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Pencil Code. Pencil Code Teacher's Manual. Python. Learning to Code vs. Coding to Learn. 10 Simple Coding Tips for Bloggers by @TeacherToolkit. The Three Best Free Coding Websites for Kids. The Three Best Free Coding Websites for Kids.

The Three Best Free Coding Websites for Kids

From 2012 to 2022, the field of computer science is projected to grow 22%, which is much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer software is a growing field and allows for a great job outlook as well as entrepreneurial potential. Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion. One need not look to superstars such as Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates to justify reasons for using code and programming logic in the classroom.

Coding in the Classroom: A Long-Overdue Inclusion

There's plenty of literature that illustrates its positive learning outcomes. Coding in the classroom is linked to improved problem solving and analytical reasoning, and students who develop a mastery of coding have a "natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, and draw conclusions. " But there are other compelling reasons for integrating code in the classroom. Reasons to Teach Coding. Ten Resources for Helping Students Learn to Code and Program.

Give Your Kids a Most Excellent Summer Coding Adventure. For a new generation of students growing up in a digitally-connected century, all roads lead to code.

Give Your Kids a Most Excellent Summer Coding Adventure

Coding is the new literacy. It will not replace foreign languages, but it will be the global vernacular for understanding how technologies work. Unlike the Trix cereal, coding and computer science aren't just for kids. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Learn to code. TouchDevelop. Anybody can learn.

Hopscotch - Coding for kids. Hour of Code Edition. Create 3D digital designs with online CAD. Code Avengers: learn to code games, apps and websites. Build with Chrome. Coding for kids. Build Mobile Apps. CoderDojo. Bootstrap. Hour of Code. Robotic Toys. Learn by Doing - Code School. Learn to code from your browser.

MIT App Inventor. Get Started Follow these simple directions to build your first app!

MIT App Inventor

Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to create even more apps. Teach Find out about curriculum and resources for teachers. Forums. Raspberry Pi. Code Monster from Crunchzilla. <h2>Code Monster gets kids excited about programming.

Code Monster from Crunchzilla

It is a combination of a game and tutorial where kids experiment with learning to code. <p> Code Monster use Javascript. Please enable Javascript if you want the play with the Code Monster. Otherwise, Code Monster will not be able to play with you. </p><p></h2> I'm Code Monster! Getting Started Lesson 1 BACK How to Play | Lesson Sections | About | FAQ | Terms of Use | Privacy | Contact | © 2015 How to Play Code Monster teaches kids and adults a little about Javascript programming! It's easy to play. Click on the Reset button if you really mess up your code and want to start over on a lesson.

Code Monster saves what lesson you are on, so feel free to stop at any time and come back later. Have fun! About Code Monster from Crunchzilla is an interactive tutorial for kids that focuses on action. Projects start with simple boxes and colors, rapidly progressing into exciting experiments with simple animation and fractals. Sure! Terms of Use Oh my. Computer Programming for Beginners – Code Conquest. Computer Science Unplugged. Karel Programming Course. SNAP! (Build Your Own Blocks) RoboMind Academy. ScratchJr - Home. CodeHS - Learn to Code at School or at Home. Discovery Education Coding - About Coding.

Try Ruby: learn the basics of the Ruby language in your browser. Learn Python. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development for iOS, Android - Corona Labs. Pencil Code. GitHub Education. GameSalad - Make Games for iOS, Android & HTML5 - Drag & Drop - No Coding Required. Game creation for everyone.

She Codes. Made with Code_Google. Trinket helps you teach with code. CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game. Adventures in Teaching Kids How to Code. RubyMonk - Interactive Ruby tutorials. BeginnersGuide. New to programming?


Python is free and easy to learn if you know where to start! This guide will help you to get started quickly. Chinese Translation New to Python? Read BeginnersGuide/Overview for a short explanation of what Python is. Getting Python Next, install the Python 3 interpreter on your computer. There are also Python interpreter and IDE bundles available, such as Thonny.

At some stage, you'll want to edit and save your program code. Learning Python Next, read a tutorial and try some simple experiments with your new Python interpreter. If you have never programmed before, see BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers for a list of suitable tutorials. Most tutorials assume that you know how to run a program on your computer. Once you have read a tutorial, you can browse through Python's online documentation. When you are ready to write your first program, you will need a text editor or an IDE. Need Help? Need help with any of this? Complete list of Beginner's Guide pages Quiz and Exercises. The Wolfram Language for the Hour of Code. Real-world programming resources for the classroom Start using today's most advanced programming language to create amazing programs and get introduced to modern computational thinking.

The Wolfram Language for the Hour of Code

Attend the Wolfram Language Workshop for the Hour of Code and learn how to bring the Wolfram Language into your classroom. Why Choose the Wolfram Language? Immediately Relate to the real world With its vast built-in knowledgbase, the Wolfram Language immediately allows students to create programs that relate to their everyday experiences and interests in the real world. Math and Coding - Home. Google CS First. - Welcome to, the new way to learn programming. Make School. Bitsbox - Monthly Code Projects for Kids.