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Le Triangle (Rennes) 2013 2014 MCB° scène nationale de Bourges H-Burns "Six Years e.p." Festival Arsène 2014 (Université d'Artois) H.Berlioz "La Marseillaise" Espace Malraux — Chambéry

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James Gallagher The Cutters exhibition has traveled from Ireland to Germany and will mark the first exhibition of the new Gestalten Space in Berlin. The show runs from April 29 – May 28. Cutters Edges Contemporary Collage A Group Exhibition Curated by James Gallagher Gestalten Space Sophie-Gips-Höfe Sophienstraße 21 10178 Akatre – Bizarre Photography There’s absolutely no information that we’ve found on the artist Akatre other than his or her Tumblr page. However, the works on the page are awesomely strange. Looks like mainly portrait photography work with some serious flare. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. moby stapler by hagai zakai for monkey business sep 11, 2013 moby stapler by hagai zakai for monkey business moby stapler by hagai zakai for monkey businessall images courtesy of monkey business the design process for the quirky ‘moby stapler’ by israeli designer hagai zakai was based on the following question: ‘staplers have mouths.. what kind of animals are they?

Bubble Drawings : Charlotte X. C. Sullivan Need Help? Bubble Drawings : Charlotte X. C. Sullivan Curated by Christophe André Baldinger André Baldinger 2000 The Newut family is a new Grotesque in which the capitals are designed to be the same height as the lowercases. You can chose from three variationes: Classic, Tip or Plain. Colorful landscapes painted by Izutsu Hiroyuki Izutsu Hiroyuki is a Japanese artist and illustrator who was born in 1955 in Takamatsu and then lived in Tokyo. In 1998, he was a Kodansha Publishing’s Culture Award winner, he also had several solo exhibitions in Japan. On this series called “don’t give up Japan”, he painted landscapes with bright colors and simple shapes. You can discover very beautiful portraits in his online portfolio, probably featuring in a next post here someday… Represented by

Lotta Agaton Normally I never post my own pictures but it has almost become tradition to make a summary from Milan Design Week here on the blog with my own here we go again. 2014 Milan Design Week from my Iphone starting off with wine lunch in the sun at 10 Corso Como. This year they had two exhibitions at 10 Corso Como, one with the fantastic artist Kris Ruhs who is the brain behind their amazing decoration and graphic design and upstairs they showed photographer Charlotte Perriand. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Rosanna Orlandis private office, amazing as always.. Spazio Rosanna Orlandi showed Embrodery on Eames Aluminium chair and a Nica Zupanc exhibition. Nendo did a great exhibition in collaboration with COS, upstairs he showed a fantastic new store concept and downstairs he was showing his selected works in miniatures. I always like when there is some kind of interaction on the exhibitions.

About The ____________ Manifesto I choose the ________ Manifesto by Michael Betancourt, written in 1996, because I felt close to the ambiguity in his declaration about art. My personal belief in art and design is ever changing, fluid, and not-concrete. I also believe that defining art cannot be done by one person, as it proves to be different for everyone across varying dimensions. In this manifesto, Betancourt does an amazing job at implying this in an interactive platform. What is art? By what basis do we define, judge, and create it? Uehara & Watanabe may 15, 2012 yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe: kigi exhibition ‘kiwi exhibition’ by yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe installation view all images courtesy of yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe toyko-based designers yosuke uehara + yoshie watanabe have completed the ‘kigi exhibition‘ on show at ginza graphic gallery in shibuya, japan. the installation coincides with the establishment of their new company and will introduce the projects that the two professionals have been involved in since their 1999 partnership. the title ‘kigi’ means ‘trees’, which are a symbol of creation, and the pair chose this name with the hope that their creative ‘tree’ will one day grow into an abundant ‘forest’. the work on display spans across all genres and looks into new approaches in graphic illustrations to date. installation view installation view

PINA’S WORDS OF WISDOM “I’m not so interested in... “I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.” ― Pina Bausch“To understand what I am saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique. We forget where the movements come from. They are born from life. When you create a new work, the point of departure must be contemporary life — not existing forms of dance The Pirate Press: No Google Manifesto Creator: Alex Dearmond, Graphic Designer, Publisher and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Purpose: A rebellion against the use of computers and a return to zine-making by hand. Made-By-Hand, No Google Manifesto The List of 1000 Manifestos The 1000 Manifesto List is the world’s best list of manifestos. It showcases all of the manifestos we have collected and collated on this site. Our blog posts will consist entirely of manifestos we’ve found, created or you’ve submitted.

BREST BREST-BREST Atelier de création de la Drôme. 2 graphistes : Arnaud Jarsaillon et Rémy Poncet production d’affiches aux parti-pris forts, et de mise en page de qualité pour le théâtre et autres institutions culturelles
Rémy Poncet = a réinventé des photos vintage d’anonymes ou de scènes de films en y insérant des aliments. La série « History and Chips » est drôle, déroutante, parfois intrigante et même parfois totalement dégoutante. Les matériaux utilisés varient de la moutarde au chewing-gum, en passant par l’oeuf cru. by dgsavina Jan 21