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BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion

BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion

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50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2016 - Shillington Design Blog Our most popular post of last year was 50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2015, a comprehensive countdown of where to find the diamonds in the endless mine that is the internet. Well a lot can happen in a year on the blogsophere, so today we take a fresh look at the hottest and brightest blogs for 2016. As well as serving up visual feasts of good design, these feeds offer sound business advice, technology hacks and the latest industry resources from all corners of the world. Selected by Shillington’s staff of international designers and teachers, this list is sure to whet your appetite for graphic design culture and inspire you to expand your horizons. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

Art Architect and digital artist Laurent Rosset creates sweeping photographic landscapes the seem to curl upward into infinity like an enormous wave that obliterates the sky. Rosset uses much of his own photography to create each image and enjoys discovering how even slight manipulations can vastly change the composition or meaning of a photograph. You can see more of his work on Instagram, and if you liked this also check out Aydin Buyuktas. (via Colossal Submissions) Archaeologists in Turkey recently unearthed an exceptionally preserved mosaic inside the remains of a building from the 3rd century. One section of the three-panel artwork includes a reclining skeleton with an arm over its head, holding a glass of wine and resting an elbow on a loaf of bread.

Logos from why not associates why not associates is a British graphic design company, established two decades ago. Here’s a taste of their identity design work. London Arts logo Corporate identity for arts funding organisation. The Reel logo Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More…

Golden Bee Global Biennale Of Graphic Design 2016 Organised by the Golden Bee Fund and endorsed by Alliance Graphigue Internationale, International Biennales Coordinating Committee and International Council of Design, the Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design has opened its call for entries for posters and projects created in 2014-2016. There are eight categories: • Posters • Digital Design • Handmade Design • Pioneers Of Russian Design • Chernobyl, Fukushima • Crime And Punishment • Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise • Mercy There is also the additional category 'All Gold Of The World 2014-2016. Golden Bee Special Project' for posters that won awards in 2012-2014 at the most important international competitions. Works in all categories (except for special cases) should be first submitted as digital files.

Editorial Design Inspiration – Skin Deep magazine This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept or Read More Grid Based Web Design Resources As a complement to our prior post "30 Grid-Based Websites", we've made a selection of indispensable resources like layout frameworks, tutorials, books, templates and useful tools that can help you understand and implement grid based design in your projects. Let's start with a little history. Many of you know who Massimo Vignelli is, a known designer with a solid modernist influence who developed his career in numerous areas of design.

Vintage logos I saw this a couple of years back on ISO50 but never got around to featuring it. Too good not to share. View the full set on Flickr. 50 Design Blogs You Have To Read In 2015 - Shillington Design Blog Hello readers! Guess what? We’ve updated this list for the new year. Check out 50 Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2016. As designers we find inspiration everywhere. Working with Big Brands: Examples of Success It seems like a general rule that when creative teams work with big names or large institutions the final results aren't at all similar to what the team had in mind at the beginning of the process. The ebb and flow of creativity and ideas is easy at first with all the adrenaline and excitement of having landed a large account. But then comes the execution of the project, the process.

TetraBox Light by Ed Chew & Yanko Design Liquid to Light Designer Ed Chew takes a green step in the right direction with the TetraBox lamp, a light object made from discarded drink packets that would have otherwise ended up in landfills already packed to the brim. The design is achieved by unfolding the packets and refolding them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections that are then pieced together to form a geodesic sphere or any other desired shape. Here, the Epcot-like ball makes an attractive overhead light and casts an impressive web of shadows and shapes on the surrounding space. Designer: Ed Chew

Ill Studio - Moodcyclopedia Recent Works Contact Moodcyclopedia Self published encyclopedia of influence.

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