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How to Cover a Garden With Plastic to Kill Weeds. Amazon. Sustainability. As cities are growing denser, nature is greatly being reduced and parks are getting smaller.


Not only is it a densification, but the cities are also growing out of its existing shell - appropriating its green edges and industrial areas for housing and continueously extending its borders. No Mow Lawn Seed : Prairie Nursery : Low Maintenance Grass. Pyrola americana (Round-leaved Pyrola): Minnesota Wildflowers. Blossom like a flower: VITAL. The Vital’s Possibility of PerfectionThe day the vital will be converted it will have much to give.

Blossom like a flower: VITAL

Gladiolus callianthus [Acidanthera bicolor] Peacock orchid Fragrant medium-sized white flower with six graceful pointed petals, the lower three petals marked with a triangular maroon spot at the base; borne in loose spikes. A rhizomatous perennial herb with sword-shaped leaves. Vital OpeningThe vital is ready to receive the Divine influence. Saritaea magnifica Clusters of fragrant medium-sized rose purple trumpet-shaped salverform flowers with five rounded lobes, a flattened corolla tube and a white throat streaked with fine parallel lines. Pseudanthium. "Flower head" redirects here.


For the band, see Flowerhead. What appear to be "petals" of an individual flower, are actually each individual complete ray flowers, and at the center is a dense pack of individual tiny disc flowers. Because the collection has the overall appearance of a single flower, the collection of flowers in the head of this sunflower is called a pseudanthium. A pseudanthium (Greek for "false flower") or flower head is a special type of inflorescence,[1] in which anything from a small cluster to hundreds or sometimes thousands of flowers are grouped together to form a single flower-like structure. Pseudanthia take various forms. Asteraceae. The family has more than 23,600 currently accepted species, spread across 1,620 genera (list) and 13 subfamilies.


[citation needed] In terms of numbers of species, the Asteraceae are rivaled only by the Orchidaceae.[5][7] (Which of the two families is actually larger is unclear, owing to uncertainty about exactly how many species exist in each family.) Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, aka Lepiota lutea, the yellow houseplant or house plant soil mushroom, Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for February 2002, I get *lots* of email about this fungus.

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, aka Lepiota lutea, the yellow houseplant or house plant soil mushroom, Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for February 2002,

In the table below I've put a small sampling of some of these interesting emails. You'll notice, however, that they start to sound the same after the first few. That's why I made Leucocoprinus birnbaumii this month's Fungus of the Month. Lots of interesting emails. My favorites from above are the family endlessly discussing during dinner the yellow mushrooms in their bathroom, and the email from the Bahamas calling them "spirit umbrellas.

" very cool To answer the several common questions: The mushrooms are not known to harm plants either and likely came in with the potting soil. Wisconsin Urban Wood. Should I Plant My Vegetable Garden in Raised Beds? How to Install a Fence. How to Prune a Ginkgo Tree. Garden Projects for Early Spring: Start Gardening Early & Grow More. • clear drainage ditches Leaves and debris gather in drainage areas over the winter.

Garden Projects for Early Spring: Start Gardening Early & Grow More

How to Grow Moss Between Flagstones. Window Farming. Hydroponics, greenhouses, water . . The Wisconsin Master Gardener Program. Best Ornamental Grasses for Midwest Gardens. Designing with Ornamental Grasses. You may copy and/or share this article for personal or non-profit use only.

Designing with Ornamental Grasses

If you would like to order reprints for any other reason, please email us at Why YOU Should Raise Rabbits. Rabbits produce manure that is arguably the BEST for the gardeners' purposes.

Why YOU Should Raise Rabbits

It is ready for use with absolutely no composting: no building bins, no heavy work turning the piles, no trucking in loads of manure from animals who may be heavily medicated. Just park an old wheelbarrow under the cage if you like, wheel to the garden, and dump. If you want to water houseplants or tender seedlings, make a manure tea using a quart or more of rabbit droppings soaked in five gallons of water. Let it sit for a day or two, stir a few times, then strain the tea into your watering can to avoid clogging!

With the fine fibers. When the whole of the manure is mixed into soil for growing vegetables, its combination of available nutrients and well broken-down fiber mulch gives incredible results. So what's the cost? What does this splendid organic manure cost? And there would be double satisfaction: at first, saving some small animal lives that would otherwise be wasted. Meat Production. Best Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe - Food dehydrator. Tomato slices ready to be dried in a food dehydrator.

Food dehydrator

In this model, multiple trays can be stacked on top of each other and warm air flows around the food. Electric food dehydrator with mango and papaya slices being dried. Devices require heat using energy sources such as solar or electric power, and vary in form from large-scale dehydration projects[2] to DIY projects or commercially sold appliances for domestic use. A commercial food dehydrator's basic parts usually consist of a heating element, a fan, air vents allowing for air circulation and food trays to lay food upon. A dehydrator's heating element, fans and vents simultaneously work to remove moisture from food. Solar food dehydrators[edit] Solar food drying involves the use of a solar dryer designed and built specifically for this purpose. Food drying is an excellent solar energy application since food drying primarily requires heat, and solar radiation is easily converted to heat.

See also[edit] List of dried foods. Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi. Garlic is best planted in fall, overwintered, and harvested in late spring or early summer.

Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi

Spinach is a winter hardy plant. When sown in fall and allowed to grow to a small size, then protected over the winter, it will yield an early and abundant crop in spring. Sow fall root crops and greens in a raised bed to prevent the soil from getting overly wet, which could lead to disease. Use cold frames and other plant protection devices in fall in cold climates to overwinter young greens for a spring harvest.

I've often promoted planting in spring for a summer harvest or planting in summer for a fall harvest. Juneberries: A new berry crop for the Northeast US. Elderberry Wine Recipe - How to Make Elderberry Wine.