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Packaging design by Mucho for "Vermut de luna", a traditonal aperitive beverage that bases its formula on the moon cycle (Lunar Face). The drink is bottled on the first night of the crescent moon. As Mucho explain: 'We decided to turn this idea into a design element by silkscreening this cycle in silver and the crescent moon in gold, thus placing the name underneath the golden moon. All the secondary information is aligned along the cycle of the moon' []

Designers The Best Import 27th June, 2012 Already 2 years passed since TheImport blog was started and our collection of posts is constantly growing. So we decided to bring most popular ones into one place. 15 Design Tips to Learn From Apple There is no shortage of companies that follow popular design trends to appeal to a mass market. Much more rare is the breed of company that actually sets design trends. Today we’ll examine the techniques of a company that occupies the top of the design food chain: Apple. Below you’ll find 15 practical ways to follow Apple’s example in creating beautiful interfaces. #1: Keep it Simple Take a look at Apple’s homepage and don’t think about what you see, but what you don’t see.

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home ENSAIMADART by Lo Siento The EnsaimadArt project has a charitable initiative that asked for the design of the round label (270mm in diameter) attached to the iconic octagonal boxes containing Majorca’s most famous pastry – the ensaimada (Ensaïmada). Hence, EnsaimadArt. The ensaimada is a traditional spiral-shaped pastry that is intrinsically part of the island’s nature. Thousands of tourists and visitors will leave the island at the end of their holidays with one, two or more of these unmistakeable boxes. Lo Siento designed a special packaging label design made entirely out of paper for the “Ensaimadas”: The spiral-shaped pastry typical of Mallorca. This project was commisioned by Ensaimadart for the 50th anniversary of the Amadip.Esment association.

Cars And Motorcycles Of The Future Mikhail Smolyanov from Moscow makes concept cars and motorcycles designs which are getting more and more popular abroad. Check out some of his works. ‘Congratulate You On The Great Victory’. The Spirit of Victory. 50 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 1 The future is being designed. That is one funny idea. But that’s precisely what the 50 designers, educators, and exec­utives in this year’s Co.Design 50 are doing.

Strategic Aesthetics Origami in Packaging - Packaging InsiderPackaging Insider Some packaging ideas/designs are as creative and innovative as they can be. This one involving Origami strikes as both! As a bag of tea that transforms into something beautiful as it is steeped, we’d say this just about breaks the mold. By striving for something more out of a product that has already been defined with purpose to be, rather plain yet functional; this concept turns the conventional bag of tea into a visual treat that not only contributes to one’s imagination, purification, while evoking serenity and the healing properties of it’s herbs. All the great things we seek tea out for. Traditionally, Origami was an art form originating in Japan.

AMATORSKO O DIZAJNIE Jean-Baptiste Levée Typographie