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Crochet patterns

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Little Duck/Chicken pattern - Crochetville® Forum. PSYDUCK crochet pattern. Well being on a bit of a Pokemon kick lately ...

PSYDUCK crochet pattern

I made a Psyduck for the girls. (I may keep it tho, cause I'm quite fond of Psyduck). I wrote the pattern down as I made it, and I hope there are no omissions or mistakes in it. If anything is wrong, please let me know, I'll correct it as quickly as possible :) The picture doesn't really do it justice, I simply couldn't get the right light, but maybe I'll try again another time and get a better picture.

Tiny crochet patterns. Fleece/Leather Look Booties. Introduction These booties are perfect for a new baby.

Fleece/Leather Look Booties

Their little feet are guaranteed to be warm. These are worked in the round from the sole up. Materials List.