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Crocheted flowers. Easter eggs to die for. Think eggs are only for Easter decor?

Easter eggs to die for

We found some fresh new ideas for eggs — a few creative works of art from Etsy and a few you can try to make on your own. Do you crochet? These beautiful crochet covered eggs look delicate, graceful and truly unique. Anne is the creative soul at Flax & Twine, and she gives an amazing step-by-step tutorial to share her patterns for making these lovely eggs, which would be beautiful displayed in a basket or bowl, or hanging in front of a mirror. Chalk it up Who knew chalkboard paint would be so fun on an egg? Crochet hook and accessory case – Free pattern. Hey guys!

Crochet hook and accessory case – Free pattern

I’m excited to share with you one of my first crochet patterns. I made this hook case around the time I started crocheting and have been using it ever since. I thought it would make a fun and easy project. I’m not a pro at writing patterns so I tried to explain things as I went along. Let me know if you come across any problems. Materials Yarn Hook smaller than you’d normally use for that yarn so small hooks won’t fall through pouch Embroidery floss or thread in same color as yarn Button Things to note: -You can change the width of this pouch by making a longer base chain. Pouch Row 1: Chain 10 Row 2: SC in 2nd ch from hook, SC in each stitch until the end chain, SC again in end chain (10 st). Count ahead 12 stitches and make sure those 12 stitches are centered to the front of the pouch. Row 19: Ch 12, skip 12 st, rejoin with SC. Front Loop Ch 10, join with a slip stitch in first chain. Back loop Ch 8 SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC in each stitch until end.

Easy Men's hat. Allen Williams I wasn’t expecting to crochet any hats today but this one snuck in to my afternoon.

Easy Men's hat

We started Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day here in Canada) by visiting Michael’s Crafts Store as it was having a two-day sale. Braided macrame plant hanger. Not much is needed in the way of materials.

Braided macrame plant hanger

The only thing you'll really have to get is some twine (which is dirt cheap; you can get a good 100m or so for about $5, and I used about half of it) and a pair of scissors. Depending on how you're going to attach the hanger to the ceiling, you might want to also add in a metal ring. I chose to leave my options open, so built a loop into the top of the hanger and for the moment I'm using a carabiner hooked into it. The carabiner then easily attaches to the hook in the ceiling. I also used some masking tape for step 4 (wrapping the pot), but this was not entirely necessary.

Why twine? The knots and techniques I used for this hanger are extremely simple. Finally, I found that it's good to build the hanger around a pot that is slightly smaller than the one you'll actually be using. Crocheted blocks. Baby throw. Hexagon table runner. The hexagon is bang on trend right now, and this versatile motif can be used in a number of different projects.

hexagon table runner

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a crochet hexagon table runner. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, follow our series of Crochet Fundamentals. This pattern uses US terms and stitches include single crochet (sc); single crochet 3 together (sc3tog); double crochet (dc); treble crochet (tr); treble crochet 3 together (tr3tog); slip stitch (sl st) and chain (ch). Supplies 1. Step 1 Crochet enough hexagons for your table runner design. 2. Now that you have your hexagons, it's time to crochet them together into one big piece. Step 2 To crochet the squares together: grab two and put them wrong side together; then single crochet along the sides through the inside loops only.

I joined my hexagons from top to bottom first; then I crocheted the horizontal sides together. 3. Free pattern grandma's a touch of south west afghan. This is one of three afghans that I received for my wedding many years ago.

free pattern grandma's a touch of south west afghan

This one is from my husbands grandmother on his mother's side. This won her 1st place at the Lincoln County Fair in Nevada one year. Make starting chain as long as you wish to make the afghan start with a tail and leave a tail at the end of every row when you cut the yarn at the end of every row. below is the rest of the pattern pretty simple really leave tail, chain to desired length of afghan, leave tail again. Original was done in wool and felted a little. Also the original was also mirrored from side. Rope rug. Recycle t-shirts into yarn. Are your hands itching to starting crocheting or knitting but you have no yarn at home?

Recycle t-shirts into yarn

Do you have some old t-shirts laying around at home? If your answer is twice yes, than your problem is solved and you can start in no time ;-). Of course you can buy recycled T-shirt yarn in the shop, it has the same thickness as the one you will cut but it will have a different sentimental value. Nowadays we do think more in terms of recycling, well this is an excellent way to start.

When searching on the net you will find more ways of 'how to cut your T-shirt into yarn', but for me this video explains it very well. The only part of the t-shirt used is the part just underneath the arms till just above the bottom seem of your t-shirt.