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Products. Interior Storm Windows. Foreclosure Real Estate Listings. Zillow: Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgage & Home Values in the US. Regional Multiple Listing Service - Home. is a searchable database of real estate information providing another avenue to view properties in our market areas.

Regional Multiple Listing Service - Home

Looking for a house? By Address or MLS#: To search by Address: Use a comma before the city name. Ex: 825 NE Multnomah St, Portland OR 97232 Note: to search by street # range, use double periods between the minimum and maximum street numbers. Ex: 700..900 NE Multnomah St, Portland OR 97232 To search by MLS#: Separate MLS Numbers using a comma or a space. By Category or ML# About Listing Statuses Four listing statuses may appear in your search results on ACT (Active) - On the Market! Buyer Advisory The Oregon Association of Realtors® has produced the "Oregon Property Buyer Advisory" to assist home buyers. The Washington Real Estate Agency has produced the "Law of Real Estate Agency" to assist home buyers. Join RMLS™! Portland Real Estate & Portland Homes For Sale. Portland, Oregon (OR) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news.

Get free quotes from contractors and estimate works costs. Wichita Feed & Hardware. Wichita Feed & Hardware - Southeast Portland - Portland, OR. Greenhouse Films. OBC Northwest, Inc. Greenhouses and Greenhouse Supplies - Here are companies who sell greenhouses in the maritime Pacific Northwest region, with all the accessories you need once you have one.

Greenhouses and Greenhouse Supplies -

Please send link suggestions for Pacific Northwest based companies by hovering over "Home" in the navigation bar above, then click on "Contact Us" in the pull down menu. Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc. FARMS. Farms we love in Oregon and Washington: Eaters!


Powered by Rain or Shine. Sturdi-built - greenhouse kits ~ Sun Master® Pull and Cut Greenhouse Film - FarmTek. SunMaster® Custom Cut White Greenhouse Film - 40' - FarmTek. Shipping Estimator We calculate the best shipping rate to the entered zip code—this is only an estimate and charges may vary at checkout.

SunMaster® Custom Cut White Greenhouse Film - 40' - FarmTek

Due to FarmTek's shipping efficiencies, ordering multiple items may reduce your per item shipping cost. Please note transit and delivery times do not include weekends or holidays. You will be able to select your preferred shipping option during checkout. Enter your postal code to calculate your shipping charge: Aluminum Poly Latches - FarmTek. Hydroponic Fodder Systems, Farming & Growing Supplies, Hoop Barns, Poultry & Livestock Equipment, High Tunnels, Greenhouses & More. Wire Lock - for Poly Fastening - Includes Wiggle Wire. Wiggle Wire Skin to Hoop House Frame: Part 1. PVC Hoophouse Construction (updated 3/11/12) « Henbogle.

We’ve been talking about a greenhouse since we bought our house.

PVC Hoophouse Construction (updated 3/11/12) « Henbogle

We both would love one, but we still have a number of projects higher up the list than a greenhouse (the barn roof, bathroom remodel, refinishing wood floors, the intermittently leaking chimney, etc.). Still, the idea of extending the growing season is just too good to pass up, and our small raised bed pvc hoops have been so great we decided to try a pvc hoophouse (HH) made from conduit. We purchased the materials and got started earlier this month, and Tuesday began construction in earnest.

Here’s the process. (Click to enlarge all photos.) Where? We have serious groundhog issues, so the HH would need to be within the garden fence. Site preparation Our site had previously been worked as a garden bed, and last winter held the hen’s snow dome, so it is level (mostly), and a well drained as any spot in the garden. Next, we used large deck screws to construct the2″X’6′ base. Hoops Purlins End wall construction. Shop Blue Hawk 10-ft x 25-ft Consumer Sheeting at Lowes.

Shop Garden Treasures 29-1/2-in Black Steel Wood-Burning Fire Pit at Lowes. Product Reviews Review This Product Great pit. Henbogle. Winter garden - vegetables. Last year I decided to give winter gardening a try.

winter garden - vegetables

Why not? I had the empty garden space and some good resources ('A Year on the Garden Path: A 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide' by Carolyn Herriot and the West Coast Seeds catalogue). I figured that even though we usually have mild winters here on Vancouver Island, I should give my garden some sort of protection. I'm glad I did. Simple Plastic Tunnel Cold Frame or Row Cover. This plastic tunnel is being used inside of the greenhouse to protect tender plants against a late hard freeze - very effectively I might add.

Simple Plastic Tunnel Cold Frame or Row Cover

A simple plastic tunnel like this can serve as a cold frame to grow salad greens all winter long, to grow out tomatoes and other tender plants, to extend the season for an early Spring start or a late Fall harvest, or even as a screen house to keep birds off of your strawberries or vine borer moths off of your squashes. You can also use one of these to dry out water logged beds and warm up the soil so that you can begin planting in early Spring. Winter Gardening Series #7 – Hoop Houses. Mini hoop houses are a very inexpensive method for extending your gardening season.

Winter Gardening Series #7 – Hoop Houses

I have had less success overwintering crops in mini hoop houses. The crops I planted lasted well into December but didn’t hold up as well as the cold frame crops beyond that. The Hoop house in January But the main advantage of a hoop house is the cost. I built two mini hoop houses to cover some 4×8 raised beds. This simple hoop is made from bent PVC pipe Mini hoop houses are really very simple structures. Screws at the bottom of the PVC adds stability I then added a couple of pieces of scrap wood as a ridge pole. Some scrap wood adds a ridge pole to give the hoops support You then just need to cover the hoop with some 6 mil plastic. Photo is property of I also wanted to mention larger structures.

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