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"We did a strategic workshop with various stakeholders to achieve a shared understanding of the business objective and challenges. With 12 people distributed in 3 locations (New York, San Francisco and London) there was no way we could’ve done the workshop effectively without Stormboard.In addition to the great intuitive tool that requires almost no learning, Stormboard provides a superb customer service that went above and beyond to support our workshop." ~ Danny, Senior User Experience Designer "Our company was looking for a tool that was able to collaborate and organize our team’s ideas and concepts digitally. When we found Stormboard we knew it was the perfect tool for our marketing firm. It has made brainstorming efficient and green. Edistorm - Online Brainstorming and Planning

Edistorm - Online Brainstorming and Planning

Ken Tothero · University of Texas at Austin VoiceThread conversations are media-centric, which keeps the discussions focused. They also provide an opportunity to reflect, resulting in higher quality input. And finally, the system just plain works. Ken Tothero from the University of Texas at Austin shares his experience using VoiceThread (3:04 Min) Cole Complese · Penn State

Conversations in the cloud

Conversations in the cloud
Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime. - Collective_situation°2 (null) - Collective_situation°2 (null)
Open Atrium Open Atrium is open source collaboration software that enables organizations to securely connect their teams, projects, and knowledge. A powerful solution, Open Atrium’s framework allows your organization to easily integrate your existing software, while remaining flexible enough to change as your organization grows. With Open Atrium, you can better communicate, educate, and inform your organization by creating solutions such as an intranet, social collaboration platform, web portal, or learning management system.

Open Atrium

We've transitioned all of our meetings over to! I haven't encountered a video conference software more reliable and simple use than It literally takes seconds to get everyone in a meeting. Cindy Wu - Co-Founder of Microryza

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Web conferencing software - Conference services | Adobe Connect 9

Web conferencing software - Conference services | Adobe Connect 9
Find a time for a group meeting Collect availability and easily find a meeting time that works for any number of attendees. Accept appointments for yourself Share your MeetMe link and easily fill your calendar with one on one meetings and appointments. Accept appointments for your team Create MeetMe pages for your team members and enable your customers to easily book them online. Offer multiple meeting types Offer multiple meeting types, each with its own availability and settings, with or without services. Offer multiple services, each with its own settings, for yourself or for your entire team. Online meeting and appointment scheduling software

Online meeting and appointment scheduling software

TimeBridge | Run Great Meetings
Task Management Software, Web Based Task Management by MangoSpring MangoApps is the most feature rich social collaboration platform on the market. It offers hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs without any programming necessary. If you can check a box, you can customize MangoApps in minutes. Enterprise Social Networking Keeping everyone in the loop and connected Task Management Software, Web Based Task Management by MangoSpring
Recurring to-dos Capture your daily, weekly and monthly to-dos. Subtasks Break big tasks intosmaller achievable goals. Share

Wunderkit - A new way to organize your life.

Wunderkit - A new way to organize your life.
Meetsee - Connect your distributed workforce
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