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Crrow777 Radio. The secret US prisons you've never heard of before. Inside a maximum security police watch house where children are locked up. How police can take your stuff, sell it, and pay for armored cars with the money. As the public gets more critical of police aggression and abuse in the US, some programs that have flown under the radar for decades are now garnering more scrutiny.

How police can take your stuff, sell it, and pay for armored cars with the money

One of those is a program that allows police to keep most of the property they seize from people they suspect used it in a crime — even if the people are never charged with anything. This is called civil asset forfeiture, and it's encouraged by most state governments — and by the federal government as well. Civil asset forfeiture has been legal for a long time — during Prohibition, it was often used to seize bootleggers' cars. But, like many other aggressive police tactics, it expanded radically during the 1980s with the rise of the war on drugs. And a 1984 federal law guaranteed that a lot of the money police seized would end up going right back to their agency. How are police allowed to seize people's property without charging them with a crime?

Canada's prisons are the 'new residential schools' Canada’s crime rate just hit a 45-year low.

Canada's prisons are the 'new residential schools'

It’s been dropping for years—down by half since peaking in 1991. Bizarrely, the country recently cleared another benchmark, when the number of people incarcerated hit an all-time high. Dig a little further into the data, and an even more disquieting picture emerges. While admissions of white adults to Canadian prisons declined through the last decade, Indigenous incarceration rates were surging: Up 112 per cent for women.

Already, 36 per cent of the women and 25 per cent of men sentenced to provincial and territorial custody in Canada are Indigenous—a group that makes up just four per cent of the national population. In the U.S., the go-to example for the asymmetric jailing of minority populations, black men are six times more likely to be imprisoned than white men. This helps explain why prison guard is among the fastest-growing public sector occupations on the Prairies. Related: Indigenous women share their stories of resilience. U.S. Man Sent To Prison For Installing Wind Turbine On His Property.

Prison labour is a billion-dollar industry, with uncertain returns for inmates. SILICON VALLEY mavens seldom stumble into San Quentin, a notorious Californian prison.

Prison labour is a billion-dollar industry, with uncertain returns for inmates

But when Chris Redlitz, a venture capitalist, visited seven years ago, he found that many of the inmates were keen and savvy businessmen. The trip spurred him to create The Last Mile, a charity that teaches San Quentin inmates how to start businesses and code websites, for which they can earn up to $17 an hour. One of the first people it helped was Tulio Cardozo, who served a five-year sentence after a botched attempt at cooking hashish, which also left him with severe burns across half his body. Homeless Being Rounded Up and Held Against Their Will In Florida. How Every Prisoner Is Sold by the US Corporation. Thanks to Steve for sending me the link to the following article. – Pao By The moment an order is written, whether it’s a warrant or a traffic ticket, or whatever, the money machine is activated.

How Every Prisoner Is Sold by the US Corporation

Every prisoner has a monetary value to our government whether its local, county, state or federal. Bonds are written based on the person’s name and social security number and are sold through a brokerage firm such as AG Edwards or Merrill Lynch who has the contract to sell all the prison bonds for the city, county, state or federal prisons. Over 50% of the money market bonds right now are purchased in Japan or China. The way the bond works is that a monetary value is placed on the alleged crime and then factored the way banks factor their money. Thousands of Americans Have Been Illegally Detained in Chicago’s CIA-Style Detention Center. By Carey Wedler The Chicago Police’s CIA-style black site, Homan Square, has seen more people detained than died on 9/11 or imprisoned at Guantanamo, according to a new report by the Guardian.

Thousands of Americans Have Been Illegally Detained in Chicago’s CIA-Style Detention Center

The newspaper, which sued the Chicago police to obtain further details on Homan Square, reports overwhelming targeting of minorities as well as other sordid and violative policies. From 2004 to 2015, at least 3,500 people were detained at Homan Square. These records do not cover the full span of the facility’s tenure, as it has been open since 1995.

According to the Guardian, a grossly disproportionate ratio of detainees were minorities, “many accused of low-level drug crimes, [and] faced with incriminating themselves before their arrests appeared in a booking system by which their families and attorneys might find them.” The majority of arrests were for low-level drug crimes. Man Arrested, Charged with Multiple Felonies for Telling Jurors About Their Rights. By Carey Wedler Last week, a Denver man was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, but not for stealing, committing fraud, or engaging in violent crime.

Man Arrested, Charged with Multiple Felonies for Telling Jurors About Their Rights

He was targeted for attempting to educate jurors about their rights in the courtroom. Mark Ianicelli, 56, set up a table outside of Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver in order to educate jurors about jury nullification. The Modernized Slave Labor System: Also Known as the Prison Industrial Complex. How Much Have American Taxpayers Really Paid for Police Brutality? By Amanda Warren Americans have paid a lot for the radicalized and militarized policing.

How Much Have American Taxpayers Really Paid for Police Brutality?

