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Spill - design agency - l'Agence Spill - identity, digital communication - websites

Spill - design agency - l'Agence Spill - identity, digital communication - websites

Soleil Noir Studio KANTIK Web Agency Corporate Brand Identities: A Showcase Of 40 Stunning Brand Kits To Inspire You Your visual identity is one of the most important aspects of your brand. It sets your tone as a company, represents your values, and gives you a starting point when it comes to your marketing approach. It’s important to maintain a consistent visual identity in your branding, since that’s how people will recognize your brand. Having a set brand style guide will ensure your marketing materials are always on track and look as on brand as possible. Here are 40 awesome examples of consistent visual identity and branding to inspire you: 01. Base is a branding consulting company offering many services to their clients. 02. Gravy is an award-­winning creative studio with a large list of international clients. 03. Letter Cotton is a creative workshop specializing in letterpress design. 04. Marjoram is an elegant restaurant specializing in unique flavors. 05. Zerno is a coffeehouse in Minsk, and prides itself on its cozy atmosphere and delicious desserts. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Agence de communication Padawan : Création Print, Webdesign et Communication LA WORLDWIDE Marketing Art Digital New Brand Identity for Ascui & Co. by Grosz Co. Lab — BP&O Opinion by Richard Baird. Ascui & Co. Architects is an Melbourne-based studio with a rich history, depth of experience and a vision they describe as being a true perspective rather than one founded on intuition. Anchored in the concept of Process & Possibility — a maxim that refers to the rhythm and harmony, beauty and functionality of Ascui & Co.’s work — Grosz Co. Although there are a number of familiar architectural details wrapped up within this identity project the concept of Process & Possibility, split between pattern and colour respectively, layers these with a distinctive and informed duality. Following the publication of this article Grosz Co. The changing “Temperature” of the collateral, designed to foster creative contribution and experimentation from the client, is a simple idea, if a little optimistic, that significantly changes the tone of the collateral and is a fair reflection of the Possibility aspect of the concept. Design: Grosz Co. Follow BP&O:FeedlyFacebookTwitter

Whole & Simply, l'agence digitale qui transforme vos projets et vos idées en succès The Bullitt Agency - A full service exclusive booking agency for top international dj's & producers Add music from an artist The Bullitt Agency intro video Prometey Bank Annual Report 2012 on Behance The Challenge 2012 Annual report design theme of the customer-bank was dedicated to endangered species inhabited on the territory of Armenia for providing publicity to the country’s nature conservation program jointly implemented with WWF. The Solution When working on this project naturalistic approach with colored pencils technique was selected as having the most promise. By their execution, the animal drawings unwittingly attract attention to unfinished part thereby communicating the threat of extinction. Annual report graphics are shown with animal life cycle drawings. The Result We are rewarded for the fact that our work resulted in raising the public awareness on the impending extinction issue of several animals. Working Group Art director: Stepan AzaryanGraphic Designer: Karen Gevorgyan