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DM of the Rings I:The Copious Backstory

DM of the Rings I:The Copious Backstory
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50 Shades of Grey - The PIWTPITT Review I know many of you have read 50 Shades of Grey by now and I've had more than a few emails asking me to do a "review" of the book or tell you what I think. So here we go. I have only read the first book in the trilogy, so my review will only be for that one. I actually heard about this book from my friend Mary when I was visiting her in New Hampshire. I came home from NH only to find that the actual, physical book was sold out in bookstores and there was quite a waiting list of fellow literary aficionados (perverts) waiting for the next shipment. Maybe I should back up here for the men in this group and the few of you who live in caves and explain a bit about this book. OK, back to the story. The guy is once again impossibly handsome, ridiculously rich, completely overbearing and controlling and a bit of a creeper (I just learned that's a word all the awkward 13 year olds are using). Let's get down to the sex, shall we? FINALLY, they get it on. I don't know. "Not even a little bit, Jen?"

Bad Gods -- Humor by Lore Sjöberg Boating Knots | How to Tie Boating Knots | Animated Boating Knots Boating Knots Welcome to Boating Knots These animated knots are primarily for boaters, but many are useful for anyone who uses rope and values safety. Selection The selection of knots is based on many years of sailing combined with feedback and advice from several helpful captains. Boating Knot Characteristics Rope used in boating is durable and expensive and is often handling heavy loads, e.g., when berthing, mooring, towing another vessel, preparing for a storm, or managing sails. Standing End, Tail, and Bitter End In many knots there is Standing End - which takes the strain, and a Tail - the loose end in your hand. Bitts and Bitter End On large ships a shore line is initially tightened with a winch. Mooring Lines and Names Mooring lines on large ships are nearly always made of a high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) such as Vectran® or Dyneema®. On yachts mooring lines are more likely to be made of nylon, or polyester (Dacron® or Terylene®). Doubling-Up and Sharing a Bollard

Chainmail Bikini – Special Edition! » Archive » ACT II: It Gets Worse, Part 2 As promised, here is the remainder of the Act II story arc for Chainmail Bikini. It turns out the full end of the story was way, way too long to fit into a single post. (Always count on me to find the size limits for written text. This isn’t broken up into jokes, but instead functions as a list of joke ideas and hooks. When I write the comic I come up with arcs or scenes, and then Shawn and I work to turn those scenes into individual jokes. The path he intends for them to take is a series of underground passages. Before the end of Scene Four we might also work in a reminder of the overarching goals: Reach the Necropolis, then the Black Obelisk where they can defeat Deuse Baaj. Scene Five: The players are sitting at the table, and the room is dark. Josh: Um. Ivy: Yes. Casey: You’re in the ancient dusty catacombs of Gra’neth, the twisting underbelly of the swamp. Ivy: No, why are WE sitting in the dark?? Josh: I can’t see my character sheet. Casey: I’m trying to set a mood! Marcus: Mmmm.

Dragonlance 3.5 Character Generator Dragonlance 3.5 Character Generator This little program is my gift to my fellow-gamers, and my way of saying "thank you" to the hobby's developers. Over a quarter-century, I have enjoyed a cordial relationship with people at TSR/WOTC. In return, I'm glad to help make the process of character creation easier for everyone. This page was posted April 6, 2004. Happy adventuring! This big javascript program runs best on "Netscape" browsers. If you want to save your character's html file to your hard drive, Netscape seems to work better. Please accept my apologies if this large program fails to load on your computer. So far, this usually seems to work okay on Netscape, but is slower on Explorer. Please be sure your browser is javascript-enabled. From the beginning, the "Dragonlance" series has had a central theme. Another reason people enjoy fantasy role-playing is that it teaches cooperation. The work of signature artist Larry Elmore and others has made the "look" of Dragonlance famous.

