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Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More

Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More

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Animals for Kids: Blue and Yellow Macaw Bird Back to Animals for Kids The Blue and Yellow Macaw is a type of Parrot with the scientific name Ara ararauna. It gets its nickname from its beautiful bright yellow and blue feathers. Typically the wings and tail are blue, while the under parts are yellow or golden. Free with No Registration Required 2 reasons crosswords will not generate: 1. You have an "Impossible List". EURO 4 blog 22 juin 2015 Happy Holidays!! Par Elisa Gy (Collège Le Racinay, Rambouillet (78)) le 22 juin 2015, 09:17 I hope you had a wonderful year in Euro 4 ;) Happy summer holidays to you all!

Teaching Ideas – chiasuanchong Here’s today’s boardwork in two pictures. Can you guess what happened in class? It was raining this morning as I went to school and it was miserable. I commented on the weather as I entered the classroom, and the students agreed in unison, expressing their dislike for the wet weather.

Ask the English Teacher: Fish or Fishes? Marsha asks:Please tell me the plural of fish. In the dictionary it says plural is fish or fishes. When I look in the encyclopedia they use the term fishes a lot. "Fish" is one of those odd words that's usually both singular and plural—like "deer" and (in Canada) "beer." So we can say: Common krait Description[edit] The average length is 0.9 m (3.0 ft), but they can grow to 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in).[1] Males are longer, with proportionately longer tails. The head is flat and the neck hardly evident. Fractions by The Math Learning Center How To Use Fractions Working with Fraction Bars and Circles More Toolbar Items Overview Fractions lets students use a bar or circle to represent, compare, and perform operations with fractions with denominators from 1 to 100. Choose the fraction model and number of equal parts. - Uplifting Stories, poems, and the such well... not all are necessarily "uplifting" per se, some are just plain silly. Still, we all need to laugh. These stories and/or poems are from different mailrings i am a part of. If you would like to join any of them, there is information at the bottom of this page. Education || Kids Say Uplifting || Hanky Warning || Just silly VocabularyPage: Weather Vocabulary The Weather The condition of the atmosphere over a particular area is called the weather. Rain Rain: drops of water that fall from clouds. A single drop of rain is called a raindrop. The total amount of rain is called rainfall.

Calendars - August Events January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December August Events 2017 This page includes Birthdays and Special Goings-On! (Don't forget...the blue indicates a link to the WEB!!) India's feared snake no. 1 - the Krait The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling features the well-known story ofRikki-Tikki-Tavi, where a krait threatens a boy but is defeated by a mongoose. The story takes place in India, where kraits (Bungarus spp.) are common. The common krait, Bungarus caeruleus is a relatively small (3 foot) venomous snake and one of the most venomous snakes in India. Kraits have colors ranging from black to grey with white stripes that are more prominent on the lower part of the body. Kraits can be found in a number of habitats.

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