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Luerzer's Archive - Advertising Worldwide

Luerzer's Archive - Advertising Worldwide

Luerzers Archive Awards Luerzers Archive promotes the best in advertising in magazines, books, DVDs and online, providing awards for advertising agencies, clients, copywriters, art directors and copywriters, production companies, directors, photographers and illustrators. These three print advertisements for Luerzers Archive, with the tagline, “Don’t let it go to your head”, themselves have won awards. A copywriter’s award tells a policeman, “You obviously don’t know who I am”. An art director’s award in the back seat of a convertible assures victims of an accident, “Don’t worry I’m OK”. Another copywriter’s award sits in an office saying, “What do you mean I’m fired? You’re fired!”. Credits The campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York , by creative director Tony Granger, art directors Menno Kluin and Carmine Coppola, copywriter Icaro Doria and Chuck Pagano, with photographer Kurt Stallaert and art buyer Marcie Heffron. Location

Beauty and Personal Grooming: Urad Dal Homemade Beauty Recipes Urad Dal (Black gram ), a very popular ingredient in South Indian cuisine is widely used in the preparation of mouth-watering probiotic culinary delicacies like Dosa, iIdi and Vada, and crispy, delectable Urad Papads.This highly nutritious pulse is low in fat and cholesterol and a rich source of protein and fiber and is recommended for diabetics also. The nutritional protein in Urad dal is comparable to the protein derived from animal sources and hence a wonderful substitute for vegetarians to make up for mineral deficiencies arising from an all-veggie diet. Apart from its use in culinary delights, Urad Dal is also an ingredient in quite a few Ayurvedic medicines. Furthermore, in ancient times, Urad (Black Lentil) was also used as a beauty aid , in fact as a scrub to massage the body. Here are some Homemade Beauty Recipes with Urad Dal Urad Dal Pack for removing tan and healing sunburn Soak 1/4 cup of Urad Dal in water overnight. Ura d Dal Face Pack for soft, smooth skin

Creating an Effective online Portfolio: 40+ Tips, Tools & Inspirations Nowadays, everyone is getting rid of the paper trail. Everything is now done digitally: commerce, accounting, advertising, marketing, shopping and even design. Every freelance graphic designer should now own an online portfolio. If you don’t have one, or worse, if you don’t know what it is, you have absolutely no chance of making it in the world of graphic design. This article will teach you how to build a solid and effective online portfolio, guide you through the best online portfolio tools available , and then show you a few awesome portfolio themes and sites for your inspiration. Building a Strong and Successful Online Portfolio Photo by Asif Akbar 1. Know your objectives for creating an online portfolio. 2. A common mistake most graphic designers and freelancers make is to try to impress clients by showing off as much work as they can. The goal is to simplify. From the home page alone, visitors should already have an idea of what you do. 3. 4. 5. Online Portfolio Solutions Carbonmade 1.

Paint Draw Paint, Learn to Draw: Painting Basics Color Palette A look at a basic color palette using the primary colors Form Structure A look at finding the underlying forms and structures of objects. Glass and Transparent Form A look at how illustrate the form of the object while still allowing the object to appear transparent. Landscape: Atmospheric Perspective A look at how the atmosphere affects the objects in the scene of a landscape painting. Landscape: Editing a Scene A quick look at choosing what you want to include in a landscape painting. Landscape: Plein Air Recounting the process of a plein air painting. Landscape: Step by Step The basic steps for setting up a landscape painting. Limited Palette A guide to using a limited palette. Masking Fluid for Watercolor A look at how to use masking fluid in watercolor painting. Materials-Brushes A review of the types and qualities of brushes available. Priming a Surface How to prime a painting surface with gesso for acrylic or oil painting. Portrait Painting How to start a portrait painting.

Presentation Zen Ayurveda - Simple ways to cure Constipation What is constipation? Constipation is a common symptom where a person has difficulty passing faeces or unusually dry stool. In simple language it is irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels. Age wise effect: Constipation is more common in children and older age, but can affect anyone. Economic status: The people who have high economic status are more likely to catch this problem because generally the don¡¦t have time to take their proper meals and take more junk food which in turn disturbs the digestive system and causes constipation. Constipation Types: Common constipation - occasional constipation Chronic constipation Travel-related constipation Age-related constipation Pregnancy-related constipation Chronic idiopathic constipation Functional constipation Causes: Diet: The most common cause of constipation is a diet low in fibre found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and high in fats found in cheese, eggs, and meats. A] Home Remedies: Dr.

