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Comment créer des CD-Roms démarrable (CD bootable) Une méthode gratuite et efficace pour générer vos CD-Roms démarrables... Version 0.48 Page créée le : 19 septembre 2002 Dernière mise à jour : 3 octobre 2004 Sommaire Introduction Avec cette méthode de création de CD-Rom de démarrage, vous (technicien informatique) pouvez préparer toute la structure des CD-Rom. Cette page est pour vous si vous voulez : créer régulièrement des CD démarrables générer et graver automatiquement vos CD (avec reformatage optionel des CDRW avant la gravure) utiliser des logiciels gratuits pour générer et graver vos CD créer un CD-Rom à démarrage multiple (MultiBoot) grâce à plusieurs images disque créer un CD-Rom démarrable sous DOS avec un pilote indépendant du matériel pour le SCSI ou l'ATAPI Cette page n'est pas pour vous si : vous voulez simplement créer un CD de démarrage simple. Qu'est-ce qu'un CD-Rom démarrable ? Un CD-Rom démarrable est un CD qui vous permet de démarrer votre PC. Matériel et logiciel nécessaire CD-Rom de démarrage Dos (image disque unique)

Boot Snooze combines the goodness of hibernation and rebooting You want to shut down your Windows PC for the day, but you also want it to start as quickly as possible tomorrow morning. Waiting 3-4 minutes to load Windows plus all of the apps that you run at startup just isn't a (good) option. What do you do? When you constantly use sleep or hibernate, there's a good chance your computer could go days, weeks, or months without a reboot. Boot Snooze is a simple freeware app that combines the best aspects of a complete reboot with the speedy recovery of sleep or hibernate. The program presents you with a 10 minute countdown upon rebooting before hibernating. It would be nice if Boot Snooze would let you adjust the amount of time shown on the countdown clock. 10 minutes might be overkill. Tags: boot snooze, BootSnooze, donation coder, DonationCoder, freeware, hibernate, sleep, standby, suspend

Decompiling FAQ - AutoIt Wiki Below are frequently asked questions about decompiling AutoIt scripts. Is there a decompiler available? Yes, sort of. The official decompiler will only decompile scripts compiled with AutoIt v3.2.5.1 and earlier. Any script compiled with a version later than that will not decompile. Where can I find the decompiler? The decompiler is located at C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Extras\Exe2Aut\Exe2Aut.exe by default. What if I need to decompile a script compiled with a newer version of AutoIt? You are mostly out of luck. Is there a 3rd-party decompiler? Yes. What happens if I use the 3rd-party decompiler? If you mention you have used a 3rd-party decompiler you will be permanently blocked from the forum and issue tracker. * Admitting you have decompiled your own script with a 3rd-party decompiler. * Admitting you have decompiled another user's script with a 3rd-party decompiler. * Posting any script that has been decompiled by a 3rd-party decompiler. Are my compiled scripts safe? No. No. This clause:

Auspex is a free text replacement app for Windows with tons of potential Finding a really good free text replacement/expander app for Windows isn't an easy task. Yes, AutoHotKey is an excellent program, but it's not a good fit for people who don't enjoy hacking plain text configuration files. Breevy is an extremely nice GUI app, but it's shareware. Auspex -- developed as part of NANY 2011 at Donationcoder -- might be the free program we've been waiting for. The Auspex interface makes it easy to add new text replacement strings. One fun feature of Auspex is its "odometer." Auspex has oodles of potential, but it is a bit buggy at the moment. Tags: apps, efficiency, efficient, free, hotkey, macro, portable, regex, regular expressions, RegularExpressions, text expander, text replacement, TextExpander, TextReplacement, typing, utilities, windows

Impressionnant : un Nas fait maison avec... 16 To de stockage ! lundi 03 mai | commentaires | Mots-clés : Naspar Christophe N. Will Urbina est plutôt doué de ses deux mains. Et quand il combine ses passions pour l'informatique, le bricolage et la vidéo, cela donne un résultat assez incroyable. Baptisée Black Dwarf (littéralement : "nain noir"), sa dernière réalisation force le respect : il s'agit d'un nas de petite taille intégrant la bagatelle de 8 disques durs de 2 To, soit un total de 16 To de stockage ! Le plus impressionnant, c'est que Will a tout réalisé de A à Z : plans, découpe et usinage des pièces, peinture, finitions, etc. De niveau professionnel, le résultat a nécessité plus de 100 heures de travail. Et la cerise sur le gâteau, c'est qu'en vidéaste professionnel, Will Urbina présente son travail d'une manière remarquable. Sur le plan technique, le Nas est équipé d'une carte mère Quanmax KEEX-2030 au format ECX (Embedded Compact Extended : format embarqué compact étendu). Bref, à voir absolument ! Source : Ubergizmo

PowerCMD - GUI Alternative To Windows Command Line With 4 Consoles Windows Command Line Interpreter is something which hasn’t seen many improvements in past, from Windows 98 to Windows 7, you can notice only 3 or 4 major improvements in terms of usage and interface-related enhancements. PowerCmd is an application which gives CLI-based Windows Command Prompt exactly what it’s devoid of – Graphical User Interface. It not only provides GUI based controls to CMD but offers handling of multiple panels (upto 4 consoles) at a time. Furthermore, it integrates with Windows Shell to open any file in CMD from right-click context menu. The application is mainly targeted towards users who extensively deal with Windows CMD, requiring more than 2 CMD windows in front of them all the time. The application features revolve around giving the best Windows style-like UI while letting users pause/resume consoles with a single click. Adding more, it lists down the environment variables at the bottom pane. Download PowerCmd Update: Our bad, turns out this app is not free.

WinMate Is All-in-One PC Performance Optimizer And Tweaker WinMate is a Windows optimization utility which is developed by to enhance and speed up overall PC performance by tweaking with various Windows native functions. Since the application developer has attempted to address all known PC-related problems and issues in this product, it comes with a wide range of system-specific repairs which you can select either manually or let it choose the best repairing package to boost yours PC performance. As per its main functionality, it caters to those users who experience slow processing speed with many other problems which eventually take down the CPU and memory performance. Features list doesn’t end here, it carries a set of tools to optimize your system, optimization can be done by tweaking with OS-related options, physical memory settings, startup items and services, scheduled tasks, and so on. On left sidebar, all the optimization related options are categorized into respective groups. Download WinMate Advertisement

Wikipedia Beautifier makes the encyclopedia more readable, removes clutter Wikipedia Beautifier is an extension for Google Chrome that removes all the clutter from Wikipedia and lets you focus on the most important aspect of the online encyclopedia: its content. Wikipedia Beautifier has been inspired by Readability, and aims to provide the same amount of article-centered beauty, while also keeping the familiar navigation menus within reach. After you've installed the extension, all Wikipedia pages will look as good as the one in the image above. If you need to use any of Wikipedia's navigation elements, fret not. Wikipedia Beautifier changes the content fonts to big, serif fonts, justifies text, and adds automatic hyphenation. If you use Wikipedia daily, appreciate the information it provides but not its design, and generally enjoy beautiful fonts and minimalism, this is a must-try. Download Wikipedia Beautifier from GitHub