) produced gorgeous conceptual architectural renderings that were years ahead of their time; his designs bore remarkable resemblance to the modernist architecture of the late 20th century. These images are from his seminal 101 Architectural Fantasies, published in 1933.

DIY: How to bend aluminium the easy way with a home made brake and a few tricks If you have ever been into electronics in any particular way the problem often arises at the end of a project the enclosure “What the hell am i going to put all this in !“ Some people’s standards are different to others and some are quite happy putting their projects in any type of box and believe me I've seen some things online verging from a pc in a cardboard box to amplifiers in cigar boxes. Now don't get me wrong this can be well implemented at times you only have to look at the Cmoy Mint Amps housed in an Altoids Tin to see a good implementation. There are quite a few nice off the shelf commercial chassis's available such as Hammond Mfg extruded aluminium series but they are very height limited you aren't going to fit any type of large transformer in there .There are many others some from EBay, some of the Chinese chassis are great but factor in shipping and tax and your soon racking up £100 + only to have to modify it and this is where my journey begins.......

In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin Aydan Turanli, Istanbul, Turkey Abstract Biscuit kits and Glue Spreader Use water based glue (carpenter’s glue) in the slots. Insert biscuit in slot and compressed biscuit expands as moisture from glue is absorbed. See our Glue Spreader below. #20 Biscuit Kit Triumphs and Laments Presented by ROMA CAPITALE, TEVERETERNO onlus Artist: William Kentridge Artistic Director: Kristin Jones Musical Director: Paolo Rocca, Thuthuka Sibisi Assistant Composer and Choral Arrangements: Thuthuka Sibisi Soloists: Joanna Dudley, Lavinia Mancusi, Ann Masina, Bham Ntabeni, Patrizia Rotonda Arrangements: Philip Miller, Thuthuka Sibisi, Paolo rocca Conductors: Thuthuka Sibisi, Fabrizio Cardosa Sound Designer: David Monacchi Costume Designer: Greta Goiris Kentridge Technical Director: Chris Waldo De Wet Kentridge Studio Manager: Anne McIlleron Musical Advisor: Vincenzo Pasqueillero Assistant to Composer Philip Miller in italy: Angela Bruni Choir Director: Patrizia Rotonda Composer: Philip Miller Co-Composer: Thuthuka Sibisi Executive Profucer: THE OFFICE performing arts + film, Laurie Cearley, Rachel Chano, Nadine Goellner, Olli Chano, Oliver hill, Lynn Koek Promoter: Associazione Teverterno Onlus Tecnica Production: STEP S.r.l. TRIUMPHS Conductor: Thuthuka Sibisi

Quad (play) - Wikipedia Collected Shorter Plays of Samuel Beckett, Faber and Faber, 1984, p 293 The four series of six stages each produce a total of twenty-four stages suggesting, as in Lessness, the measurement of time. The play is shown as recorded, with no cuts, just one fixed long take. Samuel Beckett - Quadrat 1+2 (1982) Samuel Beckett (1906 - 1989) Runtime: 12 min Language: None Country: West Germany Color: Color Director: Samuel Beckett Description: Cloaked, cowled figures wander in patterns to rhythm instruments. Samuel Beckett's Quad was written in 1981 and first appeared in print in 1984 (Faber and Faber) where the work is described as "[a] piece for four players, light and percussion" and has also been called a "ballet for four people." It resembles something the shape-theatre ensemble Mummenschanz might have conceived, a frantic mime. The only thing in the Beckett canon that is at all similar is the short mime at the beginning of What Where. The play was first transmitted by the Süddeutscher Rundfunk in Germany on 8 October 1981 - as Quadrat 1 + 2.

Beckett, Samuel: Quad I + II Samuel Beckett«Quad I + II» ‘Quad', the first in a series of minimalist experimental television plays made by Beckett in the 1980s for the broadcaster Süddeutscher Rundfunk, operates with a serial game involving the motional pattern of four actors, but equally accommodating four soloists, six duos, and four trios. Four actors, whose coloured hoods make them identifiable yet anonymous, accomplish a relentless closed-circuit drama. Online Course: Gregory Nagy’s Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization Gregory Nagy’s Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization, 2010 As part of its educational mission, CHS offers free access to all the resources associated with a distance learning course taught by Center Director Gregory Nagy–including multimedia lectures and discussions, audio recordings, lecture notes, and the complete collection of readings. Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization provides an engaging introduction to the major themes of ancient Greek myth, cult, and poetics. The true “hero” of this course is the logos or “word” of logical reasoning, as activated by Socratic dialogue. The logos of dialogue requires careful thinking, realized in close reading and reflective writing.