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Disponibilité. SEARCH THIS SITE - Richard De La Font Agency - Corporate Event Booking Agent. If you do not find the celebrity or name act you are seeking for your event, just send a query to us.

SEARCH THIS SITE - Richard De La Font Agency - Corporate Event Booking Agent

We can assist you with booking practically any name act you want for your event – if the act is available and within your budget. Who do you want? Contact us with information about your organization and your event. Your business is appreciated! For fast, efficient, professional service anywhere in the world, contact us now. We provide talent booking services worldwide! For More Information Serious booking requests only. Fast Index | Musical Acts | Site Map | Home Web Site Design by Richard De La Font Copyright 1997-2015 Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.. Infographics - Music Business Association - Music Biz.

Proper Care and Feeding of the ISRC 3.26.15 – he Music Business Association (Music Biz) has released a new infographic titled “Proper Care and Feeding of the ISRC Code” to teach readers about the prominent music ID standard and educate them about its importance.

Infographics - Music Business Association - Music Biz

The infographic explains that an ISRC code is a unique identifier for music tracks, spoken word recordings, and music videos that enables labels, digital services, and publishers to easily collect royalties and attach key metadata to each song. Read more here. Download the full infographic here. 1.6.15 – The Music Business Association (Music Biz) and the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) High Resolution Audio initiative have released a new infographic that breaks down the definition of High Resolution Audio, providing a simple visual representation of a highly complex term. Infographics - Music Business Association - Music Biz. Promote your music online. Promote Your Music Online So what’s next?

Promote your music online

Create your free accountUpload your album, EP or singleWe release in 250+shopsReceive your sales with just one clickYou can cancel at any time Receive occasional newsletters and offers. "At some point, it's logical for musician who understands how the industry works to take control of their own catalogue. It is all the more important to have a reliable partner.

"iMusician is a trusted partner for several years now. "iMusician has been an important piece in the puzzle of reaching fans on a global scale. Swiss made. Do the Best MUSIC Promotion via 1 Million Music Lovers Hip hop, Edm,Rap. Market Research for Every Musician. What Artists Should Know About AudioKite - Passive Promotion. Has this ever happened to you?

What Artists Should Know About AudioKite - Passive Promotion

You think you’ve written your best song yet, but an offhand remark from a friend plunges you into self-doubt. Wouldn’t it help to have feedback from music fans of your genre who have no incentive to sugar-coat their opinions? Sure, you say! I’ll just use SoundOut, or ReverbNation Crowd Review (also powered by SoundOut). Unfortunately, my experience with SoundOut, and those of most of the commenters, left a lot to be desired. AudioKite has built a better mousetrap.

Amazon Mechanical Turk. I asked Alex of AudioKite to explain how they ensure listeners are actually listening. Due to the fact that a fair wage for mTurk workers is based on the amount of time they take to complete a task, and the fact that songs have varying lengths, listen time is a data point that changes from song to song. Genre-targeted reviews. Pricing. Free response question. Promotional link. It was a choice, for a couple of reasons. Here’s my highest scoring track and how it fared: 10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online. It’s no earth-shattering news that the internet has changed the music industry for good.

10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online

Technologies like file sharing, streaming, social media and eCommerce are giving artists more opportunities to expose their music to larger audiences and increase their fan base. The downside of having so many options is that choosing the best ways to promote your music online can be challenging. So, to help you make good choices, we put together a list of the 10 most popular and most effective online hangouts you should join to get the word out about your tunes. When it comes to promoting your music online, Wix Music doesn’t skip a beat. An all encompassing online marketing solution, Wix Music has you covered with all the tools you need to promote, sell and distribute your music online. Sell your music 100% commission-free, directly from your website. One of the main reasons you got into music in the first place was to play in front of a crowd.

Market Research for Every Musician. What Artists Should Know About AudioKite - Passive Promotion. Last of Songs - Presented by Irit Dekel & Eldad Zitrin. Promote your music online.