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Beth Blecherman sur Twitter : "Morning #mindfulnes: stretching for morning run on beach. #summer #exercise #fitness #outdoors #meditation #wellness. Beth Blecherman sur Twitter : "After workout Blueberry Spinach Almond Milk toast to everyone! Have great Sunday! #exercise #fitness #Healthy #food. Beth Blecherman sur Twitter : "Early morning workout at health club..Best way to start day! #Healthy #exercise #fitness #mindfulness. WALKING For Just 2 Minutes An Hour Can Extend Your Life. Just a quick check in this morning to show you some new research.

WALKING For Just 2 Minutes An Hour Can Extend Your Life

Calling all my extended period of time desk-sitting chiquitas! Photo credit: Check out this little video below. Researchers find that adding two minutes of light exercise to each hour of your day lowers your risk of dying prematurely by 33 percent. It’s the latest research to show how important simply walking can be for your health. This is good news people! We’ve heard about the positive benefits of walking for years, and while I see many people push it REALLY HARD at the gym, I’ve always been a more of a moderate pusher at the gym. All I know is, in a world where we’re told not to eat dairy, carbs, gluten, sugar, and other, I would die if I couldn’t have my morning coffee, my glass of wine every couple of days, my garlic mashed potatoes, or my cheese (I’m a confessed cheeseaholic). As I said in my Turning 40 blog post, “I’ve learned that I have a love affair with music and food.

Hands on with Garmin Vivosmart - IFA 2014. 6 Tips to de-bloat after #Thanksgiving #fitness ... Just shared great #fitness tech at @TheTalk_CBS #TweetTheTlk. FitDesk Lets You Pedal Your Way to Fitness While You Work. Telecommuting saves workers money on subway or gas costs while conserving energy – but it can also mean less exercise.

FitDesk Lets You Pedal Your Way to Fitness While You Work

The folks at FitDesk have a solution – a brilliant bicycle/desk that combines work and exercise! The stationary cycling system has a mount for your laptop, allowing you to burn calories while answering emails. The FitDesk Pedal Desk has a firm grip desktop, which keeps your laptop safe and secure while you pedal your way to fitness. The high-quality stationary bike offers various speeds and resistance strengths to ensure a great workout for users of all fitness levels. The Pedal Desk also offers a comfortable arm rest and support when used just as an exercise bike. The FitDesk was designed for the busy individual who may not have time for fitness and training, or new business ventures that require round-the-clock emailing, researching and writing on the computer. . + FitDesk. Enter to Win! Buyer's Guide Picks From the Experts. Once again, we asked our Inspiration to Fitness experts which products they would love to try out from Best Buy, and here are their latest picks!

Enter to Win! Buyer's Guide Picks From the Experts

In the comments below, tell us what looks good to you for the chance to win the Perfect Portion Scale and the Epione skin care system*. One lucky reader will win both! (Update 2/29/12: this sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!) Ashley from says: "Music elevates my workouts to a new level. Adidas MiCoach is a fun-sized tool to track your heart rate, distance and pace during workouts. Julie from Appetite for Health says: "Wouldn't you LOVE to have a personal trainer like Bob Harper motivate you to push yourself in your workouts?

The Slimcoach also comes with a year’s membership to MYTRAK online system, which includes a health community, and tracking systems to display your progress, and help you see your daily calories burned versus your targets. "When you're active, sweat happens. TechMama Fitness Finds / (Also one of my fav. energy bars) BLUEBERRY OAT: Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Soy Free! Tutus for Tanner. So due to some unfortunate circumstances, our friend Catherine (Her Bad Mother) was unable to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, a race she was running in honor of her nephew Tanner who is battling Muscular Dystrophy.

Tutus for Tanner

Even though we’ve never met him, Tanner (and his family) has a special place in many of our hearts, and so we wanted to do something special to help lift Catherine’s spirits and honor Tanner in the way she wanted to this past weekend. So, along with fellow Shredhead Kari Dahlen, I came up with the idea “Tutus for Tanner.” It’s really quite simple. If you’re planning on running a race this year (5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or whatever other distances exist), then agree to wear a tutu when you do, in honor of Tanner. Yes, you might look a little silly, but some might say running just for the heck of it is a little silly. And if you don’t have a race yet, just email us whenever you sign up for one. So hooray for tutus. Shredheads. Eat. Blog. Run.