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Crochet A Rug

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Make A Wool Blanket & Christmas Tree Skirt. Making a Wool Bed "Rugg" or Christmas Tree Skirt by master rugmaker, Diana Blake Gray The crocheting together of heavy squares of wool was pretty well known in the 30's, 40's and 50's though the technique may be a good bit older.

Make A Wool Blanket & Christmas Tree Skirt

There were actually two different methods that achieved the same result, and the one I like best is first. You can use these methods to join wool squares for a lap robe, afghan or bed "rugg", or the same technique can be used on different shaped pieces of wool as for the Christmas tree skirt. For the adventurous, you can even use these methods for clothing construction. (Cut the pattern pieces from heavy wool, with no seam allowance.) The crocheting in these pieces may seem awkward at first, since the crochet stitches are pulled through the wool. Both the stadium blanket and the Christmas tree skirt here are quick, light projects, good for lap work. A WOOL BED "RUGG" - the 2 step method The stadium blanket is make in two steps. Crochet T-Shirt Rug Tutorial.

*Tutorial by ChiWei @ One Dog Woof for her win of the Thrift Store challenge of Season 12* I’ve seen a lot of crocheted and woven and braided rugs out on the internet; it was even one of the first things I pinned to Pinterest, but I never got around to trying one of my own until now.

Crochet T-Shirt Rug Tutorial

I always thought it was going to be difficult, but actually, it’s really quite easy, and no fancy instructions needed! Crocheting with Fabric - Rag Rugs Basics. Crocheting Rag Rugs Basics Crocheting with Fabric Type of fabric to use Width of fabric strips Preparing fabric strips.

Crocheting with Fabric - Rag Rugs Basics

Crochet: Roundabout Rug. Free Crocheted Rug Patterns. Making Oval Shaped Items & Rag Rug Pattern. How To Crochet A Basic Oval Shape and Oval Rag Rug Pattern You could also make this rug with worsted weight yarn, using two strands held together throughout.

Making Oval Shaped Items & Rag Rug Pattern

However, a rug made with fabric strips will be sturdier and will last longer than one made from yarn. For instruction on preparing fabric strips to crochet with, see: Basic Instructions for Crocheting an Oval Shape Starting chain: Chain 22. Rnd 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in back loop only of next 20 ch; 3 sc in last ch, turn sideways and continue along other side of the foundation ch, sc in remaining loop of ea of next 20 ch, 2 sc in first ch of this rnd, sl st to first sc. Varying the places where you do the increases: For example, if you are on a round where you would be putting 7 stitches in between each increase, you can vary the stitches in between the increases so that your increases won't be all lined up in the same place, like so: instead of 7 sc between increases on that round, do 5, 11, 5. DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts. This Crochet rugs are made by Olga at All you need is yarn, old T-shirts & crochet hook.

DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts

Now the images will guide you trough the process. And that is it simple but really nice! Thank you Olga for this tutorial! Source. Free Crochet Rug Patterns. 115 Free Rugs Crochet Patterns. Crochet Patterns: Rugs. We have made every effort to ensure that the instructions of patterns or recipes are accurate and complete.

Crochet Patterns: Rugs

We cannot, however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Crochet A Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug. In this tutorial we’ll be making a beautiful crochet rug, made from T-shirt yarn.

Crochet A Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

The pattern uses US terms and stitches include slip stitch (sl st); double crochet (dc); chain (ch); increase (inc) and a magic ring. T-shirt yarn (also called Zpagetti) in two colours that complement each other. You'll need about threes cones of yarn in total.A crochet hook in a size suitable for t-shirt yarn. I'm using a 15mm hook.A large darning needle for sewing in the ends.A pair of scissors. Using the main colour yarn, make a magic ring and secure with a stitch.

Pull the ring closed. Chain 3 (counting as 1 dc), work another dc in the same stitch, then work 2dc in each stitch around. Chain 3 (counting as 1 dc), work 2dc in the next stitch, then *1dc, 2dc* around. Chain 3 (counting as 1 dc), chain 2, skip a stitch, then *1dc, ch2, sk 1 st* around. Hearth Rug - Crochet. Richly textured Pineapple motif is adapted to a floor rug.

Hearth Rug - Crochet

Adds warmth in front of the fireplace or makes a practical addition for kitchen and bath. Approximate finished size: 44 by 32. Materials: 35 ozs. 4-ply worsted-weight yarn Size J crochet hook, or size to obtain given gauge. Gauge: Crochet Trash Bag Rug. Plastic Bag Rugs- Crochet. As I remember from the article I read back in the 80's, bread wrappers were used.

Plastic Bag Rugs- Crochet

But the kind of bags used now by most all stores would work as well. I've read where someone was working with old pantyhose. The mats can be used in front of doors much like weather mats. You can do any shape comfortable for you. Though I'd suggest starting with an oblong. A final comment on these plastic mats. Some hints from seeing my Mom do her rag rugs.