The taxpayers pay through federal grants like the 1033 program that supplies small town police with MRAPs and other gear or they my have their assets seized through civil asset forfeiture. But, until now, we have been blissfully unaware of how much police brutalization or bad policing has truly cost the taxpayer. Indeed, when brutalization occurs and the city must defend itself in a case or pay out a settlement - who is really paying? Prison labor’s new frontier: Artisanal foods. Some years back, a small Colorado goat-cheese maker called Haystack Mountain faced its version of a classic growth challenge: National demand was growing for its chèvres and other cheeses, and the company was struggling to find enough local goat farmers to produce milk.

Prison labor’s new frontier: Artisanal foods

The solution came from a surprising source: Colorado Corrections Industries (CCI). Today six inmates milk 1,000 goats twice a day on a prison-run farm. After non-inmate employees cultivate the cheese at a company facility, it’s sold in Whole Foods WFM -0.89% outlets, among other stores. Prison labor has gone artisanal. Sure, plenty of inmates still churn out government office furniture and the like, and incarcerated workers have occasionally been used by large companies since the late 1970s. 23 Cents an Hour? The Perfectly Legal Slavery Happening in Modern Day America. Photo Credit: If you thought slavery was outlawed in America, you would be wrong.

23 Cents an Hour? The Perfectly Legal Slavery Happening in Modern Day America

The 13th amendment to the Constitution states that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. " Prison Labor is Industry’s “Best Kept Secret in Outsourcing” and What Has Killed Your Job.

Mac SlavoActivist Post There’s “free trade.”

Prison Labor is Industry’s “Best Kept Secret in Outsourcing” and What Has Killed Your Job

There’s “fair trade.” Rich Heir Rapes His 3 Year-Old Daughter, Gets No Jail Time Because He 'Will Not Fare Well' In Prison. Robert H. Richards IV does not work. He doesn’t have to. The great-grandson of Irénée du Pont, the chemical magnate who provided much of the financial backing to a failed effort to defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the 1930s, Richards lives off a trust fund in a 5,800 square foot mansion he bought for $1.8 million.

When he is not staying in his mansion, he might be found in his beach home “in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach.” Richards is also a child rapist. Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State. Trying to predict the outcome of any encounter with the police is a bit like playing Russian roulette: most of the time you will emerge relatively unscathed, although decidedly poorer and less secure about your rights, but there’s always the chance that an encounter will turn deadly. The odds weren’t in Walter L. Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Pedophile, Goes Free. Hedge fund mogul and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who went free this week, lived in a depraved world of thrice-daily massages, pornographic artwork, and hush money—that’s only now being revealed.

Conchita Sarnoff follows up on her investigation of the legal wrangling that saved him from a long prison term and reports on the sordid details in part two of her exclusive exposé. Also: • Palm Beach’s police chief objected to Epstein’s “special treatment” and gave The Daily Beast an exclusive look at his nine-hour deposition about the investigation. • Earlier versions of the U.S attorney’s charges, including a sealed 53-page indictment, could have landed Epstein in prison for 20 years. • Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift.

Kalief Browder, Jailed at Rikers as a Teen for 3 Years Without Trial, Kills Himself. By Lily Dane Kalief Browder, the young man who was held for years in New York’s Rikers Island prison as a teen without trial or conviction, killed himself on Saturday. In 2014, Jennifer Gonnerman of The New Yorker brought attention to Browder’s plight with her poignant article titled "Before the Law.

" Browder ended up in one of America’s most corrupt and violent prisons after being accused – at age 16 – of stealing a backpack on May 15, 2010. Because his family was unable to raise his $10,000 bail and because of repeated court delays and an overwhelmed system, Browder was forced to endure three years of hell – including beatings and deprivation of food – at Rikers Island waiting for a trial that never happened.

He refused to accept several plea deals on principle, maintaining his innocence throughout his entire ordeal. Un-Reasonable: Feds Declare War on Blog Commenters. By Thomas Knapp I’ve previously written about Ross Ulbricht, an American political prisoner sentenced to life for the “crime” of running a business without the US government’s permission. Among libertarians, the response to Ulbricht’s abduction and show trial has been, in some cases, less than polite and temperate. Now, the state is moving against its critics. Last week, as Ken White of Popehat reports, the US Department of Justice served Reason — a popular libertarian magazine and web site — with a grand jury subpoena demanding that it provide “any and all identifying information” it possesses regarding certain commenters on reporter Nick Gillespie’s coverage of Ulbricht’s sentencing.

Some of those commenters, it seems, waxed less than respectful of Katherine Forrest, the thug — er, “judge” — who ratified Ulbricht’s abduction and ordered it extended for life. After 40 Years in Solitary, Angola 3 Prisoner Albert Woodfox Ordered Freed for 3rd Time in Louisiana. Louisiana inmate, last of Angola 3, ordered free after 43 years in solitary.

