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Marriage Cartoon Stock Photos, Pictures, Royalty Free Marriage Cartoon Images And Stock Photography. Importance Of Humour In Life. By Avanija Katiyar: “Laughter is the best medicine” is a saying which is popular with almost all of us.

Importance Of Humour In Life

Most of us would always come across people who are fond of jokes. It can be claimed that leaving aside the few odd individuals, all of us do like humour and would prefer humourous friends, and even humurous life-partners. In everyday life, the individual human being suffers from a lot of stress and tensions. The school-going children are increasingly being burdened with exams and competition, the college-goers are to look for jobs, the bread-earner has to be concerned about his family, and the housewife has to care for all the domestic issues in the house. 1Reaction Most of us may be aware of the fact that in India Bollywood is a dream industry.

Even the scenario with the TV fraternity is not so different. Comedy has the power of changing human moods. Interview: Sam Raimi Talks Making ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’, Sequels, Disneyland, Shooting 3D and More. I just love this photo of Sam Raimi sitting on the yellow brick road as he looks over storyboards and notes.

Interview: Sam Raimi Talks Making ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’, Sequels, Disneyland, Shooting 3D and More

I’ve had a couple chances to talk to director Sam Raimi about Oz The Great and Powerful, once on set as part of a roundtable in late 2011 and again after seeing the movie a couple weeks ago. After the jump you will get to read both interviews. Peter Sciretta: You’ve made big movies at big corporations before, but Disney is a bit different.

How different was it in making a movie at the mouse? Sam Raimi: I wanted to make OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL a movie that Walt Disney himself would have been proud of, so my goal was even more Disney than Disney. Why Humor is Important in every Day Life by Juan Leer. Juan Leer's image for: "Why Humor is Important in every Day Life" Caption: Location:

Why Humor is Important in every Day Life by Juan Leer

Lata Jagdeesh Blog on The Importance of Humor. Have you ever thought about how important humor is to your life?

The Importance of Humor

In thinking about the subject for the past few days, I found myself reflecting on how critical humor really is in our lives. I can't imagine going through a day without laughter. In fact, when I think about those times in my life that were the most difficult, I find myself remembering how somber things seemed. There was little humor and not much laughter. Conversely, when I think about those times from the past when I was most alive, I immediately begin to recall experiences that made me laugh.

Certainly one of the best ways to ruin your life would be to take everything too seriously, especially yourself. While much has been written over the years about how to be happy and successful, most people shy away from talking about how to be unhappy and unsuccessful. When it comes to being unhappy or miserable, I think I've learned a formula that never fails. 20 Types and Forms of Humor. By Mark Nichol.

20 Types and Forms of Humor

Halloween jewellery... is it your thing? / Diamond Rings News and Views. Yes, sorry about the title, it makes it sound like I'm about to discuss those somewhat nasty earrings with sequined pumpkins that you can pick up in superstores and that look like Christmas decor gone bling (and wrong)...

Halloween jewellery... is it your thing? / Diamond Rings News and Views

No no, there is a whole host of stuff that one could theoretically call Halloween jewellery because of the modern imagery associated with this yearly occasion but in fact, some of these items and styles have been around for over a 100 years! (and more in some cases). Flies, spiders, frogs, birds with nests, bats, batwings etc... Who first really loved those? The Victorians. 25 Best Horror-Comedy Movies - Best Horror-Comedies. Even those who tend to shy away from horror movies can usually take the ones with a good sense of humor.

25 Best Horror-Comedy Movies - Best Horror-Comedies

Horror-comedies unite man and woman, young and old, fanged and clawed with their potent dose of laughs to release the tension built up by the scares. Some of these 25 are more horror than comedy, while others are more comedy than horror, but all of these films will keep you screaming...with laughter. 25. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) It might not be laugh-out-loud funny, but it's at least perpetual-smirk humorous, with ludicrous scenes of evil alien clowns wiping out humans with giant mallets, balloon animals and killer shadow puppets. 24.

. © Warner Bros. This tongue-in-cheek homage to '50s monster movies will make you giggle in between squeals as you attempt to mask how creeped out you are by the thought of a giant mutant spider invasion. 23. . © Anchor Bay In this campy sequel to the 1978 cult hit Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, mad scientist Dr. 22. . © Lions Gate. Horror humor. Horror comedy (genre) Horror comedy, is a literary and film genre that combines elements of comedy and horror fiction.

Horror comedy (genre)

The genre almost always inevitably crosses over with the black comedy genre; and in some respects could be considered a subset of it. [citation needed] The short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving is cited as "the first great comedy-horror story".[1] The story made readers "laugh one moment and scream the next", and its premise was based on mischief typically found during the holiday Halloween.[1] The link between horror and comedy and the best horror/comedy films. Those who read and watch enough in the horror genre know that there’s an odd, difficult to quantify, connection between the genres of comedy and horror.

The link between horror and comedy and the best horror/comedy films

This connection is what attracted me to horror in the first place several decades ago. I used to be the most sensitive child, who couldn’t even watch Day of the Triffids without being greatly upset and perhaps suffering nightmares. One day in my early teens, though, I decided to brave an episode of Tales From the Darkside. It was an episode about a woman and her lover, a plot to murder the woman’s husband, and a malevolent spirit who had the last laugh. No Dont Kill Him! He Is Hot Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.