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Magic Ring (right-handed)

Magic Ring (right-handed)
Link easily to this tutorial in your patterns: Looking for the left-handed instructions? Or the video tutorial? If not, read on… What is this ‘Magic Ring’, anyway? A magic ring is a way to begin crocheting in the round by crocheting over an adjustable loop and then pulling the loop tight. L: ch2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc in each st around. How do I make a Magic Ring? Please note: in the following photos, the starting yarn tail is always on the left and hanging down. This demonstration shows a piece made using the following pattern:Make a magic ring, ch 1. Make a loop a few inches from the end of your yarn. You’ll never go back to your old method again, I promise!

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The Laughing Willow: Surface Braid Hat - free pattern! ETA 11/18/2010: Thanks to a comment from Sirdar (am I to believe that's actually a representative of Sirdar yarn fame? - how cool!!), this stitch has a name! Well, a couple of names it turns out. Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers Fancy making some slippers? Here’s the pattern I devised for the Mary-Jane slippers I made for my friend. Each slipper is made in one piece, so there are no seams, and they are made in double crochet (single crochet if you’re American). Please note: this free pattern is not for resale. All rights reserved. No part of the pattern may be reproduced in any form.

The Youngest Technorati Photo Ryan Orbuch, 16 years old, rolled a suitcase to the front door of his family’s house in Boulder, Colo., on a Friday morning a year ago. He was headed for the bus stop, then the airport, then Texas. “I’m going,” he told his mother. “You can’t stop me.” L.A. Is My Beat: Inauguration Chapeau Hat Model: Rachel Krukowski It seems that the link on Ravelry to this free pattern is gone. Here is the pattern for my Inauguration Chapeau. It's free! Perfect for holiday gift giving!

How to Russian Join Crochet By Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence This crochet technique offers a great yarn joining option for people who don’t like to weave in ends. You can use it anytime that you need to join yarn in the middle of a project. Special Materials Required You will be using a yarn needle to join the two different yarns (not a crochet hook). Step 1 Japanese Group 'Three' Makes Art with Common Household Items Posted on July 7, 2013 An artistic trio in Japan has recently made a name for itself by installing ingeniously crafted sculptures made from soy sauce containers and anime figurines. According to Miwako Tezuka, the gallery director of Japan Society in New York, the group’s members prefer to remain anonymous, but have taken on the name “Three” for their collective. Three showcases its artistic flair by putting everyday materials into extraordinarily imaginative use, in hopes of inspiring creativity in Japan.

Amazing Accents: 20 Striking Crochet Blanket Patterns Having just started redecorating my house, I’ve come to realize that accent pieces can really make or break a room. Luckily I have Amazing Accents: 20 Striking Crochet Blanket Patterns to liven up those drab spaces that need a little help. Speaking from personal experience, decorating your home can be a lot of work. From paint samples to fabrics, sometimes it seems like a lost cause, but don’t fret! If you’re stuck with the home decor blues, these striking crochet blanket patterns are here to save the day. Put down the swatches and pick up your crochet needles.

Social group may be key to fostering creativity ( —Creativity and genius are commonly seen as attributes of an individual, but new research indicates the role played by the surrounding group may be just as important. Shared group membership, or lack of it, motivates individuals to rise to particular creative challenges, says Professor Alex Haslam from the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland. "Shared group membership provides a basis for certain forms of originality to be recognised, or disregarded," said Dr Haslam, who collaborated with international colleagues on a paper published recently in the Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Puff Stitch Crochet Beret with Bow A new crocheted beret, made with a Puff stitch pattern and embellished by a bow on a side!I think this is sooo cute, and the Merino wool makes it very soft and cozy.The pattern is simple, not so quick because of the Puff stitch, but not even too long...Here's another detail, (more pics on my Etsy shop)... ...and here's the pattern: DIY Macrame Bracelet - Honestly WTF Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms.

Free Crochet Pattern: Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat November 24, 2011 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! This pattern was supposed to be your Christmas gift but I thought maybe some of you would prefer to have the pattern early so that you can use it to make some hats as Christmas gifts! I just wanna say I’m super thankful for all of you who have been loyal readers of my blog, all of you who have bought my crochet patterns, my sponsors, and of course all of the friends I’ve made through this blog! You rock and I hope you enjoy this free pattern! :) ♥

Chroma Crochet Bag The Chroma Crochet Bag features gradient ombre coloring and 3 different finishing methods – so you can make the purse that’s just right for you. Make one today and go out on the town with it tonight! You can add more stripes for a taller crochet bag if you like – it’s an easily memorized 4 row repeat. And there are even more finishing options than what are pictured here! Make small flaps at each end to attach D rings for a leather strap, or crochet a short wrist strap to attach to the clutch. The only limit is your imagination and yarn stash!

Free Crochet Patterns Free Crochet & Sewing Pattern: Floral Fringe Bag Tutorial March 19, 2014 Did you know that March is National Craft Month?! Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores invited me to create a project tutorial to share with you for the occasion! They gave me four themes to choose from (floral, nautical, geometric and vivid orchid) and I went with the floral theme because it’s perfect for Spring! Jo-Ann makes spring crafting easy during National Craft Month with a $5 off $25 or more purchase coupon and a spring crafting inspiration website.