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Paradise Backyard: Matières de Jardin. Garden. Gardening. Vertical Gardening. Vertical Garden. Hanging Pot — COOPERATIVA PANORÁMICA. Airplantman Webshop. Fox Fodder Farm x Farrah Sit - Light + Ladder. iGNANT. The ‘Urban Survival Pack’ by Ryan Romanes with its tactility and playful shape invites the users to engage with the device while learning through play.


The 20cm square kit is constructed of acrylic and OSB. While the OSB exterior provides protection, the acrylic is designed to be water proof. Contained inside of the pack are 12 cardboard tubes, varying in sizes. Three sizes of tubes contain emergency equipment, gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixture. The six smaller tubes containing vegetable seeds are designed with the intention of being re-used as miniature pot plants. 10¹² Terra. These clean geometric shapes are hydroponic terrariums, designed by Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada of 10¹² TERRA.

10¹² Terra

Instead of hiding the water part, as most hydroponic systems do, these structures showcase it, allowing us to observe the growth of the plant and its roots at the same time. Here is how designers explain the thinking behind the product and the company: The name of the brand “[ 10¹² ] TERRA” was inspired by the number of cells produced per day (10¹²) and glass cases called terrarium, made for collecting and showcasing plants. We started this brand to create products that mirror the constant changes of life, full of new discovery. The clever construction of each piece allows you to lift the upper part without disturbing the plant and change water easily.

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden. Good news and bad news.

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

I had planned to film a short video showing you how to make a pallet garden, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I was stapling the landscape fabric onto the pallet when it started drizzling and got really windy. That’s the bad news. But I know I promised a tutorial today, so I took photos and have kept my word to share how to make the pallet garden. I tried to be as detailed as possible. Green walls create new urban jungles. UK company Biotecture have created a green wall for the side of Edgware Road Underground station in London which sits near the busy, and very polluted, Marylebone Road.

Green walls create new urban jungles

It is hoped that the new wall will help eradicate some of the air pollution in the area. Buildings with green walls are popping up all over the UK thanks to companies like Biotecture. A Bridge to Nature: Barreau & Charbonnet's "Volet Vegetal" Urban Gardening Concept. Posted by Ray | 27 Aug 2012 | Comments (3) All images courtesy of Barreau & Carbonnet; 'gif' it a second to load We're always curious to see new developments in urban gardening trend as it grows parallel to broader interest in sustainable foodways, from reclaimed spaces to apartment-friendly planters to conceptual experiments.

A Bridge to Nature: Barreau & Charbonnet's "Volet Vegetal" Urban Gardening Concept

Insect Hotels. Insect Hotels Provide a home to pollinators and pest controllers.

Insect Hotels

Tidy gardens, lawns and lack of dead wood, mean less and less habitat for wild bees, spiders and ladybugs. A wildlife stack can harbor numerous beneficial insects and amphibians. This habitat was made up entirely of recycled materials, the support is made up of old pallets. Image copyright: Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Wildlife stack.

Farm in Tokyo / ON design partners. Architects: ON design partners Location: Tokyo, Japan Project area: 21 sqm Project year: 2010 Photographs: ON design partners An urban farm right in the middle of Roppongi which is the center part of Tokyo.

Farm in Tokyo / ON design partners

People who visit this place can see the process how vegetables grow and also eat the vegetables at the restaurant right next to this farm. This is a place where agriculture and people become close. Glass houses with inorganic iron frame and glass are arranged sterically on a wooden deck just like the surrounding city scape. A farm transported from the country side into the units. Inventare la Natura Urbana Competition. The competition is dedicated to the innovation of green in urban areas.

Inventare la Natura Urbana Competition

Participants can be creative professionals (landscape architects, designers, architects, planners, artists, and associations) as well as students (schools of horticulture, landscape design, architecture, etc.). The competition theme is the creation of innovative proposals for the creation of small urban areas, a terrace, a roof, balcony, walls, windows and any other city in the “Garden” theme. Particular attention will be given to projects that will appeal to the jury’s senses (fruits, edible flowers, aromatics, etc..) The maximum area to be developed is 15 m2. Cages for Macaws / Enric Batlle & Joan Roig Architects. Architects: Enric Batlle & Joan Roig, arquitectos Location: Barcelona, Spain Collaborators: Francesc Puig, architect & Elena Mostazo, engineer Project year: 2007 Construction year: 2008 Client: Foment de Ciutat Vella, S.A. – Barcelona Serveis Municipals Contractor: COPISA Project Area: 1,375 sqm Budget: $343,239 Euro Project year: 2009 Photographs: Eva Serrats, Wenzel The palm grove in the Parc de la Ciutadella is a small 1,500 sqm garden made up of a wide collection of palm trees of different heights and a thick tropical bush vegetation.

Cages for Macaws / Enric Batlle & Joan Roig Architects

It has always been used as an habitat for the macaws. Planter Boxes Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas. Landscaping Planters Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas. Clément Briend. Create your own Vertical Garden - Living walls and Vertical Gardens. Vertical gardening is a fun, creative way to grow plants in urban spaces!

Create your own Vertical Garden - Living walls and Vertical Gardens

Below is just a sample of what you can create with ready-to-go planters and kits. The first few images are of GroVert Vertical Gardening Systems by Bright Green. There are two different sized panels (10 and 45), and each are planted, then hung on the wall using their included mounting bracket. The last images are of living walls made from felt pockets. Plant-In City: Architecture and Technology for Plants. by Huy Bui, Carlos Gomez, Jon Schramm. Collections Sections Categories On Our Radar Start a projectStart Sign in Explore. Planter. Score + Solder is selling these beautiful planter. They come in different shapes, such as diamond, quartz, cube or hanging. We just love the simple, graphical design as a mix of traditional fabrication techniques with contemporary forms. It looks like your plants can grow peacefully, protected in their own space.

Pendant Glass Light/ Terrarium. Green Roof Design: 10 Stunning, Sustainable Works of Architecture. Green Roof Design: 10 Stunning, Sustainable Works of Architecture Green Roof Design | While the practice of building green roofs is centuries old, it has experienced a renaissance as the structural philosophy of the future. Urban Vertical Garden Built From Hundreds of Recycled Soda Bottles. AG&P Architettura dei giardini e del paesaggio. Emanuele Bortolotti. Copenhagen Adopts a Mandatory Green Roof Policy. As part of its overall strategy to become a carbon neutral city by 2025, Copenhagen has become the first Scandanavian city to adopt a policy that requires green roofs for all new buildings with roof slopes of less than 30 degrees.

Copenhagen presently has 20,000 square meters (over 215,000 square feet) of flat roofs. Gardening. I Love Cob! Photo Gallery.