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SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'
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Catalyst Stanford Catalyst – Spark something! Sign up / Sign in Organizing people, simplified Create your first project Recently... Found a bug? " Connexions ", écrit par les internautes d'" Au Field de la nuit ", sous la direction d'Ingrid Desjours André Breton doit se retourner d'aise dans sa tombe. Ce livre est un cadavre exquis d'un tout nouveau genre. Le vieux truc des surréalistes allié à la technologie du Web donne le "premier polar interactif ". Quant au sel du récit, les neuf coauteurs nous tiennent en alerte grâce à la claustrophobie d'un toubib enfermé par un bourreau invisible et le puzzle schizophrénique que Juliette va devoir résoudre pour sauver ce médecin qu'elle ne connait ni d'Eve ni d'Adam. "Connexions", écrit par les internautes d'"Au Field de la nuit", sous la direction d'Ingrid Desjours. Plon/TF1, 196 p., 18 E.

Switched Off Photographs Switched Off Photographs August 2009 – October 2012 Take a photograph of a light bulb at the precise moment you turn off the bulb. Press the camera button at the exact instant you flip the light switch. Please use the camera's maximum resolution and position the light bulb in the center of the horizontal composition. To contribute, email your photograph to daniel (at) eatock (dot) com Alvaro de Salvo Hayley Burke Daniel Frota Peter van Gurp Ewelina Terczynska Helen McCathie Kerry Lauren Heaney Antoine Pruvo Wiran Chiyarach James McGregor Michael K. Fiona M Cull Danny Aldred Leo Griffin Mark van den Heuvel Charles Anthony Goddard David Grandorge Rob Giampietro Chris Jackson Geoffrey Owen Miller Julie Thomson Ian Wilson Brooke Baucom Ashleigh Miller Alexandra Ross Natalie Chase Kristen Childs Tabitha Perryman Sarah Kasper Ronald McMullough Rachel Haycraft Patrick Templeton Nellie Johnson Nathan Kennedy Meghan Wallace Leslie Diaz Salmeron Kenzie Hemker Katie Ericson Kathryn Clapp Joshua Becker Jessica Cruse Jenna Slawson Alyse Egan

untitled - touch >> software - believe it or not, people still make programs that you install on your personal computer ${mac osx} @ DREAMING OF YOU + Video example: High Resolution, Low Resolution, Vimeo, Youtube + Documents: Descriptive Chart, Read Me + Download (< 1mb zip, requires mac os x 10.4 Tiger. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZYO - introduction HA - development or exposition KYÚ - rushing to the end HARMONY - multiple sounds being noticed at the same time - John Cage //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ∞ The system. >> flash - Interactive projects and experiments that you can see hear and touch in AS2 & AS3 See for more recent Actionscript 3 work. + Open in browser Download SWF Documentation Video (youtube) + This is a musical pachinko machine. >> processing (java) ${applications} @ MIDI VALUE SENDER + ${musical instruments} @ Photo Koto +

spheres spheres [ english | español | portugués ] Spherical Surface of Dialogue Spheres shaped by dialogue, a net of semantical combinations. The richness of words consists in their relations with one another. Spheres is a project in constant evolution. The spheres of relations, with available versions in Spanish (inauguration in March 2004), English (November 2004), and Portuguese (March 2005), are spaces of stimulation and inspiration; spaces in which a slow conversation among words can be developed, and through these words, among peoples. technical requeriments: 1024x768 screen, flash player v6 (download here) "[...] In both scientific and everyday contexts, the same word can define different things, however they will not be radically different. +read complet text: The Words of the Sciences of Complexity: from Ambiguity to Dialogue read and write on the spheres · rotate the sphere with the mouse · select two words (written texts will apear) · write questions, answers credits, thanks

S-Equal Teemu Leinonen(1, Aki-Ville Poykio(1, Ilpo Halonen(2, Pentti Pirhonen(2 1)UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Desin Helsinki2) Version 0.2. - 24.3.2003 S-Equal - collaborative story chain for mobile learning is an application for study groups to write short stories together with their mobile phones. The short story or poem is created of linked parts of text no longer than 160 symbols - the standard length of a SMS message used in mobile phones. The study group starts the story chain by giving a subject for their story. The main pedagogical objective of the S-Equal is to have playful sessions of collaborative story writing. Besides language learning the S-Equal could be used in school trips. S-Equal is using Paperikori - a collaborative story chain system developed by students of UIAH Media Lab.

The Disposable Memory Project / After 500 cameras and 5 years... After 500 cameras and 5 years… August 25, 2013 by admin … we’ve decided to close down the project. We’ve had a great deal of fun running the project over the last five years, we’ve had amazing support from the community, and collectively, we’ve travelled to amazing places, met many wonderful people, and shared many wonderful stories, but in recent months, I’ve had so little time to look after the project, that it isn’t fair to keep people waiting for news on their cameras. It was an experiment from the outset, we thought we’d release just ten cameras, and that scaled globally within months, all thanks to our community. We’ll be doing a project wrap-up in the coming months, along with a summary of all of the images and stories, along with how you’ll be able to get involved in your own disposable camera projects in the future. Matthew Knight Project Founder and Curator. 500th camera December 29, 2012 by admin Roadmap for 2012-2013 July 1, 2012 by admin

The Visual Dictionary - a visual exploration of words in the real world. Lyon sous-surveillance - Cartographie collaborative et ressources contre la vidéo-surveillance