How to Get Others to Share Your Work When most people decide to become artists for a living, they don't realize that a professional artist has to do much more than just create amazing artwork. Artists have to wear a lot of hats, this often means managing their company's finances, and even marketing their company to new clients. In this article, we will talk about how you can save time by getting others to help share your work for you. The best way to promote your work is to get others to do it for you. Marketing your company, and your work to new clients is essential for the growth of your design business but most artists are so busy creating their work, that they don't have time to give the marketing needs of their business the time that it deserves. Marketing a design business often involves sharing your work with others. Most of you have probably consumed some type of viral content before. Convey an Emotional Message People love to share artwork that conveys an emotional message. Capitalize on Big Events or Movies

Create a Baseball-Inspired Text Effect in Photoshop Applying texture to a text effect can be a lot of fun. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a baseball-inspired text effect using layer styles, patterns, and brushes. Let's get started! The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial. Create a new document that is 1024 x 645 px. You can use any other values for the Height and Width depending on the text you are going to create. Download the Grass Texture 1, and place it on top of your "Background" layer, then resize it as needed. Rename the layer to "Grass Texture". The grass colors are a bit dark and desaturated. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels, and change the Highlights value to 226. Create the text using the font Merkin. Press the Ctrl/Cmd key and click the text layer's icon to create a selection. Go to Select > Modify > Expand, and type in 15. Create a new layer below the text layer and call it "Stroke". Set the Foreground color to #e7e7e7, and fill the selection with that color.

Our Collective Good – a Wishadoo! Initiative Embroidery Effect with Illustrator and Photoshop I have received quite a few emails asking me how to create a embroidery effect in Photoshop. It is a really nice effect and I had no idea how to do that in Photoshop. So one of these days while running I sort of had this idea of using the Scribble effect in Illustrator and then going to Photoshop to make it look real. After giving it a try I got a very nice result and that is what I share with you today. So for this tutorial I will show you how to create a embroidery effect using Illustrator and Photoshop. The whole process is quite simple and it will take an average of 45 minutes to get it done. Step 1 Open the logo or shape you want to apply the effect in Illustrator. Step 2 Select the shapes and go to Effect>Stylize>Scribble. Step 3 Now it's time to go to Photoshop. Place the texture in your design. Step 4 Copy the logo from Illustrator and paste it in Photoshop. Step 5 Go to Layer>Layer Styles>Inner Shadow. Step 6 Select Inner Glow. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Go to Layer>Layer Styles>Drop Shadow.

Child Actors who made it Big Topics : Sridevi They first caught the attention of the public as cute petite child actors; ones who bought innocence to the film and in the process garnered collective ‘aawwws’ from the audience. Their childhood days are long gone and these grown up individuals are back on the silver screen to grab their piece of true Bollywood stardom. Here’s a list of child actors who made a place for themselves in the adult world of Bollywood. 1. Kamal first acted in a movie at the age of 6 and has since acted in 150+ movies spanning regions, genres and languages. 2. He has played the younger versions of two of the biggest Indian superstars – Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. 3. Sridevi is the diva most women wish to be. 4. She has worked in films since she could walk. 5. “Mere paas maa hain” – this is the line that Shashi Kapoor made legend in Deewar. 6. You may Also Like: TV Stars that should be in Bollywood Top 5 Strongest Leading Ladies of Bollywood

Just Creative Ideas I'm a 24 years old freelance Web designer from Valladolid (Spain) currently based in Madrid. I love everything that has to do with Web design & development, Graphic design, Packaging, Industrial design and I feel a true devotion for typography. I love minimal design, simple and clean, and how you can catch attention just using white spaces, color and contrast, so most of my work goes in this way. I consider myself as a hardworking and reliable person, who works with passion and who just love making pretty things. I studied 4 years of computer programming and after needing something more creative to deal with, I studied Advanced Graphic Design and Advanced Web Design in Aula Creactiva, a design school located in Madrid downtown. I have worked for 2 years for Eco Ice®, and it's been three years since I started my freelance business. I love working with people, specially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.