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Olavas Verden: Oppskrift på fargesterk grytelapp...

Olavas Verden: Oppskrift på fargesterk grytelapp...

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10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns This month finally marks the return of Spring, and with it, the return of warm breezes and delicate plants peeking through the snow and mud. Let’s celebrate March with some lovely crochet flower patterns! Crochet flower patterns are perfect for instant gratification – they’re super fast and most take hardly any yarn at all. 10 Terrific Crochet Shawl Pattern Designers Last week I shared the ultimate guide to crochet shawls and the week before I did the massive roundup of 100 unique crochet shawls. I thought it would be nice to also take a look at some of the best crochet pattern designers when it comes to shawls, so that if you’re on the prowl for crochet shawl inspiration you’ll have some good resources to start with. Here are ten of the best crochet shawl pattern designers and some of their most popular crochet patterns: 1.

art crochet Style HaNi design: dress for beachFigure knitting braids Crafts for Spring : colorful hat, crochet pattern If you want to have any crochet products and translate patterns to English , please order, you can see more products in my shop. Thanks. Crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Ornament craft: cute motif crochet Crochet rabbit patterns Crochet fish patterns Crochet butterfly patterns Crochet snail patterns Crochet duckling patterns Crochet ladybug patterns Crochet flowers patterns Crochet apple patterns Crochet cupcakes patterns Crochet owl hair Animal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal ScarvesAnimal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal Scarves Cat Cuddler Scarf - Animal Pet Warm DIY Fashion Tutorial Winter Fall Autumn The Cat Cuddler Scarf Pattern.

Handmade By Annabelle: Crochet Pattern: Not Your Grandma's Crochet Dish Cloths Not Your Your Grandma's Crochet Dish Cloth That's right! These are Not Your Grandma's Dish Cloths! moogly a href=” Time! 10 Free Crochet Tablet Cozies Filed under crochet free patterns tablets cozy cosy kindle ipad tech gadgets handmade Big Bold Chevron Stitch - a video tutorial and crochet chart (and free patterns!) Little Spring Mandala Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission. Do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell the finished items you’ve made from my pattern! If you do, a link-back to my blog would be great. Thank you!

Metalouse shawl : Knitty Winter 2012 Garter Tab Cast On Using MC, CO 3 sts. Knit 7 rows. At the end of last row, do not turn to work other side, rotate piece 90 degrees clockwise so that you are looking at the long side of the garter rectangle. Pick up and k3 sts (in the purl bump of each garter ridge). Rotate piece another 90 degrees. Petits Pierres Urchin crochet Mer couverts - l'abeille purl For quite some time now we have been mesmerized and inspired by the work of the unsurpassable artist Margaret Oomen - we are particularly drawn to her crocheted stones. Her creations and her talent leave us absolutely speechless, as does her wonderfully kind personality. Resurrection Fern is her blog about her life as a mother of four, rural physician and textile designer. She also has an Etsy Shop where you can purchase her gorgeous crocheted stones (if you're quick enough since they go so quickly!) as well as beautiful still-life photographs of her crocheted stones. Today marks a very special day for us because Margaret generously agreed to create an exclusive Crocheted Stone pattern for Purl Bee readers (pictured above).

how to crochet a heart I am so excited to share another how-to video for my current crochet obsession: hearts! Many of you liked our how-to crochet a flower video, so I know I'm not the only one who sometimes learns better by watching. Sometimes just seeing it done makes all the difference! These little sweethearts are simple to make using basic crochet stitches. Granny Bobble Spiral Hi all, My attempt at a spiral bobble pattern posted here - has been a hit with all you pinners out there, and so I have refined the pattern... Granny Bobble Spiral - And there you have it. It's a bit fiddly at first with lots of ends and loops, but once you get past the 2nd row and the pattern is set the only problem is keeping the 4 balls of wool untangled!

Crochet Flower Patterns September 4th, 2011 After you’ve learned your basic crochet stitches, you’ll probably want to make something useful—not quite a sweater or a dress just yet, but something you can wear or show off. One of the easiest first projects is a crochet flower. You can make a whole bunch of them and put them up on your wall, or use them as appliqués for some of your existing clothes.

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