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Shooting Strangers in Orchard Road

Shooting Strangers in Orchard Road
When I’m out on the streets, I often encounter faces that make me look twice; faces that stand out in the crowd without trying; faces that are out of the ordinary. They range from the exquisitely beautiful to the strangely wonderful. I started to approach these strangers for permission to take a photo of them. Some said no, but most said yes. After taking their portrait, I’d say ‘thank you’ and walk on along. I didn’t ask for their names, or where they came from, or what they do, because I wanted the viewers to see them how I saw them: as beautiful strangers. Read more about the project here. To view all the other photos, please visit my facebook set here or my flickr set here. I saw her sitting on the stairs outside of a mall, talking with her friend. A year and a half later, I got to connect with her through Facebook. I saw her from afar, walking briskly, standing out of the crowd with her short blonde hair and tall stature. She was walking with her boyfriend.

Actors in Character - Now That is Acting! Feb 21, 2011 / Category : Movies / 18 Comments There's no denying the fact that most of us have pretended to be actors. Photographer Howard Schatz, from Vanity Fair, took this idea one step further, place actors in a series of roles and dramatic situations to reveal the essence of their characters. Left: You're a priest in a hardscrabble factory-town parish, listening to your brother's son confess that he has killed a man. Center: You're a gangsta rapper being informed by a haughty bouncer that you are not on the list.

Wedding Photography Contest Gallery 1st PLACE | GETTING READYMark Wallis | Mark Wallis Photography | London, UK 2nd PLACE | GETTING READYDavina Palik | davina + daniel | Montreal, Quebec 3rd PLACE | GETTING READYDave Getzschman | Chrisman Studios | San Francisco, California 4th PLACE | GETTING READYDavina Palik | davina + daniel | Montreal, Quebec 5th PLACE | GETTING READYAdam Ludwik | Adam Ludwik Photography | Katowice, Poland 6th PLACE | GETTING READYShane O’Neill | Aspect Photography | Waterford, Ireland The Art of the Headshot: How to Shoot Perfect Portraits Portrait photographer Peter Hurley gave this talk at the recent Google+ Photography Conference in SF. His training on headshots have made quite a splash in the photo world in the past year, and this free hour-long lecture is a great way to glean some tips for your work. (via Fstoppers)

Crazy Awesome Black And White Portraits Russian photographer, Alexander Khokhlov, hailing from Moscow, has created a brilliant series of B&W “beauty-eque” portraits. I wish I knew who the MUA was so I could give her/him credit, because they did a friggin INCREDIBLE job on this shoot, whoever it was. I really love everything about these shots and it is the kind of series that pushes me to think outside of the box and find something to do that hasnt been seen before. Great job Alexander (and crew). Enjoy! Related

Photography How To – eBooks, Tutorials, Tips, Blog This beautiful place in Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico is absolutely bizarre. These rocks sit on a smooth stretch of white ash and clay. The rocks themselves show striking evidence of erosion in the patterns and layers on their surface. It’s totally cool! The challenge is to find a composition that isn’t cluttered, and to show the incredible details in the rocks without losing that beauty in all that clutter. To do this, I chose a single rock as a point of interest, and moved my camera until the rocks behind it formed a smooth curve.

Unforgettable Photos 1957. The first day of Dorothy Counts at the Harry Harding High School in the United States. Counts was one of the first black students admitted in the school, and she was no longer able to stand the harassments after 4 days. January 12th, 1960. A second before the Japanese Socialist Party leader Asanuma was murdered by an opponent student. 1963. 100 Breathtaking Examples of Architecture Photography Tell us what you think of Ron in this 30 second questionnaire. As a "Thank You", We'll provide you with a few exclusive offers worth over $50.. Offer ends today: Saturday, April 12, 2014 Question 1 of 4: What is your Gender? Adding Color To The Most Iconic Photos In History [to_like id="51475"] [/to_like] From The Web Leave a comment comments

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