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Crochet Butterflies

Crochet Butterflies
My schedule has been too hectic to finish any real projects lately, so I've been getting my crochet fix by whipping up these tiny little butterflies in every color. The trick? Use embroidery floss. It comes in every shade imaginable, it's the perfect thickness for little accessories, and it's cheap. They're perfect for cards, scrapbook pages, hair clips, they'd even be cute on the front of a baby onesie or beanie. Below are my original patterns for how to crochet a butterfly. To create the abdomen and antennae, cut a coordinating piece of thread or yarn about four to six inches long (depending on your butterfly's size). Teeny Tiny Butterfly Crochet Pattern Supplies:*Embroidery floss*Size 6 crochet hook Ch 4. *Ch 2. 3dc into ring. *Ch 1. 3dc into ring. Fasten off. Small Butterfly Crochet Pattern Supplies:*Embroidery floss*Size 6 hook Ch 4. *Ch 4. 3tr (treble stitch) into ring. *Ch 3. 3dc into ring. This card uses the small pattern. Medium Butterfly Crochet Pattern *Ch 4. Related:  Crochet Patternsakkasllaartesaniasfleurs

10" American Flag Square In time for Memorial Day: [IMG] ....with a special thanks to those who tested the pattern, especially WIZ3283, who became my new friend in the process:clap American Flag 10" square Materials: Less than 1 ounce each of red, white, blue and gold worsted weight yarns.Hook: G/4mm or size needed to obtain gaugeTapestry Needle – for weaving in ends.Gauge: 8 sc = 2", 8 rows = 2" Note: Carry unused color on the wrong side of work where indicated. Each row = 39 sc Instructions:Row 1: With red, chain 40. Rows 4: With white and carrying red across the row, Scin each st across, Drop red ch 1, turn. Rows 7: With red and carrying white across the row, Sc in each st across, Drop white ch 1, turn. Rows 10 - 12: Repeat rows 4 - 6. Rows 13 - 15: Repeat rows 7 - 9. Rows 16 - 18: Repeat rows 4 - 6. Row 19: With red and carrying white sc in 1st 15 sts, finishing 15th st with blue to join & switch color. Row 21: With red sc in next 14 sts.

Crochet Star Making - A Tutorial. Hello. I have been making crochet stars this week. For no good reason really, just because they're fun to make. So I thought some of you might like to have a bit of crafty fun too. These stars use up tiny amounts of wool, so get your scraps box out! I used a mixture of hot colours.... .....and a nice mix of cool colours. You need to make 10 star 'points' or diamonds ( 5for the front and 5 for the back). You can make your stars bigger or smaller by varying the number of rows or by changing the yarn weight and hook size you use. (leave a long tail at the beginning so you can use it to sew up later) Ch 2 row 1: 2sc into 2nd ch from hook, turn. row 2: Ch1(turning chain) 1sc into first st, 2sc into 2nd st, turn. row 3: Ch1, 1sc into 1st st, 1sc into 2nd st, 2sc into last st, turn. row 4: Ch1, 1sc into 1st st, 1sc into each st across until last st, 2sc into last st, turn. Start decreasing. The decrease pattern is as follows: Ch1, sk1st st, sc into next st and each st across, turn. (see photo above).

20 free crochet baby booties patterns Crochet baby booties are the perfect handmade baby shower gift that everyone will love. Here I brought you guys a bulk load full of cuteness free crochet patterns baby booties. All Those adorable baby shoes tutorial can be whip up really fast and use little yarn. Make these baby slippers and shoes for your little ones to keep their toes warm and cozy. Each unique design can be customised with colour and add your own style for the perfect finish. 1.Ashlee at Imtopsyturvy make this adorable Crochet wrap around button newborn boots for girls and boys. 2.This cute Mary Jane skimmers tutorial by Megan at Tampa Bay Crochet. 3.The adorable rain boots is perfect for spring.Get the tutorial at Repeat crafter me. 4.Dress up your little one with cowboy theme then this cowboy boots is perfect for you. 5.Cann’t get enough of cute little cuffed booties? 6.Make this darling sweet Moccasins Baby shoes that everyone will love by Littleme blog. 8.Have an hour? 10. 12.Cute classic baby slipper by Craftidea.

Вязание витого столбика. Способ 2. Фриформ. | Уголок Yoshta Рассмотрим 2-й способ вязания витого столбика. Связанные записи Понравилась статья? Подписывайтесь на обновления через RSS. Эта статья была написана 16 апреля, 2008 в 10:38 в рубрике Основы вязания крючком, Фриформ. Светлана пишет: апреля 17, 2008 at 21:46 Очень интересно, познавательно и ясно описывается.Открыла для себя новый вид столбика и буду с удовольствием им пользоватся! Оставьте комментарий!