USA Today Sports' Martin Rogers discusses the latest news surrounding the USWNT goalkeeper's past. Ross Ulbricht Lawyer and Mother Reaction To Life In Jail. Essential vocabulary for surviving the police state: 'Nickel Rides' (NaturalNews) Was the late Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man whose death in police custody recently led to days of riots in the city, a victim of a police tactic aimed at exacting punishment on suspects without officers ever laying a hand on them? IRS Seizes Life Savings From Another Small Business For Using Cash. How Mandatory Minimums Forced Me to Send More Than 1,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders to Federal Prison. FBI admits using faked forensic science to put hundreds of innocent people behind bars (and have some sentenced to death)

Pet Owners Beware: Animal Control Agencies Killing Dogs Over Unpaid Fees. Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution from Cops. Georgia police shoot man, handcuff him to hospital bed and deny family access until he dies. Go to Prison for File Sharing? That's What Hollywood Wants in the Secret TPP Deal. Shock Video: Police Execute Man With His Hands Up. Cops Asked to Check In on 74 Year Old Man - Break In and Kill Him Instead. School Cop Inflicts Brain Damage on One Kid, Punches One Who Cut in Line. SHOCKING: Countless Women Have Been Raped At Texas’ For-Profit Jail AnonHQ. "Magic Knife" Incident Caused NYPD Supporter to Do a 180. » Nationwide Ban On Personal Body Armor Proposed In Congress: “10 Years Imprisonment” For Possession Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Miami cops using photos of black teens for target practice - police chief says "nothing wrong with practice" Connecticut police officer that handcuffed & raped teen gets insultingly low sentence. Kathy Kelly Begins Her Three Month Federal Prison Sentence Today! Journalist Barrett Brown Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for Linking to Hacked Material; Read his Speech Here. MMA fighter on recent arrest: Police charged me with crimes THEY committed! Police Obliterate Home to Serve DUI Warrant. Detained for 19 Days For Refusing To Cooperate at Warrantless Immigration Checkpoint. The Insidious Response from SC Officers Who Tased Autistic Man. 1000+ people killed by cops in 2014, FBI Trying to Falsely Report Actual Numbers. Bathing Man Grabbed By Testicles and Beaten; SWAT Lied to Get Raid.

The Root of Police Militarization. Ten Quick Facts You Should Know About The Police State. There Are No Good Cops (Countdown To Ferguson Meltdown) Civil Forfeiture Seminar Gurus Teach Cops to Dream Big. Killed By Police. Four Ways to Turn the Tables on Tyranny by Gary Z McGee. Deputy Tases Handcuffed Man Repeatedly: "You Wanna Do This The Hard Way???" Right to farm being stripped from Americans: Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more. We’re All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State. 45,000 SWAT Raids Are Terrorizing Families Every Year in the US. Why Are Armed "International Security" Personnel Now Arresting American Citizens? How The Silk Road Case Affects Us All. SWAT Unit Terrorizes Family and Kills Pets Over … Marijuana. You Won't Believe Why These 3 People Were Sentenced to Life. Report: Militarized Police Treating Citizens as “Wartime Enemies”

Trigger-Happy Police Unload Pistols on Frightened Cow. Fusion Centers Treat Everyday Americans as Potential Terrorists! SWAT throws a stun grenade into a toddler's crib during no-knock raid. Gov't grabs elderly man's home; won't give reason. The War on America's Military Veterans. How to Deal with a Warrantless DUI Checkpoint. Private Prison Company Used in Drug Raids at Public High School. NV Police Caught Mugging Innocent Motorists. Plant Police: Garden Shopping Trip Results in Fully Armed DEA SWAT Raid. Mexican Citizens Who Toppled Cartels Rewarded With Government Retaliation. Are Excessive Parking Ticket Fines Unconstitutional? More Deadly Force? Controversial Training Program For New Mexico Police.

Ukrainian Protesters Get Orwellian Texts From the State, 'you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance' Biotech Seeking Ways To Make People Suffer Eternally. Prisoners 'could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours' Land of the Free? Half of Black Males, 38% of White Males Arrested by Age 23. Contempt of cop, America's defiance revolution - World. Mass Incarceration in the US. 1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken Over America. The Debtors Prison System Resurrected From The Grave. Feds Steal $27K from Traveler and Keep It Forever, Even Though No Charges Were Filed. Florida Officials Want to Kick Man Off “Uninhabitable” Land He Owns. The U.S. Prison Population - By The Numbers (w/Infographic) Man Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison For Shooting Police Dog. Rise of the Warrior Cop. “We don’t have time for this”: Officer Shoots and Kills Teen With Schizophrenia. Just Because They Can: Man Blew 0.00 on Breath Test, Cops Charged Him with DWI Anyway.

Oklahoma father dies in police encounter after mother slaps daughter. Homeless man shot to death by police for illegally camping: Video - Never Get Busted! BLM committed animal atrocities, shot cows from helicopters, constructed mass graves at Bundy Ranch. VA Police 'Hogtie' 75-year-old Grandmother During No-Knock Raid at Wrong Address. Why Did Officers Have To Shoot This Teen Nine Times? Horrific Footage Of Camper's Last Breath As Cops Murder Him. Page 2 of Article: Mounting evidence drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs just props to justify illegal searches and seizures. Cops Assault Man for Filming, Tell Him He has no Freedom of Speech. Mentally Ill Homeless Veteran Left to ‘Bake to Death’ in 100+ Degree Rikers Island Jail Cell. Police Beat Mentally Ill Homeless Man to Death – and Get Away With It.