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DIY - Blog Do It Yourself - Loisirs Créatifs

DIY - Blog Do It Yourself - Loisirs Créatifs

Related:  Réparer - Fabriquer - DIY I'm so excited about today's post! This is the first in what (Lord willing) will be a 12-month series of free patterns with the theme "12 Things God Wants You to Remember". (I posted more about it here if you're interested.

Simple luxury giant shawl We´ve worn the orignal Simple Luxury Shawl so much that we though we´d give it a shot on larger needles. We´ve used Abuelita Worsted with the Silk Mohair this time, and the result is as giant, soft and warm as you´d think it´d be:) YarnAbuelita Merino Worsted 200 gPickles Silk Mohair 50 g (2 balls)We used yellow and honey NeedlesLong circular needles US 36 Gauge4 s=4" DIY: Wire Waste Basket Turned Pendant Light Contributor post by Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp Hi Everyone! Janis here, from Pinecone Camp. I mentioned on my blog, a couple of weeks ago, that I had found a $2 wire waste basket, and I was going to turn it into a pendant light. Well here it is.

DIY posters I'm thinking of making a poster series of ridiculous song lyrics. The first one goes to you, Ke$ha. Next up, Katy Perry. TUTORIELS This page is a work in progress. There are different categories as you scroll down (sewing, home decor, for kids, etc.) and you can click on the picture to take you to the full tutorial. Thanks!

HALTER GOWN Silk charmeuse is pure luxury. It is soft, elegant, and surprisingly versatile. Charmeuse is a medium weight, woven silk with a lustrous appearance, rather like the surface of a pearl. And like the pearl which it resembles, it is an elegant classic! Try it to create this alluring halter gown… the perfect creation in a super flattering style. Very easy pattern to make, the halter is not fitted, so slips over the head and ties at the nape while a fabric rosette adds interest detail for a romantic touch. Axolotl fishbowl This is my axolotl fishbowl! Actually, it is not mine anymore. It started out as a symbolic present for a character in a live role playing game and kept getting more elaborate in the process.

Reusable Lunch Bags (sewing tutorial) I Heart Nap Time As a parent of young children, I find myself in constant need of snacks on the go. Between packing my second grader’s lunch and grabbing snacks to take with the little ones to gymnastics or on errands, I am always reaching for a plastic baggy. I stitched up a few reusable baggies and, not only are they cute, but they are the perfect, earth-friendly substitute for your typical snack storage! You can make these reusable bags in less than 30 minutes; crumbs shake out easily or you can wash them in your dishpan to use over and over! Ready to make some? Here’s how: First, you will need to gather your supplies.

Tutoriels: All How To projects from Chalk full of DIY projects, is a craft and sewing tutorial blog with free patterns and step by step instructions for every post! DIY Jewelry Tree January 25, 2013 – 5:06 pm So You Think You're Crafty Thanks to those of you who voted in our last challenge. We continue to have record numbers voting in our weekly challenges and I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have our competitors projects seen by so many… For those of you who are visiting from Pinterest today, welcome. Coolest Axolotl Cake 1 by Beth Johnson (Melbourne, Australia ) Here's a cake I made for my friends birthday. More information and photos can be found on my blog here... The cake was a 20cm round white chocolate mudcake (recipe on blog). White chocolate butter cream frosting:

e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog One of the Must pieces of this past summer was the sports shorts or running shorts. This very 80’s aerobic/sports fashion garment came roaring back this summer 2014… but it seems its persisting on to this fall fashion trends. Personally I like the cut and how comfortable they are. These loved-hated shorts that we always visualize in pastel or neon color (because of the decade that they reminds us), are now back in more modern materials such as leather or sequined fabric or prints. Here is a small selection of some of my favorites. This will help us inspire us for our next DIY.

Tutorials Hola there! Here you can find an organized list of all my tutorials, projects and printables. I want to point out that I am no sewing expert and have no formal education in either sewing or English (Spanish is my native language) So I might not always use the correct terminology or best technique, I am always learning too! It might not always be perfect, but it’s sure a lot of fun!

Lula Louise: Two Hour Dress/Tunic This is such an easy dress to make that it only takes 2 hours! I made it more than a year ago from fabric I bought at JoAnn's for $2 per yard. The fabric is a light weight knit without much stretch at all. The dress is really versatile.

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