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Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework

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Windows App Studio now lets you build Windows 10 apps Microsoft today updated Windows App Studio, its free web-based tool designed to let anyone create an app, with support for the Windows 10 Insider Preview. The company also redesigned the Windows App Studio beta site to make it consistent with the Windows 10 look, and added a slew of new features. The new beta can generate apps for Windows 10, as well as for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. In December, the tool dropped support for Windows Phone 8.0. Here is how it works.

10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers With the coming of Node.js, JavaScript has come to the forefront. It is bound to happen since it is already a well-known programming language used by developers in browsers. And, with Node.js, it has found a way to server-side implementation thus reducing the complexity of using two different languages at both ends. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to building servers and web/mobile applications. Data Visualization With Elasticsearch Aggregations And D3 For those of you familiar with Elasticsearch, you know that its an amazing modern, scalable, full-text search engine with Apache Lucene and the inverted index at its core. Elasticsearch allows users to query their data and provides efficient and blazingly fast look up of documents that make it perfect for creating real-time analytics dashboards. Currently, Elasticsearch includes faceted search, a functionality that allows users to compute aggregations of their data. For example, a user with twitter data could create buckets for the number of tweets per year, quarter, month, day, week, hour, or minute using the date histogram facet, making it quite simple to create histograms.

Creating a Single Page Todo App with Node and Angular Free Course Getting Started with Angular 2 Angular 2 is the shiny new framework that comes with a lot of new concepts. Learn all the great new features. Angular JS — An introduction Has nothing to do with the content Quick introduction to AngularJS Ruiwen Chua, @ruiwen Create a Web App and RESTful API Server Using the MEAN Stack Last updated 17 October 2016 The MEAN stack is a popular web development stack made up of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. MEAN has gained popularity because it allows developers to program in JavaScript on both the client and the server. The MEAN stack enables a perfect harmony of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) development: MongoDB stores data in a JSON-like format, Express and Node.js facilitate easy JSON query creation, and AngularJS allows the client to seamlessly send and receive JSON documents. MEAN is generally used to create browser-based web applications because AngularJS (client-side) and Express (server-side) are both frameworks for web apps.

synchronous $http You can't do synchronous $http calls. You can use Promises to make your code more readable and maintainable. The basic idea is that $http methods do not return the data from the request, they return a "promise" that will allow you to get the data: var promise = $http.get(.. Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4 # Express Router and Routes We will use an instance of the Express Router to handle all of our routes. Here is an overview of the routes we will require, what they will do, and the HTTP Verb used to access it. This will cover the basic routes needed for an API. This also keeps to a good format where we have kept the actions we need to execute (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) as HTTP verbs. Now Hosted on Google CDN As you probably already noticed, one of the core AngularJS values is simplicity. Simple is awesome, but simple and fast is doubly awesome and that's why we also value speed and performance. Since early beginnings of the project, we strived to make bootstrapping of AngularJS apps as fast as possible and offered to host all of the AngularJS artifacts on our server which follows the best caching and compression practices. Our expertise and server is however no match to the speedy autobahn-like Google CDN (content delivery network). Thanks to your adoption of AngularJS all over the world, we earned the privilege to be hosted on this state of the art infrastructure. And so I'm happy to share with you, that as of today you can start relying on Google CDN when deploying AngularJS apps.

MEAN Stack Tutorial MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS (Part III) - Adrian Mejia’s Blog This is the last part of three-series tutorial. We are going to build a full-stack Todo App using the MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS). Brief Background Brian Ford Yeoman is a new tool for simplifying your client-side development workflow. It supports a variety of different tools and frameworks, but I'm going to focus specifically on how it helps write AngularJS applications. Out of the box, Yeoman includes some excellent features for building AngularJS apps. The best of these features is its generators. Generators allow you to quickly create new controllers, directives, services, unit tests, and even entire applications. It gives you the speed of boilerplates/seeds but with added flexibility.

Mean Stack Tutorial - Beginners Tutorial A MEAN stack tutorial where you will build a real-world application. The tutorial is for beginners and will get you started quickly. Learn to build modern web applications using the MEAN stack. JavaScript has exploded in recent years and has moved from the front-end on the server-side and database. Directives Loading... Improve this doc Note: this guide is targeted towards developers who are already familiar with AngularJS basics.