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Tiny Humans Lost In The Majesty Of Nature. 2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners Prove That Amazing Photos Can Be Taken Without An Expensive Camera. With the advent of ever-improving smartphone camera technology, the digital SLR’s exclusive dominance in the world of quality photography is slowly crumbling.

2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners Prove That Amazing Photos Can Be Taken Without An Expensive Camera

Smartphone users around the world are proving that a good photographer’s eye is far more important for taking a good photograph than your photographic hardware, so the IPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards) were created to recognize their efforts. The photos in this competition, which was organized by Apple, need to have been taken with an iPhone, iPod or iPad and cannot have been edited on any way by desktop software (device-based apps are allowed). Winners Highlights from the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. The winners for the Open, Youth and National Award competitions of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards were announced today by the World Photography Organisation (WPO).

Winners Highlights from the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Selected from over 70,000 entries from across the world, all three competitions were judged on a single shot and prizes ranged from the latest Sony digital imaging equipment to trips to London to attend the Sony World Photography Awards gala ceremony on 30 April 2014. The ten Open winners will also compete for a $5,000 (USD) prize and the Overall Open Photographer of the Year title. 139,554 images were entered in total to the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards: 69,114 Professional entries (winners yet to be announced); 65,512 Open entries and 4,928 Youth entries images.

Entries to the National Awards were selected from the Open competition. The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards - In Focus. The Sony World Photography Awards, an annual competition hosted by the World Photography Organisation, has recently announced its shortlist of winners.

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards - In Focus

This year's contest attracted more than 140,000 entries from 166 countries. The organizers have been kind enough to share some of their shortlisted images with In Focus, gathered below. Winners are scheduled to be announced in March and April. Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were. My eye recently got pulled towards “Reflections”.

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living. Fantastické iluze Švéda Erika Johanssena. Photos I Like: HISTORIC PICTURES RESTORED. Вадим Махоров - Eurotrip 2013 English version. Hello everyone!

Вадим Махоров - Eurotrip 2013 English version

Today I want to tell you the story of our month-long journey across Europe. From this post you will get to know about all the difficulties we had to face and pick up tips on unusual travel in the biggest European cities. 1. Heading to outer space. Úchvatné sochy, ktorých sa nedá dotknúť. Sú vyrobené z tieňa! Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011.

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011. 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken. New Photo Exhibit Celebrates Photoshop. 55 Exceptional Examples of Bokeh Photography. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Bokeh is a Japanese word that in English we know as blur. Bokeh has become a very popular effect in photography. It’s easy to create and makes for impressive photos. Art of Sensual Emotion. - STREET ART UTOPIA.

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Let us begin with this words that come as a response to the photo above: “There´s tools and colours for all of us, to lend from nature to make the world more understandable and beautiful”. 1# Click on a photo and you make it bigger and can post a comment on it. 2# Make sure that you read the story in the end! 3# Feel free to reblog this, only remember to link back to this post. 25 Abandoned Soviet Monuments that look like they're from the Future. These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place (like Tjentište, Kozara and Kadinjača), or where concentration camps stood (like Jasenovac and Niš).

25 Abandoned Soviet Monuments that look like they're from the Future

They were designed by different sculptors (Dušan Džamonja, Vojin Bakić, Miodrag Živković, Jordan and Iskra Grabul, to name a few) and architects (Bogdan Bogdanović, Gradimir Medaković...), conveying powerful visual impact to show the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic. In the 1980s, these monuments attracted millions of visitors per year, especially young pioneers for their "patriotic education. " After the Republic dissolved in early 1990s, they were completely abandoned, and their symbolic meanings were forever lost.

Podgarić. Gerd Ludwig's 'Long Shadow of Chernobyl' project. Internationally-renowned photojournalist Gerd Ludwig has spent years documenting the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Gerd Ludwig's 'Long Shadow of Chernobyl' project

In 1986, errors at the plant in Ukraine led to an explosion that ultimately caused over a quarter of a million people to permanently evacuate their homes to escape the radiation and radioactive fallout. Over the course of several trips to the site and the region for National Geographic Magazine in 1993, 2005, and 2011, Ludwig has amassed a documentary record of a people and a place irreparably altered by a tragic accident. His 2011 trip was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Recipe for Disaster « STEVEMCGHEEdotCOM. 35 Beautifully Animated Photographs a.k.a Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs: Ani fotka, ani video. NG Photography Contest. National Geographic is once again holding their annual Photo Contest, with the deadline for submissions coming up on November 30th.

NG Photography Contest

For the past eight weeks, they have been gathering and presenting galleries of submissions, encouraging readers to rate them as well. National Geographic was again kind enough to let me choose some of their entries from 2010 for display here on The Big Picture. Collected below are 47 images from the three categories of People, Places and Nature. Captions were written by the individual photographers. (47 photos total) Best Pictures Of The Decade: The Noughties. Amazing photos 2012. Is weather becoming more extreme? National Geographic Traveler Magazine: 2012 Photo Contest.

Portraits of Strangers. A Showcase of Portrait Photography. Dec 16 2011.

A Showcase of Portrait Photography

Tomasz Gudzowaty. Voulant dresser des portraits et des véeritables témoignages sur la société et les différences à travers le monde, voici ces magnifiques clichés en noir et blanc du photographe Tomasz Gudzowaty. Une sélection de ces situations à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Training For The 2020 Olympics.

These kids are being bent into shape to bring home some gold for China in future Olympics. Pretty hardcore in my opinion. 1 A teacher (R) helps a student to stretch during a physical training session in Peking Opera at an art school affliated to Shenyang Normal University in Shenyang, Liaoning province, November 3, 2011. Brides & Widows. Beautiful agony - facettes de la petite mort about. Beautiful Agony Showreel. Amazing Photography by Marin Stefan. Leave the world behind Amazing Photography by Romania based photographer Marin Stefan.

Until we bleed. Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City. By Associated Press Published: 13:31 GMT, 24 April 2012 | Updated: 19:55 GMT, 24 April 2012 Almost a million images of New York and its municipal operations have been made public for the first time on the internet. One Photographers Journey Around the World in Over 6,000 Photos - Video - The Atlantic - StumbleUpon.