Einstein's Puzzle # Copyright (C) 2004 Lauri Karttunen # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of GNU General Public License as published by # the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or # (at your option) any later version. # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of # MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the # GNU General Public License for more details. Einstein's Puzzle Variations of this riddle appear on the net from time to time. Let us assume that there are five houses of different colors next to each other on the same road. The Englishman lives in the red house. The question to be answered is: Who keeps fish? This is a simple constraint satisfaction problem. The next concept to define is that of a House. The result is a network with five paths. With C16 added, only one solution remains. We can now see the solution.

Chris's Invincible Super-Blog Kitteh of teh Opera - Login Cheezburger Channels kris00 Favorite Kitteh of teh Opera Share Tweet Stumble Pin It Email By kris00 (Picture by: MuckThatGuy) See all captions Repost Create a Site... Recaption Reposted by and 1674 more... Like this? Upvoted Sweet, Old Rescue Cat Only Wants to Nap If His Human Does This One Thing The Photoshop Troll Master is Back With Some More Hilarious Photoshop Requests Chris Evans Is Engaged In Amazing Twitter War With A White Supremacist, and People Are Calling It Most 2017 Thing Ever Kittie has a sad.. Guy Reaches His Limit and Breaks Up With His Girlfriend in the Middle of a Restaurant After She Goes on an Entitled Tirade Against the Servers Hot Today 15 Waiters Dish Out Tales of The Worst, Cringeworthy Dates They've Ever Witnessed 15 People Share the Worst Sexual Experiences They've Ever Had, And This Is What Rock Bottom Looks Like Sean Hannity Tries To Troll, Twitter Sighs and Rightfully Destroys Him Follow The Laughs Do you have any faith in love left? Back to Top

List of legendary creatures This is a list of legendary creatures from various historical mythologies. Entries include species of legendary creature and unique creatures, but not individuals of a particular species. A[edit] B[edit] C[edit] D[edit] E[edit] F[edit] G[edit] H[edit] I[edit] J[edit] K[edit] L[edit] M[edit] N[edit] O[edit] P[edit] Q[edit] R[edit] S[edit] T[edit] U[edit] V[edit] W[edit] X[edit] Y[edit] Z[edit] See also[edit] Design & Development: Here Come the Ponies We're hoping this column becomes your window into roleplaying design and development—or at least the way we approach these things here at Wizards of the Coast. We'll handle a wide range of topics in weeks to come, from frank discussions about over- or underpowered material, to the design goals of a certain supplement, to what we think are the next big ideas for the Dungeons & Dragons game. All of this comes bundled with a healthy look at the people and events that are roleplaying R&D. This week, we take an unexpected tour of Butterfly Island. For this edition of Design & Development, we wanted to move past the world of Eberron, past the world of the Forgotten Realms—all the way past the Hollow World of Mystara—to a mysterious land known as Butterfly Island. That’s right. If you haven’t read today’s press release, we’ve reprinted it below. “Here Come the Ponies”: Legendary MY LITTLE PONY Becomes a Roleplaying Game Be the first to experience the new My Little Pony Roleplaying Game

The True Meaning Behind Disney Movies By Crimson Orchid For the record, I did not write this. It was sent to me by a friend. I just thought it was funny, as many of my instructors (Some of which actually work for Disney) are often going on about the hidden messages in Disney and other kids films.Hope you guys get a laugh out of it too! The Lion King: To Be Successful, Sometimes People Got to Die Simba always knew that he was going to succeed his father, Mufasa, as the next Lion King. First you have Scar, who knew he couldn't be king of the Pridelands until that dick Mufasa and his brat son were out of the way. In fact, Lion Jail isn't even real. No, the message was sent loud and clear: Simba could not be the true king unless Scar was dead. Cinderella: Sort of Like "The Secret" Cinderella is forced by her stepmother to clean the house from stem to stern every day. "Could you fix my credit score while you're at it?" No one is denying the fact that Cinderella's life was one big shit stain. And guess what? Eliminate on sight.

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