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Protein Powders Explained. Going back around 10 years, Milk and egg was considered the best protein supplement to use. The old protein 90+ powders were also best sellers, made from caseins (milk proteins). Then along came Whey protein, a new super duper protein superior to all others!! With statements such as "our whey protein has a BV of 157! " - different companies marketing there whey products differently, but all stating that whey is the best protein! Well lets take a look at how these companies define and measure the quality of a protein, and how that relates to its muscle building properties. First off we have BV (Biological Value). Secondly we have NPU (Net Protein Utilisation). Thirdly we have PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio), this has now been replaced by a more effective measure called PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score). Now you have a brief knowledge of the most popular protein quality measures, that is what they are and what they measure. Cheers PJ.

Heart Rate Monitors - The Basics - Kit. The conundrum: push yourself too hard and run yourself into the ground.

Heart Rate Monitors - The Basics - Kit

Don’t push yourself hard enough and never improve. The answer: start listening to your heart, not your head, by using a heart rate monitor (HRM). What does a HRM do? Training using an HRM makes sure you don’t train too hard or too easily by setting limits, making sure you get the most out of your training for the least amount of effort. Once you’ve worked out what your limits are and have started training with an HRM you’ll have clearer targets, more focus and better results. When would I want to use a HRM? The first step is to think about what you want to achieve - whether you’d just like to improve your aerobic fitness or have a specific race goal in mind. The monitor will play a key role once you start following a schedule, specifically if you start threshold training (running at your maximum aerobic steady state to improve your speed in races).

Can I use a HRM to perform better during races? Yes! Endurance - Goals. In order to produce the highest level of athletic performance it is important to assess and train various aspects of sports conditioning.

Endurance - Goals

These include power, strength, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility, local muscular endurance,and cardiovascular aerobic capacity. Each aspect can be vastly improved with sound training but will only be useful if they are tailored to the specific demands of your sport. Stretches: Calf Muscle Stretch - gastrocnemius. Stretches: Calf Muscle Stretch - soleus. Muscle Cramps. Home > Medicine > Treatment > Cramping by Julie Donnelly You're in the middle of your long run for the week, and you're doing just great!

Muscle Cramps

You feel strong, your time is right on target, you're moving breathing easily and you feel confident. Suddenly, your calf muscle cramps, so suddenly that you almost fall in your tracks. Limping to the side of the road, you collapse onto the grass, your leg is throbbing so severely that you can't even think ... you try to stretch it out ... it gets worse! This is a runner's nightmare, and one that any serious runner has either experienced personally, or has watched another runner suffering. Before we get into a self treatment for this painful situation, let's take a look at some basics. I've watched serious athletes finish up a long run, stretch for 1-2 minutes, and leave. There are specific self treatments you can do for all the muscles of your legs, however this article will address the calf muscles. Calf Cramps Information. The old charley-horse condition Calf cramps can make a person miserable, even though there may be no nasty reason behind them.

Calf Cramps Information

They're not greatly different from the abdominal variety but they usually appear for different reasons. Sure, they come and go fairly rapidly but they often leave residual pain that feels like bruising for some time, up to a day after the fact. It would be wonderful to be able to wave a magic wand and do away with calf cramps altogether but at least there are some practical things that can be done to prevent or treat them. Be mindful during training Some people are more at risk of suffering from calf cramps. Avoid hindering circulation Restrictive clothing should be avoided when exercising. For chronic calf cramps sufferers, investigation may reveal issues with the muscle sheath (the tissue that surrounds the muscle). Pregnancy Calf cramps affect more than 50 per cent of pregnant women and usually begin in the latter half of the second trimester.