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Patterns - free patterns - cocoknits by julie weisenberger

Patterns - free patterns - cocoknits by julie weisenberger
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Spud & Chloë — Blog Hi Spud & Chloë Friends, After an overwhelmingly positive response for the Oink preview and for adding wings….. here he is! This project is so fast to work up you will barely blink an eye and a pig will be flying around your house. I promise. Oink’s body has a Hi Bounce Pink Ball inside but it is optional. Quilling - Turning Paper Strips into Intricate Artworks Quilling has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s still as impressive and popular now as it was during the Renaissance. The art of quilling first became popular during the Renaissance, when nuns and monks would use it to roll gold-gilded paper and decorate religious objects, as an alternative to the expensive gold filigree. Later, during the 18th and 19th centuries, it became a favorite pass-time of English ladies who created wonderful decorations for their furniture and candles, through quilling. Basically, the quilling process consists of cutting strips of paper, and rolling them with a special tool. It sounds simple enough, but special skill is required to create more advanced shapes like marquises, arrowheads or holly leaves. All through the years, the art of quilling has remained almost unchanged, but new specialty supplies now allow quilling masters to create anything from detailed 3-D figures to wall-sized museum installations.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns" Braiding adds another dimension to an otherwise very simple pattern. Choose a soft yarn -- it will follow the curves of the braid better than a stiffer one. Size Width: 4" (10cm) The Woodstock Blanket I’ve never had to think so much before. As you know, my usual way is to toss a bunch of yarn into a pile, grab whichever one rolls the closest to where I’m sitting, and just start. You know, whatever happens, happens. This time, I made some rules for myself, and it ended up being kind of a headache. It really happened because of this. How To Crochet: Broomstick Lace You can use a very large knitting needle for bigger loops and you can create different rows with different size stitches. The only stitch that you need to know is single crochet, can you believe it? For this tutorial, I used my favorite crochet thread in size 3 with a size C crochet hook and a size 17 knitting needle. The usual grouping of stitches is 4 to 6.

25 Free Beginner Knitting Patterns Take a second and think back to when you first started knitting. Were you intimidated by difficult techniques? Was it hard to find patterns at your skill level? Did you want a list of beginner knitting patterns? Preferably free beginner knitting patterns? a common thread blog: rag bath mat tutorial i’ll start my first post back with a finished project/tutorial! a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and i were planning to throw out this huge king size comforter. it was just so much fabric though, that i couldn’t bear to part with it. so it sat beside the doorway for about a week, before it came to me. rag bath mat. so, i bought the gigantic knitting needles - size 19! ripped the comforter, made yarn from the fabric strips, and knit it up into a mat for my bathroom floor! Before &nbspAfter i followed the tutorial by cocoknits, but here’s what i did.i started by cutting little slits at every 1.5” increment. then, i ripped with my hands each strip until i had a whole bunch of strips. ripping with your hands is MUCH easier than actually cutting the strips, and more accurate too. it rips right along the grainline perfectly so you have very even strips…and it’s FAST. it also makes a very gratifying noise.

Brooklyn Tweed JF: Welcome, Dianna! Glad to have you on the blog today! DW: Thanks for having me! JF: Your design work seems heavily inspired by Scandinavian traditions and culture. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Togepi Pattern Because I like Togepi. Materials:Tan and white yarnCrochet hook, duh (any size, as long as your stitches are tight enough that the stuffing won't show through)StuffingNeedle for sewingFelt/fabric paint in black and white for the face and red and blue for the shell markingsScissors (don't know why no one ever lists them, but I find them to be extremely helpful) Head spikes (make 5):With tan:Round 1: sc 6 in magic ringRound 2: sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in next around (8)Round 3: sc in next 3 stitches, 2sc in next around (10)Round 4: sc in next 4 stitches, 2sc in next around (12)Rounds 5-7: sc aroundF/O, but don’t stuff! Arms:In tan:Round 1: sc 4 in magic ringRound 2: 2 sc in each (8)Round 3: sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next around (12)Rounds 4-5: sc in eachF/O, stuff and attach to sides of shell Feet:In tan:Round 1: sc 6 in magic ringRound 2: 2 sc in each (12)Rounds 3-5: sc in eachRound 6: dec over next 2 around (6)F/O, don’t stuff; attach to bottom of shell

Birdie Decoration This is my pattern/tutorial for a hanging Birdie Decoration. A completely useless object of course, but very cute all the same. It's an easy project to make, great for using up odds and ends of yarn and can be used in all sorts of ways to bring a little good cheer. This little birdie is made in four pieces :: a round flat circle for the body, a small triangle for the beak and 2 leafy shapes for the wings.

Painting Lilies newborn pointy hat There’s something so satisfying about knitting baby items. They’re as close as it comes to instant gratification with knitting. I love projects that are simple, beautiful and finished quickly. This pattern is all of those things. Interlock Bindoff After the publication of Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff, I began a quest to find a bindoff that would stretch out just as far as JSSBO, snap back in just as well, and also be invisible (or close to it). The bindoff you see to the right is where that quest led me. Interlock can be worked plain or in pattern, and results in a visually subtle edge that is highly elastic and does not look scalloped when unstretched. When worked in rib, it sits atop the last row and blends nicely into the fabric, following the bends of the ribbing. When worked plain over stockinette, it is the exact match for the Twisted (a.k.a. Backwards) Loop Cast On.

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