Last Minute Crochet Gifts: 30 Fast and Free Patterns to Make Now! Don’t panic – you can still have that handmade holiday or birthday, and do some stash busting while you’re at it! Here are some great last minute crochet gifts, each of which takes less than 200 yards of yarn! Crochet Gifts For Kids: Sparky the Monster by Stacey Trock, for Knitting Fever: There are all sorts of monsters here to make, and they are all adorable. But I have to admit Sparky is my favorite! Crochet Gifts For Teens: U: Slouchy hats are hip as can be! Crochet Gifts For The Chef: Treble Sponge by Anastacia Zittel, on Anastacia Knits Designs: Make cleanup just a little more fun – and it takes only 20 yards of yarn! Crochet Gifts For the Fashionista: Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag by Dao Lam, on Just One More Line: I’ve made this pattern myself – it works up very fast, and looks great! Crochet Gifts For Teachers, Friends, and Co-workers: Crochet Gifts For the Fellow Crafter: Donut Pincushion by Nevadamama, on Crochetville: So fun, and zero calories!

How to Crochet A Curlicue Crocheting culicues are one of the most simple and fun things I've made in a while...oh and they are addicting too!For this I'm using an H hook and some worsted weight yarn I had laying around (here's a hat pattern for you I made a while back with this yarn) To begin, make a chain as long as you would like your curlicue to be plus 3 chains (the one shown here is 20+3), Then make one dc in the 4th chain from the hook, In the same chain, make another dc... Now make 3 dc in each chain until you get to the end (here is how it looks about halfway through), See the curlicue starting to emerge? Love it! Happy Avril - Madame ki... Coucou, J'espère que les cloches vous ont gâté ce week end!!! Et bien moi, je viens vous souhaiter un Happy Avril....Ouais, ouais je sais que c'est n'importe quoi mais il fallait bien que je me trouve une occasion pour vous concocter un petit DIY spécial récup! Une p'tite déco pour conjurer le sort et faire apparaitre enfin le soleil ...voire le printemps, tant qu'à faire!!! Alors hop, hop, vous avez remarqué, j'aime bien hop hop!!! on recycle , on récupè on se fabrique un cadre déco avec un couvercle de boite de beurre!!! DIY du cadre lapin Pour habiller le couvercle de la boite de beurre, il faut d'abord percer des petits trous sur tout le bord. Ensuite, on va crocheter une maille serrée dans le 1er trou, 3 brides dans le trou suivant et une maille serrée dans le 3eme et on répète jusqu'à la fin en terminant par une maille coulée dans la 1ere maille du début. Ensuite on colle le papier choisi et découpé. Après on colle tout. A décliner à volonté!! Bonne récup! Bisous Lolo

Crochet flower necklace #3/ Collar de flores a ganchillo #3 | Chabepatterns ©Chabepatterns This design is a continuation of the four petal flowers. Materials needed are a 2.5 mm crochet hook, super fine 100% cotton yarn, a set of clasps and 22″/ 56 cm of a thick cord to be wrapped.Este diseño es una continuación de las flores de cuatro pétalos. Tubular base for the necklace: Crocheted back and forth, ch 171.R1: Starting in 2nd ch from hook sc 170= 170 stsR2-8: Ch 1, sc 170, turn= 170 sts Don’t fasten off, take the cord and place it at the center of the strap and wrap. Click to enlarge/ Dar clic para agrandar ©Chabepatterns Sew the sides of the clasps to the tube’s ends. Make 7 four petal flowers, leaving a long strand for sewing at the end. ABBREVIATIONS ch: chain R: row st: stitch sc: single crochet (UK double crochet)ABREVIATURAS cad: cadena vta: vuelta p: punto mp: medio punto (punto bajo)

Rain Cloud - Free Pattern Materials: Worsted Weight yarn (less than 1 oz probably) - suggested colors: gray, white, or black Size 10 Cotton thread (very small amount) - suggested color: blue Hooks: Size H (5.0 mm) and Size 7(1.65 mm) Split Stitch Markers - 3 Abbreviations:US terminology sk - skip dc - double crochet ch - chain sl st - slip stitch sc - single crochet tr - treble crochet *Join cotton thread at first stitch marker using size 7 hook with right side facing you. ch 18, sc in 5th ch from hook, sl st in next ch, turn (chain loop on the left), sc in next sc, sc in next ch, 2 sc in each of next 2 ch, sc in next ch, sl st in each next 2 stitches, finish off, leaving long tail (approx 6 inches). Weave tail through back loops of chain toward the worsted yarn, all the way to starting ch, tie two ends of thread together and weave in ends. Join thread at second stitch marker. Repeat as above (*), using a base chain of 13 (instead of 18) Join thread at 3rd stitch marker. (c) 2008 Andrea Moberly Rang 2 : Rang 3 :

