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Free Binaural Beats - Download High Quality MP3's- Free Binaural Beats

Free Binaural Beats - Download High Quality MP3's- Free Binaural Beats

Meditation Blog for Relaxation and Spiritual Growth Mediter pour etre heureux zenhabits Meditation Station Presented By The Meditation Society Of America Unity Homepage - The Home Of One Mind and Positive Ideas and Change : Astrology, Hermeticism, Occult Science and Official Forums NOW LIVE - Let's Achieve Unity Consciousness and Make Workshop Projects The Global Brain Project - A World Evolution Initiative Cosmic Harmony, the State of Enlightenment - Stories and Ancient Wisdom of Sages, Saints, Avatars. Cosmic Harmony- The State of Enlightenment "The Universe has been called the Cosmic Form of the Divine.All the beings you see here are manifestations of the Cosmic Form.This means that all are inherently Divine." What is enlightenment? How to Achieve the Goal ??? How does one proceed from the normal human condition to the goal of enlightenment? Short of direct guidance by a living enlightened one (a rare piece of good fortune), there is no better way than to read the lives of saints and pay close attention to their words. Read their stories. This is a very special time during which spiritual evolution is being immensely accelerated. Please Bookmark this site - reading requires multiple visits. Ancient Wisdom, Vedic Lore, Enlightenment - 3 Teachings Harmony through the Sacred Wisdom Our Origin and Destination Goal of Life Creation and Dissolution The Two Paths Atma, the Inner Witness Vedanta, Science of Self Realization Bhagavata -Descents of God Immanent vs. Lives of Sages Saints and Avatars

Venus Calendar by John P. Pratt Reprinted from Meridian Magazine (10 Feb 2010). ©2010 by John P. Index,Home The evening and morning star has eight key orbital places, and each corresponds to one major event in the life of Jesus Christ. Many precise dates have been proposed in my previous work for the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There has always been much confusion about the timing of the visit of the wise men and also of the Herod's murdering of the infants and the flight of Joseph, Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape it and their subsequent return. 1. The Venus Calendar keeps track of the position of the planet Venus in the heavens. Look at Figure 1 to understand its motion. Venus then moves quickly (8 days) across the sun from the evening sky to the morning, during which it appears to be below the earth all night. Note that in this figure the earth is drawn as if stationary at the bottom of the picture. Now look at Figure 2 and find the same eight points in that diagram. 2. 2.1. 2.2. 3. 4.

The Human Chakra System Click on the Chakra of Interest ROOT chakra Color: Fiery Red Element: Earth Sense: Smell Fundamental Principle: Physical will of being as opposed to spiritual will of being (that of the 7th chakra) Body Association: Spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, anus, rectum, colon, prostate gland, blood, and the building of cells Glands: Suprarenal glands (which produce adrenalin and influence the temperature balance of the body) PURPOSE AND FUNCTION The 1st chakra (Root Chakra) is located between the anus and the genitals. It is connected with the coccyx and opens downward. It connects us to the physical world and lets the earthly energy enter our system. When it is open, we fully accept life on earth and enjoy the physical existence it provides. If your Root Chakra is unbalanced or malfunctioning, your thoughts and actions primarily revolve around material possessions and security, as well as your over indulgence in sensual pleasures such as, good (exotic) foods, alcohol, sex, etc.

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