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Web 2.0 Resources

Web 2.0 Resources

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Online Book Study Group Welcome! This guide was developed to help people who would like to participate in the HeartWorks book study group. About the book study groups Book study groups run all through the year, and are conducted online. We select texts that participants are interested in reading and exploring together, that are related to the practice of compassion and mindfulness.

5 Innovative Animation Tools for Teachers Move over, Disney. Step aside, Pixar! It’s now easier than ever for casual users to create fun, engaging animations. Web 2 Tools by Task Avators: Build your Wild Self - create a self portrait and learn about the animal parts incorporated into your avatar. Mikons - where people communicate through visual symbols, logos, icons, or avatars to tell a story is a web application that produces animated characters to which you can add your voice (or anybody else’s). Blogging / Bookmarking Tools: Webtools: No Registration Needed for Students Welcome to my list of webtools that don’t require student registration. This started off as a simple curation for myself and has ballooned into something that I never thought would get this big. And it is still growing. I started added comments to each link, but that is taking a long time to complete.

Aplicaciones Web 2.0 «Magia en la educación! Here you can find an index of all the web 2.0 applications that I suggest: 1.Photopeach (online slideshows) 2. Tikatok (online writer for kids) 3.BBC Bitesize Revision for Writing (online writing activities) The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest Pinterest has quickly become one of the biggest ways for teachers to share resources and information short of Twitter. It lets you build ‘boards’ and easily ‘pin’ parts of the web (text, images, videos, websites, etc.) onto those boards. Simple enough, right? Flashcard Sites and Google Gadgets Lately our student teacher has been teaching a lot of vocabulary, which reminded me of several sites for flashcards and of Google Gadgets that can be used to review vocabulary.Here are some flashcard sites: Inside Story Flashcards - Stunning pictures, audio of each word, and short definitions all make this online vocabulary flashcard site visually stimulating and interesting. As a bonus, you can print all cards. Choose from basic, easy, medium, or hard levels of vocabulary to find and listen to words. Definitions can also be turned off for practice with word recall or guessing what the image represents.Flash Card Friends - Quizlet- one of my favorite flashcard sites!

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You If you’re not an avid follower of #edchat on Twitter, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to learn about some new Web 2.0 tools that are currently being used in classrooms around the world. That’s because @chickensaltash posed a simple question to the PLN and there has been a huge swell of support as hundreds of people have jumped in to answer the question about which 5 Web 2.0 tools teachers are using in classrooms. The Best of the Best You can view the live stream of #edchat here and see what people are saying at the hashtag #chickenweb2tools here.

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