Easy crochet bow tutorial/pattern First things first...I am no crocheting expert. Far from it! I'm definitely a beginner, so if I can make these little bows, so can you. Basically, get ready for a meellion pictures about how to make these. Cause, dang, aren't they cute? Glue a clip on them and attach it to the nearest kiddo and tada! Anywho, you can tell I had fun taking pictures of my line up of bows...this is only a fraction of the pile I've made so far! Alright, here goes! See below for the full tutorial! Bow: Chain 25, half double crochet in third chain from hook, and in each chain across. Start with some yarn...duh. and a crochet hook. This is how you do a slipknot-which starts every crochet project. Now start your chain! Like so! Continue making a chain-I did 25 for this size could easily make the bow larger or smaller by lengthening or shortening the chain. At the end of the chain, yarn over (YO) and then do a half double crochet in the third loop from the end. It will look like this! THEN go make a BLT.

Le tuto du mobile des "oiseaux amoureux" - Something Beautiful A sa demande et même si elle n'a pas pu attendre... je m'éxécute, un petit tuto rien que pour vous ! Il vous faut 3 couleurs différente de coton 3 ou 3,5 et un crochet 2,5, ici c'est du coton Phildar. Un coton plus gros 4,5 ou plus et un crochet 4 et aussi du fil d'aluminium pour le cercle ( ici ou ici), un peu de ouate. 1. le cercle Faites un cercle avec le file d'aluminuium, enrouler sur lui même pour fermez. 2. la guirlande de feuilles. Faites une chaine de ml, de temps en temps formez une petite feuille comme suit: 4 ml, on ferme le cercle par une maille coulée, puis dans le cercle: 1 demi brd dans le cercle, 2 brd, 1 double brd, 1 triple brd, 3 ml, 2ml, on repique dans le haut de la triple brd, 1 double brd, 2 brd, 1 demi brd. La chaîne doit être assez longue pour être enroulée autours du mobile. 3. Faites une chainette de 8 ml, crochetez en tournant autours de cette chainette. Rang 1 : 1 ml, 8ms, 1ml, 8ms Rang 2 : 1ml, 8ms, *1ml, 1ms* x3, 1ml, 8ms, *1ml, 1ms* x3. 4. Tete et corps: Ailes:

Ж - Жасмин Здравствуйте, дорогие читательницы! Ж - Жасмин Небольшие белые бутоны с яркой желтой серединкой и нежными лепестками. Такими простыми и такими красивыми создала природа цветы жасмина! Для вязания я использовала желтый, белый и зеленый "Нарцисс" (НПК им. Для начала свяжите по схеме два белых цветочка. Обратите внимание, что последние столбики каждого лепестка вяжутся с захватом только передней стенки столбика нижнего ряда, а первые столбики - с захватом нижней стенки. Зеленой пряжей свяжите листочки с черенками и кружок-подложку. Осталось соединить обе части, пришив их к подложке так, чтобы цветы и листья располагались красиво, и изнаночная сторона выглядела аккуратно. Жаль, что невозможно передать незабываемый аромат этого прекрасного растения :-) Украшайте жизнь вязаными цветами! Галина, "Марк и Мари"

Elvis Presley Pattern Cthylla Crochet - Tiffay Estela Whenever I'm feeling down, I just put on Elvis and my day just gets better. He was just amazing!. I have made different charts and I think it about time I start sharing them. This is some what of a big chart but you can make it smaller. You will see 2 white strips behind Elvis, you can just crochet your main color over it and you won't have to crochet the top of the chart. 8/10/2012- I'm taking my patterns off scribd. MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging, tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, Cro-Tat, cro tat, edging, trim, tutorial If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging©2001 - tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, tutorial, how to - Copyrighted. Please copy, reproduce, collect or redistribute with permission only. Finding little to not-much on the internet for tatting with crochet hook, I dreamed up this little design. (Of course, Crochet Tatting is quite an old art, recently come into vogue again - It is described and pictured in "The Godey's Lady's Book" in the 1850's!) I used No. 10 cotton, and a cro-tat hook for that size thread. For the "crochet" functions, you will use the hook. Begin with a normal first crochet loop. Begin the Ring (R) on the shaft of the hook: A tatting stitch is a two-part double hitch stitch (ds). Make another double hitch stitch (ds). Now make a picot (p). Now to use the hook! Snug the ring stitches closer to the shaft, to form a half-closed ring. Chain 5 (ch 5). That's it!