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Fleurs au crochet

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Fleurs au crochet: - Le blog des loisirs créatifs. Après quelques jours d'absence , rien de grave je vous assure, sauf que je me suis faite un peu rare hihihi, je reviens en douceur avec des modèles de fleurs au crochet, j'espère que mes choix plairont à toutes celles qui aiment le crochet. et maintenant je vous souhaite une bonne soirée et......

Fleurs au crochet: - Le blog des loisirs créatifs

Voir les commentaires. Modèle de fleur au crochet. Réalisation des pétales La résille a formé des arceaux.

Modèle de fleur au crochet

Ce sont eux qui vont aider à la construction des pétales. 1. Blooming Flower Cushion. Here is my tutorial showing how to construct this wonderful layered flower and then make it into a Blooming Flower cushion/pillow.

Blooming Flower Cushion

First of all I would like to say that this pattern is not my own. I found it via Two Butterflies blog. In this blog post, Jennifer shows her own creation and gives a link to the original pattern which is actually a vintage potholder design from the 1940's. Flowers. I can't tell you how happy I am this year pottering about in my little 4m x 4m back yard, prettifying it for the summer.


It really is the tiniest of spaces but it feels cosy and manageable and gives me just enough outdoor space to play in without any tremendous responsibility. It is somewhere that I can sit with a morning coffee, crochet a little, chat with friends, play with Little B, grow flowers, sip a chilled drink on a sunny weekend afternoon with J and hang my laundry out to dry. Lily Pad Hexagons... Hello from not so sunny Scotland!

Lily Pad Hexagons...

I haven't forgotten you all, it's just taken me longer than expected to get organised, and I also wanted to have something good to share....... but first.... Scotland in the rain is lovely; I'm really enjoying my new job and I love my new home. This is the view from my kitchen window - and these were my moving in treat to myself... I can see a loch from my bedroom window, but I'm not taking any pics until I can get out there when the sun is shining, and that has only happened so far while I've been at work. Now enough of the necessities of life and on to the good stuff! African Flower Pentagon Tutorial. Hi everyone,Well, I have been very pleased and thankful for all the wonderful kind comments I have received since I posted about Lollo Bear Pattern last night!

Thank you to every person who commented and visited, and of course appreciation and thanks to all who bought a copy of the pattern! One omission on my part, was to leave out a tutorial on how to crochet an African Flower Pentagon. I assumed (and we all know what that does...), that if you were familiar with the hexagon, you would be able to crochet the pentagon... I am really sorry folks! I should have done a tutorial, and so here it is. Essentially the pentagon and hexagon are crocheted in the same way, except that you make 5 petals instead of 6. African Flower Pentagon Tutorial Chain 5, and join to the first chain via a slip stitch (represented by the round dot). Chain 3. Puffed Daisy Hexagon. Season's Greetings!

Puffed Daisy Hexagon

I'm sorry that it has been a while since my last post, but I've had some technical gremlins here that have kept me off-line! It's been wet, wet, wet here for so long that I've forgotten the last completely dry day we've had – mainly miserable rain, but mixed with some snow for the last few days. Not pleasant to be out in, but the perfect excuse to stay by the fire and crochet!

I'm still bobbling along, but the rounds seem to take an age to complete now, so I can only manage one or two rounds at a time... Of course, my itchy fingers have needed something smaller and quicker to create between marathon rounds so some experimenting was in order. Tuto crochet # 6 : le chrysanthème japonais en super kid mohair. Selon le fil utilisé, le résultat est complètement différent.

Tuto crochet # 6 : le chrysanthème japonais en super kid mohair

Mes premiers essais ont été faits en Super Kid Mohair. J'ai également testé le Mohair, le Kid Mohair, le coton et le mélange laine/acrylique. Les plus beaux résultats on été obtenus avec la Super Kid Mohair. Pour ce tuto j'ai utilisé un fil non poilu pour que les points soient bien visibles. N'hésitez pas à cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir. Mon-crochet. Diagramme écharpe demies-fleurs - adetralala. Tuto de ma fleur XXL - Alma Chita. Plusieurs d'entre vous m'ont demandé si j'avais prévu de faire un tuto de cette grande fleur et c'était le cas.

Tuto de ma fleur XXL - Alma Chita

Voilà donc qui est fait maintenant avec ce pas à pas en images... Shabby Chic Rose Granny Free Pattern. Shabby Chic Rose Granny By AnnooCrochet Designs Throughout history no flower has been so loved, or renowned as the rose.

Shabby Chic Rose Granny Free Pattern

Rose is older than the human hands that first cared for it, drew pictures of it, and celebrated rose in music and lore. Forty million years ago, a rose left its imprint on a slate deposit at the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado, and fossils of roses from Oregon and Montana date back 35 million years, long before humans existed. Fossils have also been found in Germany and in Yugoslavia. The rose apparently originated in Central Asia about 60 to 70 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch, and spread over the entire Northern Hemisphere. About 500 B.C. The oldest rose identified today is Rosa gallica, also known as the French rose, which once bloomed wild throughout central and southern Europe and western Asia, and still survives there. You will need: Modèle de fleur au crochet à coudre. Fleur japonaise 3d. Spring Flower Granny Free Pattern.

Spring Flower Granny Free Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs The Nemo Blizzard has left his mark, beautiful snow is glistening outside my window, but all the cold and white powdery snow has left me craving for some spring hope and renewal and has given me the desire to create a spring feeling in my snowy home.So what is better then creating a Spring baby blanket for a precious new little miracle?

Spring Flower Granny Free Pattern

You will need: Hook 3.25mmTapestry NeedleYarn: Berroco Comfort Dk inWhite, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow and Powder Blue. Rose hip : ...the crochet pattern for the flower squares is finally written out for you to try out...To those of you who have been waiting for it -- thanks for your patience! So, here goes: With the color of yarn you wish to use for the center of the flower, ch 4 and join with a sl st into the first ch to form a ring. Continue working in the round as follows: Round 1: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc, ch 1) , * 1 dc into ring, ch 1 **; repeat from * to ** 6 times. Join with a sl st into 3rd ch of the ch-4 made at the beginning of this round. Round 2: Join the color you wish to use for the petals into any of the ch-1 spaces, ch 1 and * 1 sc, 3 dc, 1 sc ** into the same ch-1 space; repeat from * to ** into the next 7 ch-1 spaces.

Round 3: Ch 1, and working behind the petals now, sl st into the stem † of the last sc made in round 2. Ch = chain stitch; sc = single crochet stitch; dc = double crochet stitch; sl st = slip stitch.