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Level 1 Training Locations – Master Gardener Program. Volunteers are important to Extension.

Level 1 Training Locations – Master Gardener Program

They help reach into communities and address the needs that matter most to people. Master Gardener Volunteers specifically focus on the topic of gardening. They help answer gardening questions, help people grow food, battle invasive plants and protect pollinators, and get people– of all ages and abilities– active in the garden! DIY Lite Version Release! - esologic. Import MySQLdb from datetime import datetime import time from time import sleep import os import sys.

DIY Lite Version Release! - esologic

DICKSON - PLANT FRIENDS. Plant Friends is a moisture sensor system that monitors the air temperature, humidity and soil moisture of your indoor plants and will alert you via email or text message when your plants are thirsty.


The Plant Friends system consists of multiple wireless, battery powered sensor nodes that gather temperature, humidity, and soil moisture readings for each individual plant and a receiving basestation that logs and processes the data. I also made a mobile app that allows me to connect to the basestation over the internet, allowing me to monitoring both the real-time and historical data on my phone. The characters are powered by four AA or four AAA batteries. With careful power management and data gathering, the batteries lasted approximately 18 months. JeetShetty/ansible-role-greenpithumb. Gypsum Sensor Casting - Van der Lee Vineyard. Vinduino, a wine grower's water saving project. GreenPiThumb/doc at master · JeetShetty/GreenPiThumb. GreenPiThumb: A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot - Introduction.

GreenPiThumb: A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot -

Lazy Gardening 101: Grow Your Own Food with Minimal Effort. Why I Hate Landscape Fabric: An Unfair and Unbalanced Look at Weed Cloth ⋆ North Coast Gardening. Backyard Gardeners Network. Field And Forest Products, Inc. Growing Mushrooms at Home. How to Cover a Garden With Plastic to Kill Weeds. Amazon. Sustainability. No Mow Lawn Seed : Prairie Nursery : Low Maintenance Grass. FREE SHIPPING on NO MOW in the U.S.!

No Mow Lawn Seed : Prairie Nursery : Low Maintenance Grass

Prairie Nursery’s low maintenance No Mow Lawn seed mix is a specially designed blend of six fescue grasses that grow to form a dense sod and thrive in full sun or partial shade. An established No Mow lawn requires little if any watering or fertilizing, and minimizes weed growth through its interlocking root system. Pyrola americana (Round-leaved Pyrola): Minnesota Wildflowers. Blossom like a flower: VITAL. Pseudanthium. "Flower head" redirects here.


For the band, see Flowerhead. What appear to be "petals" of an individual flower, are actually each individual complete ray flowers, and at the center is a dense pack of individual tiny disc flowers. Because the collection has the overall appearance of a single flower, the collection of flowers in the head of this sunflower is called a pseudanthium. A pseudanthium (Greek for "false flower") or flower head is a special type of inflorescence,[1] in which anything from a small cluster to hundreds or sometimes thousands of flowers are grouped together to form a single flower-like structure.

Pseudanthia take various forms. Asteraceae. The family has more than 23,600 currently accepted species, spread across 1,620 genera (list) and 13 subfamilies.


[citation needed] In terms of numbers of species, the Asteraceae are rivaled only by the Orchidaceae.[5][7] (Which of the two families is actually larger is unclear, owing to uncertainty about exactly how many species exist in each family.) Many members have composite flowers in the form of flower heads (capitula or pseudanthia) surrounded by involucral bracts. When viewed from a distance, each capitulum may have the appearance of being a single flower. Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, aka Lepiota lutea, the yellow houseplant or house plant soil mushroom, Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for February 2002, I get *lots* of email about this fungus.

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, aka Lepiota lutea, the yellow houseplant or house plant soil mushroom, Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for February 2002,

In the table below I've put a small sampling of some of these interesting emails. You'll notice, however, that they start to sound the same after the first few. That's why I made Leucocoprinus birnbaumii this month's Fungus of the Month. Lots of interesting emails. Wisconsin Urban Wood. Should I Plant My Vegetable Garden in Raised Beds? I’m a big fan of raised-bed gardening.

Should I Plant My Vegetable Garden in Raised Beds?

I love being able to start fresh with high-quality soil, instead of testing and amending and re-testing and re-amending (or just planting and hoping for the best!) I also love the aesthetics of raised-beds. Those neat wooden rows speak to the part of my heart that loves to make order out of chaos. How to Install a Fence. How to Prune a Ginkgo Tree. Garden Projects for Early Spring: Start Gardening Early & Grow More. • clear drainage ditches Leaves and debris gather in drainage areas over the winter.

Garden Projects for Early Spring: Start Gardening Early & Grow More

Now is the time to ensure that the spring rains will have adequate runoff. Spring seedlings do best in soil which drains well. How to Grow Moss Between Flagstones. Window Farming. Hydroponics, greenhouses, water . . The Wisconsin Master Gardener Program. Best Ornamental Grasses for Midwest Gardens. Designing with Ornamental Grasses. You may copy and/or share this article for personal or non-profit use only.

If you would like to order reprints for any other reason, please email us at Why YOU Should Raise Rabbits. Best Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe - Food dehydrator. Tomato slices ready to be dried in a food dehydrator. Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozzi. Garlic is best planted in fall, overwintered, and harvested in late spring or early summer. Spinach is a winter hardy plant. Juneberries: A new berry crop for the Northeast US.

Elderberry Wine Recipe - How to Make Elderberry Wine.