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IKEA Upcycles Furniture Into Homes For Birds, Bees, ​and Bats. To mark the recent opening of its new store in Greenwich, London, IKEA is giving back to local wildlife.

IKEA Upcycles Furniture Into Homes For Birds, Bees, ​and Bats

The company's "Wild Homes for Wildlife" project put local artists and designers to work transforming IKEA products into animal apartments for local birds, bats, and insects. These critter comfort pads will be located across Sutcliffe Park in southeast London, and you can actually visit them by downloading a trail map. Photo by MOTHER/IKEA Newsletter Join the Daily Dose Newsletter. I can't stop looking at plants in Red Dead Redemption 2. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters.

I can't stop looking at plants in Red Dead Redemption 2

The Pando aspen clone or 'trembling giant', the world's largest organism, is collapsing - Science News - ABC News. The largest living organism in the world isn't a blue whale or a giant California redwood.

The Pando aspen clone or 'trembling giant', the world's largest organism, is collapsing - Science News - ABC News

Key points trembling giant Key points: Huge underground singular root system of aspen trees that covers more than 100 acres is dying offNew research suggests deer and cattle are to blameResearcher is arguing to build temporary fence to give Pando chance to regenerate It's a huge underground singular root system that sends up tens of thousands of clone aspen trees, each one genetically identical to the next, over an area of more than 100 acres. Pando aspen clone, also known as "the trembling giant", lives on a hillside in the Fishlake National Forest in central Utah. Literally translating from Latin as "I spread out", Pando is collapsing; the forest is ageing, but there aren't enough new recruits to replace the dying trees. "Basically in a single sentence, Pando is failing and humans are at the centre of the failure, because humans control the browsers," Dr Rogers said.

Getty Images: Bryant Aardema. 15 Garden Trends That Will Be Huge This Year. Mushrooms Star in Unexpectedly Colorful Nature Photography Series. In her striking series of Nature Medleys, artist and self-described “modern nomad of the Salish Sea” Jill Bliss captures the unexpectedly exquisite colors of mushrooms. Taken during Bliss’ daily walks around the enchanting islands and winding waterways of the Pacific Northwest, this collection of nature photography showcases the area’s rich and radiant biodiversity.

88 free vintage medicinal plant illlustrations - PLANT CURATOR. Franz Eugen Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen or Medicinal Plants was published in 1887 in Germany.

88 free vintage medicinal plant illlustrations - PLANT CURATOR

It comes in four volumes and includes over 300 detailed, beautiful, botanical illustrations of plants. Below we supply 88 from Volume 1. The book was written by Kohler but the pictures were drawn by artists L. People Are Planting Flowers In Potholes To Highlight Roads City Officials Aren't Fixing. A group of “guerrilla gardeners” from all over the world are using a creative way to draw attention to streets and roads that have neglected potholes by transforming them into gorgeous, miniature gardens.

People Are Planting Flowers In Potholes To Highlight Roads City Officials Aren't Fixing

It’s a clever and subtle approach to a problem that usually takes forever to get fixed. To create the protest art, the gardeners first fill the potholes with soil and then plant colorful flowers like violets and daffodils. Plants That Repel Mosquitoes- Natural Pest Repellents. Build A Garden And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Old Person You'll Be. Herbaceous - A Flavorful Card Game by Eduardo Baraf. What Can Your Weeds Tell You? Weeds can be great indicator plants and tell you about your garden.

What Can Your Weeds Tell You?

How to build your own solitary bee house. Didn't get one of our Grow Wild bee houses?

How to build your own solitary bee house

Making your own bee house is very simple, easy and fun. A house for solitary bees can be made out of recycled materials, and placed anywhere, irrespective of whether you live in the city or country. House 1 Preparation time: 20 minutes Materials: Rain gardens pretty and functional, says Toronto resident - Toronto. How Long Before Roots Develop When Propagating Thyme Cuttings.

20 unusual ways to make your garden fence as eye-catching as possible. Putting up an ordinary garden fence is not usually something people put much energy into.

20 unusual ways to make your garden fence as eye-catching as possible

Build a Bee House. "Bee Houses" provide cover and places to raise young for bees.

Build a Bee House

They're easy and fun to make, or can be purchased commercially from several vendors. The orchard mason bee is a wonderful little creature. It does not live in a nest like other bees; it lives in wooden blocks, but does not drill holes and destroy wooden items like other bees. It uses holes that are already available. Care of Zebrina Plant. Zebrina plants (Tradescantia zebrina, synonym Zebrina pendula), sometimes called wandering jew, produce trailing stems covered in large, variegated leaves.

Care of Zebrina Plant

The plant also produces attractive lavender flowers throughout the year. Zebrina grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 12, although it's also prized as a hanging basket houseplant because of its trailing habit. Proper care keeps zebrina attractive, although the plant is relatively low maintenance. Location Zebrina plants grow best in partially shaded sites when grown outdoors, while indoor potted plants can tolerate full all-day light.

Driveway alternatives

How to Get Rid of Squirrels: Best Traps and Repellents Review. Squirrels are very funny, small animals, but, despite their attractive appearance, they have gained the reputation of well-known pests long ago. They damage literally everything they can reach, and this costs thousands of dollars. Large-toothed animals feel fine in your territory all year long. They eat bird feed, damage the grown-up vegetables and your favorite flowers, turn everything upside down in the attic. Does the Law Allow You to Kill Squirrels? The Internet Is Losing It Over These Live Leaf Tattoos. "My dad (that adopted me) had a boat and camping and that boat are some of my fondest memories. I gave him a hard time growing and he would always ask where my brains were at.

It's a non traditional 'in memory of' tattoo. " "My dad passed away unexpectedly from complications during surgery. After about a year of mourning and trying to understand why, I decided no pain could be worse so why not get a tattoo in his memory. When you get that phone call from the hospital that no family wants saying, 'We tried everything we could do to save him,' you think to yourself did they really try everything? Small Garden Ideas - Landscaping Small Gardens.

How to Create a Garden Path Using Pavers: 11 Steps. How To Lay a Stone Path. How To Overseed Clover Into A Lawn. The 10 Most Toxic Items at the Garden Center - Gardening Equipment. Untitled. Bee Walls & Insect Hotels: Habitat Inspiration. With the return of victory gardens, garden to table eating, colony collapse disorder and all things organic (move over Monsanto) the insect world is coming alive.

Urban food

Flowers. Mapping Projet. Herbs. Cutest She Sheds Ever - Our Favorite She Sheds. 10 Indoor Garden Ideas to Cure the Winter Blues. CTV Ottawa: Life on the farm. Plant a No-Mow Lawn. Losing your lawn? Plant a meadow. Great Design Plant: Carex Eburnea. The Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac Site. What is “Black Earth”? 10 Goofproof Outdoor Plants. Ferns: A Shade Gardener’s Best Friend. How to Find the Right Native Plants for Your Yard. Garden-Friendly Native Alternatives to Overplanted Exotics. 10 Essential Native Perennials for the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest. These Floral Arrangements Are Beautiful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Rebecca Louise Law turns bunches of flowers into blossoming works of art. Air Purifying Plants - Best House Plants - ALL YOU. The Mediterr. Garden.