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Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Patterns
Welcome to Crochet Pattern Central--an often updated online directory featuring precisely 19,691 links to free crochet patterns and tutorials. Choose from 90+ categories, including clothing, afghans, doilies, baby items, bags and totes, potholders, toys, stuffed animals (including amigurumi), and so much more. Begin browsing by category at the Free Crochet Pattern Directory or by keyword using CPC's site search feature: If you are a beginner at crochet, take a look at both the growing Tutorial Directory (links to video or photo tutorials) and the unique Crochet Stitches selection. Get motivated by browsing some Encouragement and Testimonials and Tips 'n Tricks submitted by other crocheters. For patterns making use of a combination of crochet and knitting, browse the Knit and Crochet Combination Patterns .

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Free Crochet Basketweave Bracelet Pattern Click on any photo to see it larger. Buttons sewn onto the first 8 rows of single crochets. Triple Crochets at the other end of the bracelet. Crochet Basketweave Bracelet My Basketweave Bracelet could also be named The Bracelet That Languished on My Coffee Table For a Month Begging to Be Finished. But that name is way too long! Once upon a time there was a very hungry caterpillar I remembered that this was my first story told in Dutch. A foreign language to me because I spoke Teochew at home. Surprisingly, I understood what the teacher said. Wool Eater Instructions « Crocheted Wool-Eater Blanket © 2007 Sarah London. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, scanned, stored mechanically or electronically, or translated into any language without prior permission of Sarah London. 8 ply wool 4mm crochet hook

Baby Snow Dragon Author Marjorie Jones Introduction Carinas Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial Just a warning before we get started with the tutorial, there's LOTS of pictures and I may go into too much detail, but that's just what I do. ;-) By the way, this is the yarn I use. Dc/treble: this refers to the same stitch. Dc if you use US crochet terms and treble if you use UK terms. July 2012 - Please note: these days I do very little crochet because I'm working on an embroidery book. The book writing also means I may not have time to help with any crochet-y questions/problems.

hoodless Grim Reaper in Creepy Cute Crochet: Finished Projects crafty & devious says: Don't worry, you are not alone here! I've made this one myself, and it took me a while to *get* it. Yours looks about right, except that it's a tube. The shape is there! But basically, in your second photo, the left-hand edge should be open.

Still Trying to Customize Hat Sizes Yes, I'm still trying to customize hat sizes. Over the last few months, I've gotten numerous comments and questions about hats sizes. Considering we all crochet with different tensions/ gauges, it's impossible to give definite numbers of stitches. Three Color Simple Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern We continue our fun month of kitchen patterns with this simple crochet dishcloth pattern. If you missed it, you can click here to see last week’s pattern and the other patterns as they are released. This week’s pattern uses three colors.

Marry Poppins Scarf Free PatternMary Poppins Inspired Scarf I came up with the idea for this scarf while watching Mary Poppins one afternoon. She wears a similar looking scarf in the movie.'Just a spoonfull of sugar, makes the medicine go down...' materials needed: crochet hook size 6.00, worsted yarn gauge: 4DC=2" 3rows=2" row 1: ch 24 dc in 4th ch frm hk (counts as first dc plus ch 1) *ch 1, sk a st, dc in next st* across (11dc and ch 1 sps) row 2: *dc, ch 1* in each ch 2 sp across, dc ch 3 turn in last st repeat row 2 for however long you want your scarf to be finish off and add fringe to ends enjoy :) Terms of use: I retain copyrights to all of my patterns. You may do whatever you like with the finished item.

Louie's Loops: Taking Crocheting to the Future So I'm somewhat, okay a lot of, a nerd. For those of you who arn't or maybe didn't know, there's a little convention called Comic Con, and last Thursday through Sunday all the lucky people of New York had their 6th annual Comic Con. Unluckily for me I live in California, and I'm also broke :) but to commemorate this event and kinda commemorate Halloween, which is just around the corner, I decided to make a nerd based crocheted item (the first of many more). For those of you who don't know, this is known as a Brain Slug from the show Futurama. It attaches to someone's (or something's) head and controls them, kinda making them into a zombie like state.

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